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Dealing with the pressure of too many piled up assignments is sometimes too hectic for the students. With the rising pressure of academics, they sometimes find it hard to cope up with the difficult assignment topics and tight deadlines for so many disciplines and specialisations. Frustrated with their studies, they sometimes take help from the online assignment writing services to do their assignments in return for a fee. However, not all of these websites online are trustworthy and have several false claims that result in a lot of disappointment on the part of the students.

Rescuing their grades and helping them sail through college and university days, we have compiled a thorough analysis of all the services provided by the academic writing websites online based on the hundreds of authentic reviews by the students who have availed these services.

Here is one such report for, an academic writing website offering a range of services for the students studying in the universities and colleges in the UK. All the reviews by the students about their services went through our detailed review-checker for determining their authenticity and credibility, and have helped us create a full analysis of all the aspects of the services of

Full analysis of the feedback by the students on

Our team of review experts got together to form a complete analysis of the services of based on the reviews posted by students. We have also assigned a star rating for each aspect of the services offered, and you can form your decision based on our detailed and thorough analysis of the feedback gathered from the students.

  • Professional writers and qualified experts:

According to the reviews of the students, the professionalism and qualification of the writers at are somewhat shrouded in doubt as many recount their experiences where the website failed to connect them to the writer assigned for their tasks despite claiming to do so at any point of time that the students ask for it. Over 95% of the students mentioned in the reviews that despite repeated attempts to reach the writers assigned to complete their tasks, they encountered many hassles in doing so through the website. They were later connected to the writers via email, and delays in the entire process led to most of the students to come to doubt the professionalism of the said writers that they had entrusted to do their assignments. Our experts found that, according to the reviews, the students were mostly unsatisfied by not being able to determine the quality and expertise of the writers as claimed on the website for and thus the issue of reliability comes into question about the services that they offer.

Expert rating: 2 out of 5

  • Quality of the assignments:

There was a mixed reaction from the students when it came to reviewing the quality of assignments that they had ordered from While some were satisfied with the quality, many complained that the assignments were not up to the mark and poorly referenced. According to our expert team that analysed the reviews, the students were of the opinion that while is reliable for smaller assignments having a low word count (up to 500 words), the services were not at par with the expectations or the industry standards for the bigger and more complex assignments such as thesis or dissertations. Tending to go awry with the dissertations or difficult assignments,, as per the reviews from the students, falters on the point of maintaining the top-notch quality that could have made them stay ahead of the competitors in the industry. It is the opinion of our experts that trusting will work in your favour as long as you give them smaller and relatively easy tasks. The reviews clearly state that if you are a student looking for a higher level of expertise and quality for their bigger and more complex assignments, is not the website that will be able to offer you professional services that meet your expectations.

Expert rating: 2.5 out of 5

  • Time taken for delivery:

This is one aspect about the services at that has received rave reviews and bonus points from the students, whether satisfied or not with the quality of work. Delivering the assignments on time is thus one of the positive features about the services of All the students, while recounting their experiences about the services of, have mentioned that timely deliveries is one of the promises that the website does not go back on and that they all received their assignments within the deadline that they had set while placing the order. However, around 80% of the students said that they were not satisfied with the quality of the work that they received despite all of them being delivered on time. The team of experts at is of the opinion that should work on improving their quality while making sure that all the assignments are delivered before the deadline as per the claims on their website.

Expert rating: 4 out of 5

  • The matter of affordability:

The prices for different types of assignments at are more or less affordable for the students, as per the reviews. As little as 35% of the students said that the prices were too steep for them to think twice before placing an order – most were satisfied with the price ranges for the different kinds of assignments that offered. The prices vary according to the word count and the deadline that the students set for their tasks and the dynamic pricing helps them calculate the cost accordingly before placing an order. Some of the reviews praised the price calculator at the website that let them know about the prices before they placed their order so they could plan the orders accordingly. As far as it comes to the matter of affordability, most of the students were satisfied with the price ranges for the services offered at

Expert rating: 3.5 out of 5

  • Formatting and revision of assignments:

Here too, the students were not quite happy with the way their assignments were formatted and structured. Some of the students complained about receiving unfinished assignments without proper referencing while some said that the formatting guidelines were not maintained while composing the assignments. All the reviews from the students that touched upon the formatting aspect said that failed at many places to uphold the promises on their website, delivering poorly referenced tasks or improper structure in the assignments. The revision and rework requests to the team at resulted in many delays. The student reviews mention that the website is more or less reluctant to offer rework and revision services, and the assignments were not up to the standard even after going through the rework services of

Expert rating: 2.5 out of 5

  • Customer support:

The experts at analysed all the student reviews about the customer support system at and found that this is one of the worst kept promises on the website. All the students complained about's faulty customer support service that, despite claims of being there for the students all day and night long, remained offline for days at an end when the students had to contact them regarding the status of their assignments. The only way to reach the service providers during times like these was through the telephone. All of the reviews mentioned the poor service and support by the client support executives when at least they could connect to them, and were unanimous about the fact that this aspect needed a lot of improvement on the part of if they wished to remain in the competitive market of academic writing services.

Expert rating: 0 out 5

  • Parting words:

As per the reports prepared by our experts at by the students who availed the academic writing services of, we would not like to recommend the services of the website for students in need of professional help for their academic papers. The reviews by the students clearly reveal some gaping holes between their claims and their quality of services. Most of the students being dissatisfied with the quality of their assignments and not being able to get in touch with the customer support team when in need are thus two of the biggest points of concern that puts’s services in a questionable position. Although they scored pretty well in delivering the assignments on time, the question of quality still lingers for those assignments too. That is why our experts advise you to research thoroughly before choosing an academic website for entrusting your assignments with as it is a matter of your future.

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If you are in a dilemma about which academic writing website is the most suited for your assignments and will be trustworthy, visit to put an end to all your doubts. We are the most trusted websites for authentic reviews, and thousands of students have long trusted our star ratings to choose the academic writing service that is most suited to their scholastic needs. At, we know how precious your grades are to you, and since this is a matter of your academic future, we ensure that you are guided in the right direction that helps that your career ahead and fetches you great grades. You will find hundreds of reviews by the students who share their experiences about availing the services of various academic writing websites online, our team of review experts collates and analyses them carefully to produce authentic star ratings, and reports for you to go through for making an informed choice. Here are some of the features that make us the most trusted reviews website for assignments among thousands of students worldwide.

  • 100% original reviews from students recounting their experiences
  • Expert analysis of the reviews and creation of impeccable reports on each f the services offered by the academic writing websites online
  • Detailed ranking and rating system based on the feedback from the students
  • Cutting-edge software support for review management and filtering
  • Dynamic quality control team for efficient management of reviews
  • Trusted website recommendations from the best experts in the industry.

So what are you waiting for? Surf today to learn more about the various academic writing websites offering prompt and practical solutions for your scholastic issues and know which among them is the best for all your academic needs.

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