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6 Best Accommodation Websites for International Student In Australia

After countless months of planning for your studies in Australia-selecting the right university, choosing your courses, and packing your life away- the time has finally arrived to sort out your student accommodation. While the country’s pricey living costs are no secret, there are ample websites available that can relieve any stress you may be having. This way, you can focus on what’s important-enjoying all the lucrative opportunities Australia has to offer.

Whether you are looking for roommate-matching platforms, shared flats, solo studios, university dorms or homestays, there is a website just for you to ease your process of securing accommodation abroad. Gone are the days of showing up in unmarked student house buildings in tucked-away university corners. Now is the time to take comfort in having the power of internet filters and friendly websites to arrive on location to exactly what and where you want.

Today’s comprehensive post will walk you through the best international student accommodation websites out there so you can find the perfect place to reside while studying in Australia.

Let’s dive right in!

Best Websites To Find International Student Accommodation In Australia

1. Nestpick

6 Best International Student Accommodation Websites To Find Your Home In Australia

Source: www.nestpick.com

Lack time to research whether or not your study abroad apartment will be furnished? Nestpick has got your back! Nestpick is the best of all worlds combined, with thousands of housing choices available to browse on one website. Study abroad housing options include over 30,000 choices in Madrid, 10,000 apartments available in Berlin, and more than 26,000 options in London. It also offers the provision to browse available properties by city, region, or country. What’s more, Nestpick has available properties across dozens of destinations and on almost every continent.

2. AmberStudent

 6 Best International Student Accommodation Websites To Find Your Home In Australia

Source: www.amberstudent.com

A remarkable one-click platform, this unique website houses over 150k+ rooms all around the UK, 200+ lavish properties in the posh areas of Madrid and countless properties in the posh areas of Australia.

The catalogue has a diverse range of private studios, shared en-suites, and single and dual occupancy rooms next to the UK, Ireland, Australia, and more renowned universities. This website also offers free of cost, hassle-free, 24*7 end-to-end services to students worldwide, tipped with a free cancellation policy especially devised to help students during the COVID-19 era.

3. Homelike

6 Best International Student Accommodation Websites To Find Your Home In Australia  

Source: www.thehomelike.com

Homelike is an impeccable online booking international student accommodation platform in Australia for monthly rentals of furnished apartments. With 100,000+ apartments in 500+ cities, the website is apt for students, digital nomads, and others on the move who is in dire need of accommodation from one month onward. With no extra customer fees (except in Spain) and all the essential utility costs already incorporated in the rent, they ensure everyone can find suitable accommodation fuss-free!


6 Best International Student Accommodation Websites To Find Your Home In Australia

Source: www.ocxee.com

This remarkable website prides itself as a one-stop shop for student services. They offer tons of unwavering support to international students in Australia. Ranging from furniture rentals to securing SIM cards, OXCEE will always have you covered. One of their exceptional services is what they offer in terms of accommodation assistance. This website will help you explore millions of choices for your stay abroad, incorporating furnished apartments. Also, their customer service is available 24*7 all year round.

5. Spotahome

 6 Best International Student Accommodation Websites To Find Your Home In Australia

Source: www.spotahome.com

Spotahome is one of the top 100% online booking accommodation websites for international students, offering an exhaustive list of apartments, rooms, studios, and student residences in 100 cities worldwide. The unique experience provided by the website completely removes the need for in-person viewings, savings both tenants' and landlords' time and expenses. It also offers real, genuine images and supreme quality videos of the home and neighbourhood. If you desire to save your precious time, energy, and money, Spotahome is the perfect place to be!

6. University Rooms

 6 Best International Student Accommodation Websites To Find Your Home In Australia

Source: www.universityrooms.com

The concept of University Rooms for most international students in Australia is that empty dorms are rented out with availability mainly during summers. This top-notch website provides a brilliant option to stay in otherwise-empty college dorm rooms: shared rooms, single, or studio apartments. While the website design is serious and not so welcoming, this is an alternative to a student accommodation website that caters strictly to students from university campuses.

Final Thoughts

With these exceptional sites, searching for international student accommodations in Australia have become simple and fun as navigating through AirBnB. They are created especially for perplexed students so that they can eliminate all the doubts and hassle in the process of house hunting.

Now that accommodation abroad is just another fun stop in the process, your enthusiasm and excitement for studying abroad can be back in full throttle. Whether it’s Melbourne or Sydney you’re relocating to, get ready to say home sweet home in a new language you’re about to deal with!

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