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Edubirdie Scam: What Went Wrong for the Essay Writing Company?

Edubirdie, which has been in the news for the past few weeks for involving YouTube stars in endorsing their brand, was never really a proficient academic solution provider in the first place. However, they have always been quite competitive when it comes to endorsing their brand on the internet. Their recent attempt to reach a much larger audience, however, has back-fired them as the media have now got involved in the investigation.

Why people are slamming Edubirdie now?

Before we dive into deeper discussion, it is important to acknowledge the fact that essay writing companies are not illegal. However, making fake promises to your clients is considered as a crime, which Edubirdie has done, that too at a larger spectrum. There are a lot of websites which aren’t really capable of fulfilling their client’s requests, and they are quite aware of that. But no other website has gone such lengths to advertise such fraudulent business like Edubirdie.

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The only good thing about the website is that they know how to get students into availing their services. Their website is neatly designed, and their offers do sound amazing. However, that's all that the website has to offer. Time and again, they have failed to meet the deadlines set by the clients, and even when they did deliver the order on time, the quality never met the expectations of the students.

What do the students say about Edubirdie?

Students who have reviewed this website have mentioned that the website not just charges extra money for the services, but also refuses to pay the money back when the order does not fulfill the client’s requirements, which happens almost regularly at Also, there have been a few incidents where they have blackmailed the students by threatening to leak the information to the college administration if they don’t pay them the money.

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What has the BBC investigation revealed?

When you look at the website, you may find the details of the writers who work in the company. Don’t be too surprised if the on-going investigation reveals the fact that the experts aren’t really qualified writers. While reviewing the website, our team has found out that the assignments and essays prepared by the Edubirdie writers are quite the opposite of what they claim.

In fact, BBC, who was the first to reveal the Edubirdie endorsement scam, discovered that the site company is capable of providing average quality content only, which makes their promise of “guaranteed A” nothing but a big fat lie. The report also mentioned that the content provided by the website was filled with elementary mistakes. Even a child can write better than that, the report said.

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Now that they have involved YouTubers in to endorsing their sub-standard services, it has not only harmed the credibility of those YouTube stars but has also left a wrong impression on the entire student community about the academic writing companies. Students, who were already doubtful about the online writing services, will not even spare a thought about availing such services in the future.

When asked, some of the YouTubers told that they didn’t know about this side of the Edubirdie services. They were only told that Edubirdie is one of the leading essay writing companies that help students get A+ grades. This only suggests that the website has also kept the YouTubers in the dark. Paying thousands of dollars cannot justify such immoral practice.

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What should students do now?

This has actually been an eye-opener for a lot of students. Even though we, at, always encourage students to do some research about a website before availing their services, most students just ignore the warning and pay the price by losing their crucial grades. Now that such scam has come to light, hopefully, students will be more careful while choosing a service provider.

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If you don’t want to fall prey to such fraudulent activities, always validate the legitimacy of the websites by going through the genuine reviews. is one of the very few reviewing websites that post genuine and unbiased reviews from the students on various academic writing services. It has the largest pool of student reviews, which can give you enough idea about what to expect from a particular writing company.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and Edubirdie just proves them right. It is undoubtedly one of the most well-designed websites there are in the industry, but at the same time, it is also one of the poorest academic solution providers on the internet. Always go through the genuine reviews, before you place an order at a website. In today’s world, it is better to have trust issues.

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