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What Students Say About A Concise Account Of The Reviews

The term ‘student' brings to mind different pictures associated with them like books, copies, pens & pencil, the classroom, the blackboard, etc. These are just an inseparable part of any students. Gaining entry to this list is ‘assignment help', a word which inevitably suggests getting help with assignments. Most students today are well-acquainted with the term. Still, a one-liner might define it as ‘as service where students can get their assignments written'.

Presently there are innumerable assignment help services found on the Internet, and one among them is Several times we have found students asking the question if the site is a genuine one, if they are into any scams and other related question. sees several reviews posted each day and it becomes very tough for the students to read all of them and come to a conclusion.

Helping them out in this scene, here is a brief based on the words of the students. We have very scrupulously considered all the points on which the students have written their reviews and hence brought them together for better understanding. Though the final judgment is yours, we hope that the decision which you will take will be the best one.

Through our research, we have found that almost 90% of the students complained that they are not satisfied with the writers. At students do not have the flexibility to choose a writer for their assignments. Instead, the site assigns a writer to compose the papers. Since most of the sites associated with the assignment writing industry now suffice the students with this flexibility, students have said that perhaps they would have chosen better if that option was given. Others have said to improve the standard of the writers. Moreover, the site has mentioned just a few words, and the students said that they have never understood who actually the writers are.

Following this there we have seen complains about the quality of the paper. And this is very obvious because of the writers that the site is assigning to the students. Unqualified writers will always produce bad paper quality. 60% of the students who complained about bad paper quality have mentioned that content given in the paper is not at all up to the mark. Some complained that there was a mismatch in the content regarding continuity. The assignment papers started off with one idea and ended with another. Even content was found to be missing and abruptly ended.

Even there were words saying that the supporting illustrations given in the paper were a misfit and that it sometimes had no relation to the content in the paper. Even if they matched, there were no details explaining the things. Hence students did not get to understand most of the things.

Coming to the next point, we have found that again a vast majority of the students leave comments about the prices being too high in regards to the quality of the paper. And it is not only about the high price; some were abruptly charged for no reason like delivery charges, processing charges, etc. Students said initially the customer care executives from the site said that the charges that are shown are for the papers. They were never clear in mentioning that there would be additional charges later on for processing, delivery and others. One of them said that he was said an amount and was surprised that how it could be so low. To his surprise, later on, he found that there were additional charges for every single thing like formatting charge, referencing charge etc. This is not at all expected.

And then again we have found that the customer service is very weak and slow according to 67% of the students who have written their reviews on instantassignmenthelp. Among this, most of them complained about having problems getting connected to the customer service executives. They had to wait for a long time to finally speak to someone. And what was worst is that for different queries the call was passed from one person to another. According to the students, this was just ‘intolerable’. Students also mentioned that the customer service executives need immediate training to how to handle customers. Few complained that some executives were rude; some could not provide correct answers to the questions. There are no proper solutions for the problems the students were facing.

Just like the quality of the papers being low, the same was for the formatting of the paper. Along with the other complains, we have found students who have mentioned that the paper was formatted very poorly. Firstly, according to some of the students, the paper was not rightly formatted according to the required formatting style. Secondly, in some papers, though the formatting style was maintained some pages missed the formatting. The table of content especially had seen a mismatch where the page numbers did not match the content list. Even few of the pages were found where numbers were missing, and proper bullets were not used.

We found few of the students speak about the papers being full of errors. They specifically mentioned errors like grammatical errors, errors in typing, etc. In some of the papers, there were mistakes in using the terminologies and abbreviations. Errors were also seen in the placement of certain illustrations due to which students could not understand how the content and the illustration were inter-related.

Moreover, there were complaints that the papers lacked relevant information. This also contributed to the fact that the papers were low in quality. Firstly there was a lot of repetition of information which clearly showed that there is lack of good research and secondly, few pieces of information did not match the topic. Students said that the content was there simply to meet the word count of the paper. Also, a few of the complaints got from students who took help with dissertation writing said that few sections lacked proper information especially the methodology section. No methods were properly described.

However, we have also found students appreciating what they really liked. And after we have found that, it must always be mentioned for the students who are reading the reviews must have a clear picture of the services of the assignment providers.

To start with the positive side of the, almost every student appreciated their delivery. They said that the delivery was very impressive. Most of them stated that it was beyond their expectation that the papers would be delivered prior the due date. Some got the papers within the due date. But there was no post from any student who mentioned that the delivery failed or delayed. We found something more to the aspect of the assignment delivery. Some who took the services in an emergency said that the paper might have flaws, but they all got the paper on time. So that was one positive point that we have found.

We have also found that students appreciated the range of services that is offering. That can be described as a plethora of services that the site is offering. They have writing services for the entire range of academic papers starting from assignments to PowerPoint presentation. We have also found appreciation notes from the students regarding the ordering process stating that it is very detailed and they liked filling the details because they want whatever in the paper. We found a certain review of a student mentioning that he was overwhelmed with the so many dissertation services that he found. There was another person thanking for the editing and proofreading services that are given.

Since we have thoroughly gone through all the reviews, we have also collected scraps and bits as well. There was someone who said that he is a working person and do not have time enough to spend for writing the assignment and hence have taken help from He said that though the paper was not up to his expectation but at least the paper was well-referenced and was free from plagiarism. He was afraid that the assignment was plagiarized. He found accurate in-text citations and that too in the referencing style that was recommended by the university. Even the reference list has all the sources of information mentioned in the paper in the same way.

Coming to the conclusion, in answer to the questions of the students which are like if is a scam site, fraud or fake, all that can be said is the terms are not appropriately eligible for them. However, it must be taken into note that the site is not up to the mark when it comes to helping students with writing their assignments. is unable to meet the expectations of the students.

Facing dilemma while choosing someone to write your assignments? eases your troubles with their comprehensive report

It is very evident that students get confused with the long list of service providers when it comes to choosing someone to get help when they get their assignments to write. Every site claims that they give the best service, but unless someone takes help from them, the reality is unknown. It is only when students post reviews that the reality surfaces. is the only place where students will find reviews about any site that they want. We only post genuine reviews and keep a strict check on the matter of posting the ‘fake’ ones. If you are troubled with deciding whom to choose and ask help, read the reviews posted on our site. Get an idea of their services.

And moreover, in an aspiration to help the students more, we on our side have compiled all the reviews together so that the students can get a bird’s eye view of the site. This will help them to understand things better and take the right decision when they are looking for assignment help.

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