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UK’s Education Scenario After The Pandemic Rise Around The World

The novel coronavirus has primarily impacted the lives of people around the world. Every sector, including political, economic, academics etc., is affected by the wave. However, people around the world have settled with it and finding ways to deal with the same. But, the students are still having difficulties adapting to the ‘new normal. 

Their entire academic scenario changed in 2020 and created chaos among students. They had to shift from institutional classes to home-schooling. However, the UK government has shown a rapid improvement in tackling the wave. The covid-19 cases in the UK are almost over, and the government is planning to resume schools and colleges from august 2021.

Updated requirements for students in the UK

The UK government has issued a set of rules and regulations for students from overseas to study there. However, the norms and rules may differ with the variation in different cities of the UK. You can look into the details of various strategies of other states in the UK amid novel coronavirus.

1. England

The UK government have managed a massive downfall in covid-19 cases. The life and studies of students are now coming back on track. They have also ended social distancing and resumed the traditional way of education. However, the government have asked higher education (HE) to keep track and cure ready for any rise in covid-19 cases. Also, the HE education authorities should stay in regular communication and discuss alternative plans with students.

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2. Scotland

European Free Trade Association (EFTA) states that the passengers arriving from Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City, and the USA need not quarantine. However, these students have to carry the proof of their vaccination dosage. So, you must get fully vaccinated if you haven’t done it yet. Also, make sure to bring the hard copy of your vaccination proof if you are heading off to Scotland for studies.

3. Wales

The covid-19 rules and regulations are slightly different from the rest of the states in the UK. The students travelling from red alert countries have to quarantine themselves in UK hotels before coming to wales. Once you arrive in wales, you must immediately contact your universities. They might ask for self-isolation in the university accommodations. The Welsh government have maintained the ‘student protect’ policy and works under the test, trace and protect principle to ensure complete safety.

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4. Northern Ireland

There are different rules for people travelling from several corners of the world to Ireland. So, the safety measures depend upon the country you are travelling from. For example, northern Ireland can mark green or red alerts to the international nations without any prior notice. It entirely depends upon the surge or downfall in coronavirus cases for that particular country. However, you must ensure a complete vaccination process and proof before travelling to any part of the UK.

Rules for students oversees in the UK

Students from several international borders can study online without any visa. UK government will also process their visa concessions to ease their future travels. However, those who still need to visit UK have to comply with the rules of various states in the UK. The entering rules are further dependent upon the passengers of multiple countries such as;

  • Red list country- highest risk
  • Amber list nations- lesser risk
  • Green list nations- zero or negligible risk 

Therefore, the quarantine or self-isolation days and places are based on which country the students are travelling to. Likewise, they will get departure permission only after completion of their isolation period and PCR tests. 

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Students shall also fulfil the following criteria before entering the UK;

  • Stay updated with the latest rules and regulations for various borders and states
  • Know about the arrival process for your country and the countries you are travelling through
  • Stay informed about the zone of your country, i.e. red zone, amber zone or green zone.
  • Do not forget to carry the covid-19 negative report with you. It shall not be more than 3days old.
  • Ensure a complete travel test package before planning your arrival in the UK.
  • Fill in the passenger locator form after arrival.
  • Inform the university about your arrival and book your self-isolation accommodation before your arrival.


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