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Reviews Identifying Best Academic Writing Services

Whenever you go online to find an assignment help service, you come across various positive and negative reviews. They contain star rating as well as a short description of the buyer’s experience. Apparently, these reviews seem unimportant, but it has enormous significance in helping any student to choose the best service.

How Reviews help students?

Read the following stories of students.

Jane is a college student doing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She also works part-time for pocket money. Due to her hectic schedule, she always failed to submit her assignments on time. So, she decided to take help from the professional services. She went online and chose one site, which seemed quite appealing to her. She placed her order and made the payment. As the date of receiving the homework arrived, she got an e-mail from them asking for an extension of the deadline. When she said that she could not postpone anymore as she had to submit it and asked for a refund, they gave her some lame excuses for not giving back the money. After pushing them for some time, she ultimately found out that they have blocked her.

Austin, a high school student, is really poor at maths and always got the lowest grades in his class. In an attempt to improve his scores, he went for a service recommended by his friend. He placed the order for a short assignment and received a satisfying work within the given time. But, when he asked them to do a lengthy homework, they, at first, continuously postponed it and finally sent the work a week past the deadline. The assignment was very poorly written, and Austin had to make changes in the whole paper himself.

In both the cases, such situations could have been avoided only if they had done a study on the companies before availing their service.

Checking the reviews would have helped these students to make a better choice and save their money.

[Read reviews of]

What do states say about online reviews?

According to,

  • 88% consumers believe in the online reviews just like they trust personal recommendation.
  • Out of 10 buyers, 9 view the reviews to make their decision about a local business.
  • 40% buyers carry out the same action daily.

The stats as per an info graphic posted on are as follows:

  • Approximately, 90% of buyers go through the reviews before approaching a business.
  • Businesses which get excellent or full 5 star reviews are trusted more and consumers are expected to spend 31% extra on them.
  • 72% buyers admitted that they are made to trust local businesses by positive reviews, and just after going through the positive review, they take action.
  •  86% buyers will be uncertain about making a purchase if they see a negative review about a company.
  • On Yelp, the online review site based on crowdsourcing, every minute, more than 26000 reviews get posted by the users.
  • The revenue of a business is increased by 5-9% when their rating on Yelp extends by one star.
  •  A business can lose 30 customers if they receive one negative review.

These stats are enough to show how online reviews influence the buyer’s decision and their perception of a company.

What can students learn from these reviews?

Basically everything! From the quality of the completed assignments to the quality of the company’s customers support team, students can learn about all aspects of the assignment help services.

Some of the basic things about which students can get enlightened are:

  • The quality of the papers, if it helped the students improve their grades or not
  • How fast the delivery is, whether they really give the assignments within the deadline
  • If the return policy really works or they just give some lame excuses to avoid such situations
  • Whether the copies are free of errors and plagiarism, and if they provide a plagiarism report
  • If the customer support is active all the time, and how is the behaviour of the executives
  • If any modifications are required in the received assignment if they do the revisions and whether they take extra payment for that
  • What is the price of the service, whether it is cheap or expensive.

From the reviews, the personal experience of the users can be known which helps a student, who wishes to avail a service, to make a better decision.

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Why reviews are important to the buyers?

The main reasons for students wishing to get informed about these services are:

  • Checking the authenticity- Since these services are mainly available online, it is impossible for students to see the office or the people working in it. Thus, the feedback of the previous customers become very important for learning what did they actually received from the companies, whether the services were fake or genuine etc.
  • To be assured that their money is going to the right place- It is not desired by anyone to lose their money on a fake service. It is not possible to distinguish the companies just by their appearance or the website. Seeing the reviews give the students the assurance that they are investing their money in the right place, and that they will receive value against it.
  • Personalised recommendation- Although every website claims to provide assignments on all subjects and topics, the students cannot be certain about it. But, if they see another student of the same discipline receiving homework on a topic that they are looking for, the students will know about its quality. Thus, the students will be able to determine whether to trust that company or not.

All these reasons make the reviews of past customers so important for an individual to find the right service for his/her needs.

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Discover Thousands of Reviews and Make the Right Choice with

Did you get deceived by a fraud company and lost a good amount of your money? But, did you do a background check before availing their service? Check genuine reviews from students at

With a large number of assignment help services available online, it has become really hard to identify which ones are authentic and which are fake companies.

Many questions crowding in your mind?

Where can I get the best assignments? Will I actually get my money back if I am not satisfied? Which company will provide me with their service at the lowest price? Is my money going into the right hands?

Well, we have the answer to all of your questions.

Go through the unbiased and honest reviews and avoid your hard earned money from going into waste. Make a smart choice and always stay a step ahead of the deceivers.

What’s more, you can also write your own reviews to help other students make their best choice.

By students’ vote, the top 3 academic writing services are provided by:


The best features of these sites, as per the students, are:

  • High-quality works- According to the reviews of the students, these companies provide superior-quality assignments, which have helped them to score higher. All the instructions as well as the correct format, style, language, referencing styles are followed while writing the papers.
  • All topics covered- The best thing about them is that they can provide assignments on every subject and all related topics. Also, every type of homework whether it is an essay, coursework, dissertation, case study or anything,  are done by them.
  • Fast Delivery- Another impressive feature of these companies is that they deliver the orders much before the given time.
  • Lowest price- The pocket-friendly price of their service is one of the reasons that have made them the favourite of the students.

So, before making any decision, always check our site to avoid the alluring traps of deceiving companies.

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