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I am from Leeds College of Music, and lately, I took an assignment help from  I am into a Postgraduate study for the creative musician course. And for that, I had to write an essay on traditional European music. Since I was not in good health, it was not possible for me to write the paper even though I tried. So that is when I thought of getting the essay done by some professional people which eventually led me to, though I did not search much. I liked their site, the way they presented themselves which made me get my essay help from them.

However, I did not at all like the paper when it came in my inbox neither the service that they gave me. It was just a waste of my money.

Proficiency of Writers

The quality of the writing did not meet my expectation at all. I think if I had written the paper it would have been better. They claimed that they only choose the best of the best writers. But the writing seemed that it is written by some unprofessional writer. Also, they say that their writers are well accustomed with the subject they write in. I do not think so. I feel that their writers are fake who just Google stuff and just copy paste the matter. I expected a well-researched content with relevant and up-to-date information. Also, the language needs to be worked upon. I doubt whether they at all have British writers. 

Quality of Solutions

I will not say that the paper is of bad quality but even not the excellent quality as they claim to give. I expected a fine quality paper against the price that I had to pay. There were typing errors as well as spelling which clearly prove that the copy is not properly edited and proofread. And the worst thing is the solution is not concise. It had to be more compact. There was an unnecessary repetition of phrases. The paper needed further research by a professional person who is an expert in music. The development of the idea was sudden, and the conclusion was not impressive enough. The paragraphs were not properly linked.  Speaking of the writing standard, it was not at all a first class writing. And I am quite worried now thinking what grade I will get.

On-Time Delivery

The worst is their delivery service. I just thank myself that I gave the due date few days prior to my original submission date. The delivery was not on time. It arrived late and I hard to go through a lot of difficulties to get my paper finally getting it two days before my submission day. I wish to cancel it at a point of time, but since payment was done, I could not do it. I hardly could find time to check it properly and redo it. But the little overall review that I managed to make, I corrected few errors which I could understand at a glance. 

Range of Services

The service range is ok sort. But they are very limited. They only have essay writing service and dissertation writing service and few other small services for the writing part. But there are no such other services by which the whole process can be smoothened. There are no additional services, perks or benefits. I could not find any free features, but they claim there are freebies. I thought I would revise my paper, but there were no options for free revisions. Also, there is no option to get plagiarism report, no update system, no call back facility, etc. I now wonder if the site is a fake one.


The price is high, and after I got the paper I genuinely feel cheated for what I have paid. I thought the price is high because they will be giving a very good paper for my essay help. But I am very much disappointed. The price section is complicated because all they give is a cost generator after you fill in the details. The one good thing is that they state the price including vat and delivery charges. But again I was thinking if they are charging so high they could have done the delivery for free. I did not get any discount which I expected being a first time customer. There are no promo codes though a section is given. The sites, not even states through what methods you can make your payments even.

Efficiency of Support Team

The support from customer care team was average. Firstly even if they are providing a phone number to get in touch, there are timings given. The service providers do not have a 24 hours service. It was ok for me on a compromise level, but still, it was always not possible for me to call between 10 am to 6 pm. So I had to wait till the next day which delayed few things a lot. Another thing is I had to deal with a lot of rudeness from them. Their accent was different, and I can say that they are not native people as they do not know any proper manner of speaking to a customer. I had difficulty in understanding a few of them a lot and had to ask them to repeat which was disgusting continuously. I had to regularly call these people up to know the progress of my essay to which they did not have any definite answer.


The site is so full of flaws there either they totally revise themselves, or it is better that they stop giving their services. They should revise their price according to the service that they give or they should start to give other perks and benefits free of cost. I have gone through other reviews later regarding the site after I faced such problems and it is not only I who has got such a terrible service.  I found the same issues with other customers as well. It is my suggestion to go through other sites and see what they do and how they give their service.

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quality of the paper was not good

Reviewed By Rihanna nguyen on 14 Mar, 2018

The company wanted to bankrupt me with my quote that they had presented before. Then after I paid the huge amount as I was desperate to get my work done. The quality of the paper was simply trash. I don't know what the writer was thinking while writing my assignment it was on HRM and the assignment that I received was completely on organisation behavior. The writer did not even go through my requirement files that I had sent which are the minimum that you expect from this service.

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requirements not properly addressed

Reviewed By Ava leena on 07 Feb, 2018

The registration process was very easy as well as user-friendly. The services provided by these experts are very affordable. However, the quality of the assignment could have been improved a little as some of the requirements were not properly addressed and many references were outdated.

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much disappointed

Reviewed By Ava smith on 18 Jan, 2018

I am much disappointed by the kind of services that I received from the I faced much problem during the process of registration. They claim to have easy as well as user friendly registration process however in practice that is actually not the case. The assignment completed by the experts was provided to me after the date of my actual submission of the assignment. The references used by the experts were not genuine and I had to change most of them.

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some requirements not met

Reviewed By Nathan William on 17 Jan, 2018

The experts of promised me that if I opted for their premium services they would provide me with the best possible solution. However, the quality of the assignment that they delivered to me was average. I was expecting a bit more from them. It is true that they delivered the solution within the stipulated deadline prescribed by my professor and the registration process, true to their word, was very easy and user-friendly. However, some of the requirements of the assignment were not met.

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did not see previous reviews before placing order

Reviewed By Emily parker on 06 Jan, 2018

The biggest mistake that I possibly made before opting for their essay services is that I was ignorant towards how other customers have reviewed that site. This single mistake cost me my essay. I am never falling for ukessays services ever again. Also, I would also suggest other students to check the reviews before choosing services like this.

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