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7 Best Websites for College Internships

The final year of college can be overwhelming. For most, this is THE END of your student life. Aside from the emotional aspect, the pressure of scoring good marks in the last semester can make you go insane. But, no, this is not where it ends.

There is also the worry of finding proper internships. They very well know that just a degree won't be enough to stabilise their career. They would need some experience as well. 

About the emotional turbulence and mental stress, you are the best one to help yourself. But here, you can get enough assistance in selecting valuable internships. By the end of this blog, you will be at least sure about how to start the search and which places to look for. 

Below mentioned are the 10 best websites where you can find legit internships. So, here you go!

1. Internships.com

This is the go-to place if you are looking for internships. There is a wide range of internships available here. You can input your subject major, category and city to find the best internship opportunities available. You can even search for companies wisely to get your dream internship. The interesting part about this website is that it features tips and inspirational stories from other interns who successfully found their preferred internship from Interships.com. They have this feature called internship Predictor, which you can use to find suitable opportunities as per your personality preferences.

2. InternMatch.com

InternMatch.com has a very easy search option that intends to narrow down internships based on your location and as per your convenience and interests. They give you the option of whether you want paid internships or non-paid internships. Starting from amateur to pro-level, they have internships of all kinds. One interesting feature about this site is that if you have any complaints about your present internship, you can vent it out with complete strangers across the country, connected via the platform.

3. Indeed.com

This is one of the most trusted websites among global students. It is so because of their two-step easy process. You just have to let them know 'What' and 'Where', then the next thing you will get is a list of legit internships. Believe it or not, in less than a minute, you will have some real good internship options to avail of in front of you. You can even upload your resume to easily come on employers' radar. 

4. SimplyHired.com

Let SimplyHired.com know about your internship preferences and your location. They will come up with a long list of possible opportunities. The best thing about this website is that you get to see opportunities from all around the world. Simplyhired.com lists internships from direct employers and various job boards as well. It looks into your personal preferences as well. For example, if you are a nature lover, they suggest companies that work towards a sustainable environment. 

5. Linkedin.com

Are you a complete social media geek. Then here is the best option for you to look for internships. It is more of a platform that connects you with employers, jobs and your peers. You can see regular updates and posts on various job-related events in your feed. You can even connect with famous business people around the globe. It filters the job opportunities for you that fit you the best. It is more like Facebook; the difference is just that it only lets you concentrate on your career. 

6. Glassdoor.com

Here, you not only get to see internship program, but you get to compare them. You can compare each internship program with one another based on their salary, reviews, job perks, employee satisfaction. This means that you get to know about how it feels like to work for one employer, even before you get the job. There is another interesting point here. Suppose you are walking for an interview with an organisation. It is natural to be nervous. But if required, you can go and read about the past interview experiences of other candidates. If you are lucky, you will also get to see some questions. 

7. WayUp.com

This internship finder was designed specifically for freshers. You get the chance to find internships and get some advice regarding the same. With your updated profile here, employers can find you as well. While you sign up for the service, let them know about your personal information and experiences. Once done, you are granted access to check out the available opportunities. All opportunities are customised as per your needs and requirements. 

Wrapping Up,

Over the internet, there are many other such services as well. But all won't provide you with legit internships. There have been many incidents of fraud. Hence, be careful. Login with any of the sites mentioned above and get your dream internship. Do not compromise with anything you get. Rather give your preferences and find the best suited for you. Now you can keep away all your worries about getting an internship and enjoy the final year fulfilling your other responsibilities. 

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