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UKessays, as it claims, is one of the most reliable essay help services in the UK. It offers an array of essay writing services to the students all over the UK. Some of the prominent services offered by this website include essay writing service, assignment writing service, dissertation writing service, and dissertation proposals. Additionally, the site also offers free resources like dissertation examples, referencing guides and other useful tools. As you navigate through the site further, you'll come across a number of features the website puts forward to attract the students.

Here's a sneak peek into all those exciting features that the team behind UKessays boasts about:

Knowledgeable writing experts:

"Unlike other essay writing companies, we don’t just use any writers – we use the best of the best."- That's what UKessays tries to ensure that every paper that they deliver is of standard quality. It further claims that each and every writer who is a part of the team is highly qualified. The claims are beneficial if a service provider is capable of fulfilling them directly. Here, in this case, it's more important to be particular about the recruiting process for the writers so as to assure that each and every academic writer is highly knowledgeable in their own discipline.

The range of Services:

The services range provided by UKessays is quite ok but they are very limited. They only have essay writing service and dissertation writing service and few other small services for the writing part. But there are no such other services by which the whole process can be smoothened. You won't find any benefits or perks here. However, the website offers some freebies that do not include plagiarism report, update system or call back facility, etc. In other words, these freebies are best known to the site itself.

An impeccable support service:

Next, they boast about continuous support backed by their friendly and helpful customer experience team. However, the customer service provided by UKessays is not 24*7. They've provided the timings to get in touch with them. As a matter of fact, in such type of a customer support, there is no assurance of an instant support. Since you have to wait for someone from the customer support team to respond, you may need to delay several other things. So, no matter the customer service may be good but for a customer support team to be efficient and reliable an uninterrupted service is a must.

Pricing structure:

For a service that claims to be loved by the customers and global press and has been in business for 15 years, it's quite easy to drive in a lot of students each day. However, their pricing structure is quite unfair owing to the fact that the services are meant for the students who are always in a need of saving money. Moreover, UKessays does not offer any discounts or promo codes, though a section is given. The site doesn't even state through what methods you can make your payments even and is not clear about the money back or money refund policy.

Is UKessays legit or fake? Decide yourself!

Wrapping up the whole scenario, UKessays does a good job by putting up an eye catchy stuff for enticing the students in an urgent need of essay help. It displays a number of features that act as a bait for the students all over the UK. But that's not what the ones looking for an efficient essay or dissertation writing help should fall for. They should instead work smart and conduct a research so as to figure out if the website is legit or fake. Every other website boasts about being the best in the services that it provides but knowing the facts inside before investing can actually help you save money and most importantly grades!

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website with fake promises

Reviewed By SWETA MAHAJAN on 23 Aug, 2018

This website, from top to bottom is filled with fake promises, falsity and plagiarism. Don’t be fooled by their words.

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quality of the paper was not good

Reviewed By Rihanna nguyen on 14 Mar, 2018

The company wanted to bankrupt me with my quote that they had presented before. Then after I paid the huge amount as I was desperate to get my work done. The quality of the paper was simply trash. I don't know what the writer was thinking while writing my assignment it was on HRM and the assignment that I received was completely on organisation behavior. The writer did not even go through my requirement files that I had sent which are the minimum that you expect from this service.

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requirements not properly addressed

Reviewed By Ava leena on 07 Feb, 2018

The registration process was very easy as well as user-friendly. The services provided by these experts are very affordable. However, the quality of the assignment could have been improved a little as some of the requirements were not properly addressed and many references were outdated.

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much disappointed

Reviewed By Ava smith on 18 Jan, 2018

I am much disappointed by the kind of services that I received from the I faced much problem during the process of registration. They claim to have easy as well as user friendly registration process however in practice that is actually not the case. The assignment completed by the experts was provided to me after the date of my actual submission of the assignment. The references used by the experts were not genuine and I had to change most of them.

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some requirements not met

Reviewed By Nathan William on 17 Jan, 2018

The experts of promised me that if I opted for their premium services they would provide me with the best possible solution. However, the quality of the assignment that they delivered to me was average. I was expecting a bit more from them. It is true that they delivered the solution within the stipulated deadline prescribed by my professor and the registration process, true to their word, was very easy and user-friendly. However, some of the requirements of the assignment were not met.

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