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Top 6 Scholarship Websites for International Students

A scholarship is extremely helpful for students with financial needs. However, there is a significant information gap between scholarships and those who really need such financial support. It is really unfortunate that a majority of the students have no clue about the scholarships they are eligible for, especially when they are willing to study abroad.

In this blog, we have tried to list some of the most informative websites where you can learn about international scholarships and more. You can also find scholarship options that are perfect for your study abroad program. Compare all your options from the following websites before you apply for any scholarships.

1. World Scholarship Forum

This is one of the most visited websites to find international scholarships. It has a newsletter service, which provides its subscribers with information on scholarships on a daily basis. It also offers you information about opportunities in the particular country you wish to study in.

The website has a database of close to a million articles filled with information about international scholarship options. Even if you do not visit other websites for international scholarships, you can still find plenty of options on this one website.

Its well-organized interface and proper categorization make it easier for the users to navigate easily through the website. You can access the website on your PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Moreover, it is ready to attend to subscriber questions and comments instantly.

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2. Scholarships.com

This is one of the oldest running websites on the list. It was originally launched in 1999 and currently offers information on more than 2.7 million scholarships. These scholarships in the database have a total value of more than 19 billion USD since the launch of the website. This free-to-use website is user-friendly and requires only a few minutes to get started.

The listings on this website get updated regularly and consistently every few months. So, you can find the necessary details about the latest scholarships that are available. Once you signup to become a member of the website, you can then select which types of scholarships you are most interested in, and the website will give you personalized results.

The website also gives its users the option to opt-out of any scholarship that does not seem useful to their chosen career paths.

3. CollegeNet.com

This website is more popular among students for its service of developing applications and web-based events. What most students do not know is that the website also provides a search for students who are looking for updates and newly promoted scholarships across the country. The website regularly updates its database, allowing the users to review and vote on new scholarship options.

This site also has a licensing agreement to share new scholarship data and content that are currently ongoing being offered in only certain states, countrywide and even internationally through the company named Wintergreen Orchard House.

The site also lets the users who are involved in the community vote on different scholarships that they want to have featured or promoted to go live on the website. Scholarship options with the most votes are then brought to fruition for the users on the website.

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4. Fast Web

This website offers useful data of over 1.5 million scholarships which are $3.4 billion in total value. This website is free to use. You can simply register to become a member and find the type of scholarships you are interested in.

The website allows you to search through scholarships based on the amount, deadline, and types. It is also one of the finest online scholarship tools and services for searching for postgraduate scholarships. It also remains one of the most visited websites for international scholarships.

5. ScholarshipMonkey.com

This website lets you compare different scholarships available and relevant to your own plan and career path. It is free to use and only requires a few minutes to register to become a member. According to the website, it has helped over a million students to find scholarships and opportunities to attend the college of their preference.

It has over 4,000 sources of scholarships listed within the database. In total value, it has information of more than $3 billion worth of scholarships since its original launch.

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6. FinAid.org

It is one of the most popular online resources for getting information on scholarships and financial aid. The financial aids are based on the candidate’s income, age and previous education schooling that the candidate has completed.

Even though there are no scholarship search options on the website to find different scholarship options, it can be helpful in finding additional data regarding the authenticity of scholarships.

In conclusion,

If you wish to have a successful academic career abroad, scholarships can be quite useful. Check out all the available scholarship options from the aforementioned websites, and select the ones that you are eligible for. Hopefully, you will find multiple scholarship options to apply.

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