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6 Best Accommodation Websites in Amsterdam for international students

Amsterdam is in hot demand among international students for higher education, making it tough to find proper accommodation. However, booking rooms through trusted accommodation websites in Amsterdam can be the only way to find accommodation in cities and solve the housing problem. 

Most colleges and universities have limited accommodation to offer international students in Amsterdam. Due to this, many universities have partnered up with various housing companies to provide international students with accommodation.

As an international student in Amsterdam, you have to fill out the application form and keep your fingers crossed, hoping to get an offer. But where can you find the latest information about apartments, student hostels, shared flats, and so on?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

This guide will give you the complete list of accommodation websites for an international student so you can sort out your housing issue once and for all.

Our Favourite Accommodation Websites for International Students in Amsterdam

1. Kamer.nl

Kamer.nl is a well-known platform among international students looking for accommodation in Amsterdam. Students can directly connect with the landlords on the website and find houses, rooms, apartments, and studios in and around Amsterdam and other major cities of the Netherlands.

Through this website, you can book a room for a minimum of €185 p/m. To receive regular updates on the vacancy of relevant properties, create a profile listing your requirements.

2. The Student Hotel 

The Student Hotel offers an exceptional range of services and accommodation facilities to international students on a weekly, monthly, or semester basis suiting their budgets and specifications.

The standard room for an international student needing accommodation at Amsterdam West starts at €29.78 per day and €908 p/m for five months, while the standard double at €31.69 per day and €967 p/m. For ten months, the standard single residence fees reduce to €26.20 per day and €799 p/m, while the prices for a standard double reduces to €27.88 per day and €850 p/m.

For accommodation in Amsterdam City, a standard single is priced at €38.22 per day and €1,166 p/m for five months, while an executive single is available for €41.28 per day and €1,259 p/m. However, for a ten months stay, the standard single residence fees reduce to €33.82 per day and €1,032 p/m, while the costs for an executive single reduces to €36.53 per day and €1,114 p/m.

You can directly apply on the website or email the International Study Centre Accommodation team to book fully furnished rooms with free add-ons, such as free unlimited laundry, solo studying spaces, recreational spaces, gym access, bike rentals, Wi-Fi, and more.

3. Nestpick

Nestpick is one of the best accommodation websites for international students in Amsterdam, London, America, and Australia, to name a few. You can find fully furnished rooms according to your requirements in over 200 cities around the globe.

The website boasts 3 million listings, connecting students and young professionals with trustworthy landlords. From private rooms and studio apartments with standard amenities to shared houses and modern duplex apartments, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for without spending countless hours house hunting.

The only downside is that international students looking for accommodation cannot book rooms directly through the website. Instead, you'll be redirected to the website where it's initially listed to offer accommodation to international students in Amsterdam.

4. Homelike

Homelike is an outstanding platform for international students looking for accommodation websites in Amsterdam with a listing of over 100,000+ apartments in 500+ cities. It is incredibly suitable for digital nomads, long-stay business travellers and international students needing accommodation with flexible move-in and move-out protocols.

The listing includes rooms and houses of varied budgets, starting from €1,900 p/m to exceeding €9,000 p/m and unique utilities whose charges are usually included in the rent to make sure international students can find suitable accommodation without any fuss.

You can directly check availability on the website by entering the move-in and move-out dates and book instantly through an online payment. Moreover, you get a selection of free cancellation and deposit-free listings to make your search hassle-free.

5. Hotel Jansen

If you are looking for accommodation websites for international students where you can meet people from diverse communities and live like a local, then Hotel Jansen would be your perfect pick.

Hotel Jansen is an excellent accommodation option for international students looking to immerse themselves in the Dutch culture. This short and long stay hotel is perfect for new graduates, interns, and international students living in Amsterdam. You can book a personal room and connect with the community when you want it.

With its dedicated and friendly accommodation services in Amsterdam, Hotel Jansen aims to create an eclectic environment, so students feel at home in no time. For long stays, the charges are:

  • 1-3 months - €844 p/m + €155 services charges
  • 4-6 months - €764 p/m + €155 service charges

All rooms are furnished and include a pantry with a fridge, coffee machine, and water cooker. Service charges include gas, electricity, water, cleaning costs for the public areas and club rooms, garbage removal, city taxes and Wi-Fi. Any international student wanting accommodation in Amsterdam can book a room for a hotel stay or long stay by registering on their website.

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