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I have learnt the hard way that before availing assignment help for any lengthy task, a proper scanning of website is needed. I am a student of the University of Central Lancashire, pursuing my PhD in Linguistics. A few days back, I availed services from The layout of was quite plain and neat. I liked it. But to get an idea about their service I started reading the content written on their website. To my shock, I found few grammatical and syntax related error. I ignored those as I was in urgent need of assistance. The ‘Why us’ and ‘guarantees’ part on their website convinced me to try out their services. Later I found out that those are just bunch of false promises. Surprisingly, the help4assignment student reviews that I consulted before getting associated with this portal never said anything about any significant bad service. Since I had come to know about this website from one of my classmates, I placed one order of 250 words short assignment. They delivered my required solution within the deadline. It was Ok kind of! But the real problem occurred when I injured my spine in a bike accident and without any research decided to hire Help4assignment's assistance to complete a major dissertation.


No idea about the qualification of the writers doing the assignments (Rating: 3/5)



I was in a hurry to get a ready assignment on my hand, and that is where I made the wrong move. I get so fascinated by the affordable rates that I decided to place my order without going for an in-depth scanning of their services. Service pages seem to be there just for decoration purpose, and no valuable information could be gathered from those pages. Rather when checked minutely, lots of inconsistency can be seen while studying their service pages. The most confusing aspect of their services is that they never reveal anything about their writers. The website claims to get students connected with writers handling their projects, but in my case that did not happen. After repeated request to get connected with writer/writers handling my project, I got connected with the writers via mail. Few help4assignment reviews that I had read earlier talked about the efficiency of the experts associated with this site, but when I trusted this site with my dissertation, I got deceived.



What I got was far from quality assignment solution (Rating: 2/5)



I was required to prepare a dissertation on Bardi Verb Morphology in Historical Perspective. To be frank, I had very little idea about Bardi verbs. Moreover, with my spinal cord injury, it was not possible for me to visit the library. Therefore, I took assistance from site. I was confident about the quality of service offered by this site as they had delivered a decent 250 words earlier. However, this time I was in for a shock. They handed over literally a half-done assignment (without referencing part completed). The quality of the delivered assignments was far from what I expected.



They managed to provide on-time delivery though (Rating: 4/5)



Help4assignment has an online chat box which is offline most of the time. When the deadline was approaching, and the onsite chat box was still offline, I had to call their customer care. They informed that their online chat box was temporarily not functioning. So, whenever I wanted to know about that status of my assignment request I needed to call their customer care. The customer care executives with whom I talked to fail to answer my queries efficiently. However, they kept their promise of delivering the assignment within agreed upon deadline.



Various services are offered, but quality needs to be improved (Rating: 3/6) claims to offer subject-based services and to work on different types of assignments which I find misleading, as on the website they do not have details about service. Everything seems vague. In addition, there is no indication about case study assignment assistance on their website. They claim to keep students updated by delivering text messages, but I did not get regular update about my task progression through text messages. Every time I needed to call them to know about the updated status of my assignment which made me very anxious. Multiple help4assignment reviews do talk about the incompetency of their services. But because of my past positive experience, I decided to ignore those red flags. 



Affordable yet cheap services (Rating: 3.5/5)



Help4assignment charges 23.70 for writing 250 words in 3 days time. But the quality of the assignment was not what I got at the first time. After my recent experience, I am not sure about the quality. I think they do not have enough experts associated with them to complete a quality research paper. The write up that I got was missing valuable information, and it was literally a half done the assignment. I also have this feeling that multiple writers have worked on my assignment, as the quality of write up is different, and the consistency factor is missing.



Support team is not efficient enough (Rating: 2/5)



The support team of help4assignment is not capable enough to handle every type of query. When talking to them I felt like they had mugged up few answers and only kept repeating the same answer for every query, which is, trust us you will get your assignment on time. Other than the inability of solving real problems, many times I felt that they were not concerned about my urgent need. They promised some vague services. However, when I claimed a rework, the customer care executive behaved rudely and indirectly claimed that the assignment was not as per given instruction as my instructions were not clear enough for the writer to understand my requirements. 



My suggestions: Avail help for smaller task, not lengthy ones (Rating: 3/5)



Finally, I would like to state that through only one assignment solution it will be harsh to conclude help4assignment's services as inadequate and inefficient, especially when in past when I have received quality assistance. However, the standard of their services is deteriorating. Even the customer care is not very helpful. This is high time for them to work hard to sustain in the highly competitive market. Those who are thinking about availing their help, they can try their services by hiring assistance with some smaller tasks. For the lengthy task, this site might not be a good choice.


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worst expirence

Reviewed By Mann Dalal on 01 May, 2018

requirements were not addressed in my assignment.i am never again use the service

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they play game with me

Reviewed By Jedda cain on 14 Mar, 2018

I did not like the way the customer care executives tried to play a blame game instead of providing me with my work. the assignment was completely flawed and when I had asked for explanation and elaboration I was told that I had to pay more. I do not understand their pricing slab they tend to say anything to anyone, which his unethical. I will not book my order in before.

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assignment recives after deadline date

Reviewed By Ava leena on 19 Dec, 2017

I was quite relieved having found an assignment service company- "" that caters to all my academic requirements. Everything was going fine and I was receiving regular updates on my paper. I was counting days when my assignment will arrive and just as the day approached when I was supposed to receive it, I get an email stating that my deadline will be delayed. I received it after two weeks of constant badgering. Totally disappointed.

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Few unintentional errors !!

Reviewed By JustinSterne on 11 Sep, 2017

The assignment was done well before the given time limit. But there were a few errors and mistakes. It clearly shows the lack of concentration of the writer. I had to read the paper several in order to make sure it is error-free.

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Good when revised

Reviewed By MollyBendrodt on 11 Sep, 2017

The assignment paper was not quite satisfactory when I received it. But when I have sent it back for the revision, they literally enhanced the quality and gave me a paper that I wanted. For that, I really admire them.

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