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Blog Genuine Reviews about Online Essay Help Service Is It Reliable at All?
  • Freya Wells
  • 24/02/2018
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Time constraint is a major issue that worries thousands of students all over the world, and it is also one of the most common reasons why students require online assistance to finish their pending essays within the deadline. Since most of the time students start to panic as the deadline approaches, they often delegate their task to the service provider, whichever appears first in their search results, without evaluating their effectiveness and credibility. And that is where the problem begins. is one of the several online essay helpers that promise to deliver an essay paper within just one hour. This does attract plenty of students as a lot of them require essay help on an urgent basis. However, its effectiveness is highly questionable. As mentioned in a few student reviews the one-hour service actually took close to three hours, forcing them to miss their deadlines. This is just only one aspect of as an online essay assistance provider, here is an in-depth evaluation of their services that will help you make the right decision.

Let’s start off with the positive sides. is one of the SEO-friendly pages, which explains why the website pops up in your search results whenever you look for “essay help” on the internet. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhances the reach of that particular page, making it a valuable feature for the website. However, that does not serve anything significant to the students. Following are some of the positive features of the website that concern the students.

  • Mobile-friendly:

It is one of the rarest online essay helpers who have a mobile-friendly user interface. It means you can access their website on your mobile seamlessly. This is certainly a huge plus point for an online service since most of its clients (i.e. the students) are on the move while they place their orders. This feature not only helps the students place an urgent request while attending a lecture, but it also allows them to check the progress of their order remotely on their mobiles.

  • Choose your writer:

Unlike some of the leading academic helpers, EssayShark allows the students to pick the writers from the team once the order is placed. This feature allows the students to choose a writer as per their requirements and make them feel a part of the whole process by engaging them in a small yet significant activity. Although, a student can only pick a writer if only he/she has bid for the order the student has placed in the first place. Even though this limits the options, but it is still better than not having any control over the choice of writers.

  • Responsive customer care support:

The customer care executives at EssayShark are quite sharp when it comes to responding. They remain available most of the time, and you can get a quick response from their end, whether it's on online chat or over a phone call. One of the best things about this customer support system is that even if the site goes down due to some technical error, the executives remain active and attend the calls from the panicked customers and provide them with valuable information on their respective orders.

  • Comparatively cheaper:

Even though there are some online essay writing websites that offer cheaper services, one can also count as an affordable service provider. Most of their services are pretty much affordable for anyone with a decent financial background, and unlike most of the top-tier academic websites, their services are set at a moderate price. It means the students won’t have to spend a huge amount of money to avail the services; however, this is not the best price one can avail on the internet. There are several other websites that offer similar services at a lesser price.

Now that you have learned all the good things about, it’s time to unveil the bitter part of their essay writing services. The following points are based on the genuine reviews posted by the students who had availed essay writing services from this particular website.

  • Not fulfilling the promises:

The one-hour essay feature is nothing but a farce. A lot of students who have availed the particular service have complained that EssayShark has been able to deliver the task before the one-hour deadline. People who usually take the one-hour essay writing service are the ones who are running out of time. A slight delay in the delivery can cost a student some valuable marks which has happened several times, as the report suggests. In some cases, they didn’t even provide with some essential elements (such as the plagiarism report and proper referencing) alongside the paper which adds to the misery of the student.

  • Sloppy order placing system: may be an SEO-friendly website, but it isn't quite student-friendly. Almost every student review of (both positive and negative) has talked about the slow and sloppy order placing procedure. The reviews suggest that the entire process takes around 30 minutes, which is a huge amount of time when students are battling the time constraints. Also, it suggests that their essay ordering system needs to be improved. In this competitive market where other websites are taking only a couple of minutes to receive a student's assignment order, EssayShark needs to improve their standards by leaps and bounds to match to the level of the segment leaders.

  • Average content:

While time constraint is a huge issue for the students, a poor set of writing skills is also another major reason why students feel the need to avail online essay writing assistance, but if you are looking for quality content that can fetch you higher grades, then isn't the ideal place to go to. The student reviews suggest that the essays that are provided by the EssayShark writers aren’t quite the extraordinary type. In fact, a lot of students have complained that the writers have provided with an ordinary essay which couldn't fetch them more than a "B". There are plenty of websites that provide with top-notch essays at a much lower price. For this reason, a lot of students have lost faith in the services provided by the EssayShark writers.

  • Lack of variety:

Among all the other complaints made by the students, the lack of variation in the essay writing services is something worth mentioning. The student reviews dictate that the writers only provide with an average essay writing service with similar kind of writing time and again. There is no other variety in service. There are quite a few websites that offer custom help services where students can not only avail the writing service, but can also avail editing service, formatting service, and even expert guidance on request. So those who are looking for something other than the essay writing service, EssayShark won’t be the right choice for them.

Based on the pros and cons of the services provided by the experts at, it can be concluded that the website is not quite the ideal place for students who are looking for impeccable essays, but it will be wrong if someone calls them a fraud. Unlike several academic service providers on the internet, EssayShark has a genuine customer support team that responds properly to the requests and queries of the students. So, check with the other sites before availing any essay writing service from the EssayShark writers. And if you feel these people can meet your expectations, then you can try it at least once. Bottomline – is a mediocre essay help provider that gets the job done, but not in an excellent way.

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