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Best Student Accommodation Websites for International Students in the UK

For centuries, the UK has been one of the major destinations for international students who wish to pursue higher studies. And since it is home to some of the most prestigious schools and universities in the world, everyone wants to be here. That explains why there is such a massive demand for student accommodation in the country.

If you are also coming to the UK for higher studies and looking for better accommodation options, you need to do your research beforehand. The following websites will be extremely useful in helping you find your preferred accommodation option in the UK – be it a solo studio, shared flat, university dorm, or homestay.

1. Nestpick

If you do not have time to do research your accommodation options, Nestpick can be quite helpful for you. This website offers you information about thousands of housing options. Its study abroad housing option includes more than 26,000 choices in London alone. You can browse available properties by country, city, or region.

The streamlined search option on the website makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for without spending too many hours on research. Moreover, you do not need to go through the hassle of figuring out whether your apartment will be furnished or empty. You get plenty of options.

However, you cannot book your accommodation directly with this website. It will redirect you to the website where the accommodation is listed on.

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2. Spotahome

This is an online booking platform where you can find a long list of rooms, apartments, studios, and student residences in 100 cities across Europe. It offers you a great user experience by eliminating the need for in-person viewing, saving both tenants and landlords their time and expenses. The people at Spotahome verify the apartments for you via Home Checkers.

You can find high-quality, authentic photos and videos of the home as well as the neighbourhood, floor plans and detailed descriptions about the local area. It is a completely online experience. It even offers fraud protection, flexible cancellation policies, and active customer support. However, it has a policy of a minimum one-month stay.

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3. Homelike

This is another online booking platform for monthly rentals of furnished apartments. It has over 100,000+ apartments listed across 500+ cities. It is a perfect platform for people who are looking for accommodation from one month onward, with flexible move in and move out dates. It does not even charge additional customer fees.

All the utility costs are included in the rent. This platform helps you find suitable accommodation in the most hassle-free manner. You can enjoy a bunch of free cancellation and deposit-free listings.

4. Uniplaces

This is one of the more popular accommodation websites used by students. You can find a wide range of housing options here, starting from shared bedrooms, private bedrooms, studios, apartments, and more. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to navigate through the website and find your suitable accommodation.

Besides, the customer support team at the website is extremely helpful and prompt. It also has a lot of filters, allowing you to make a more personalised search. However, it charges a higher service fee than others.

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5. AmberStudent

This platform offers you the options of 150K+ rooms across the UK. They have a broad range of private studios, shared en-suites, and other single and dual occupancy rooms located right next to the major institutes in the UK. They have a hassle-free, 24/7 end-to-end service to students all over the world and also offers a free cancellation policy.

It has a really easy to use interface, quick customer services, and other useful services. You can pick any accommodation of your choice from their large catalogue. Another great thing about this platform is that they have a massive number of properties in the UK.


As you may have already realised, these websites do not usually own the properties. They only give you the listings. Most of them even let you book your preferred accommodation options right from the website. So, before you finalise an accommodation for your stay in the UK throughout the course of your higher studies, do your bit of research about the accommodation through these websites.

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