I am currently pursuing PhD degree in English from the University of Melbourne. Few days back, I availed help from I would like to share my experience with other students. Well, the so-called experts of this online writing service even do not have enough idea about the basic structure of a dissertation paper. 

I am from India. It is difficult for my parents to bear all my expenses. That is why I am involved in a part-time job to survive in Melbourne, where the cost of living is very high.  I have to go to Sydney for some official work at times. Last week, my supervisor informed me about a seminar which was supposed to held in the University of Queensland. He told me to present a paper on that seminar. He even helped me to select a topic. The topic was- “Chinua Achebe as a post-colonial writer”. But unfortunately, my boss asked me to go to Sydney at the same time. I got so confused at that time. I could not say no to my boss. It was not possible to refuse my supervisor’s proposal too.

My best friend Suzanna told me about online writing services. I was quite skeptical about seeking help from professionals initially. I did not want to take any chance as it was about showcasing my efficiency and skills as a research scholar. But the situation compelled me to avail help from 

I searched for best online writing help services on Google. I came across this site. The content written on’s website appeared to be quite impressive to me. I studied their site thoroughly. I read the testimonial section as well. I even read reviews about their writing services posted on several review sites. According to those reviews, is one of the leading writing help agencies. I was somehow convinced to take help from them. 

I clicked on order now. I wrote my email id, subject, and subject title on the given spaces. I also mentioned the deadline. I conveyed all my requirements. I had no clue about what to write on the space specified for coupon code. I opened the chat window and enquired about this. The reply from the person whom I was chatting with is “I have no idea dear. You can send your assignment on”. Then I again asked, “Can you please explain me the order submission procedure”. That person said, “It is a paid service dear. Ask to experts by email”. Huh, is not it funny that a customer support executive does not have any idea about the order submission process?

I became very disappointed. But since I did not have any other option, I sent mail to the address given by that so-called customer support executive (jokes a part). I was eagerly waiting for their reply. Most interestingly, they replied after two days. I became worried as only three days were left before that seminar. I thought that I would not be able to present paper on the seminar. I did not have enough time to write the paper on my own as I was doing some official work. Anyway, they explained the order submission process in that email. They also sent a quote. I made the payment through PayPal and successfully submitted my order. 

Now let’s talk about the deadline part. I gave them a deadline of 12 hours. Their experts refused to deliver the order within such a short time frame (according to them). I negotiated with them and they finally agreed to deliver the order within 24 hours. I got a sigh of relief! 

Guess what happened! They failed to deliver the fully-formatted paper on the promised date. I got a mail on the very next day from them. They informed that they required 4 more hours to complete the paper. I did not have any option except agreeing with them. 

Finally, I received the fully-formatted paper via mail. Well, the paper was written in a proper language. The content was quite informative. Their experts tried to do an in-depth analysis of the topic. They missed out some of my requirements (was quite expected from them). No, this is not the end of the story.

Well, they claim that their experts are PhD qualified. But I really do not find this claim to be true. PhD experts know the basic format of a dissertation paper. If their experts were really PhD qualified, then they would not have composed ill-structured synopsis. Literature review section was not included in the paper I received. But surprisingly, the reference list was perfect.

I called them on the given number. But nobody, received my call. I tried ten times. Then I sent a mail and requested them to include the literature review section in the paper. They agreed to revise the paper. But they asked me to pay some extra dollar. I argued with them and finally convinced them to revise my paper at free of cost.

Thankfully, they delivered the revised synopsis on the promised date. Otherwise, I would not be able to present the paper at the seminar. I read the paper thoroughly. There were countless typing and punctuation errors. Surprisingly, there was not any grammatical error. I did not have any option except proofreading the paper. One thing I liked about them is that they included authentic data and information in the paper. 

Though their order submission process is time consuming and their customer support team is quite inefficient their services are quite affordable. I compared prices of several writing agencies before availing help from  Their affordability was one of those reasons that convinced me to seek help from them.

Though they harassed me a lot, the revised paper delivered by them was quite good. They claim that they have a co-operative 24x7 available customer support team. This claim is not true at all. Their customer support team knows nothing. 

I would suggest others not to avail help from Yes, those who have enough patience and time can of course seek help from them.

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quality work quality

Reviewed By amy lee on Jan 19, 2018 claim to offer round the clock but half of the time I did not even get the reply to my calls or emails. The assignment was not delivered to me within the stipulated deadline prescribed by my college and I had to ask for an extension from my professor. The quality of the work was also not up to the mark.

Reviewed By Assignment Help on Dec 16, 2017

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deadline is tight and received only 1/2 of my order

Reviewed By Olivia Thomas on Dec 4, 2017

I know better not to fall for the claims of such websites. When I decided to order from the, they had assured me about meeting my requirements and the deadline I had specified. But they couldn’t keep their promise and what I was delivered with was only a half of my assignment. Even after I particularly told them about the urgency of the task, they took their own sweet time. Highly incompetent

they are fake

Reviewed By Sarah khan on Nov 16, 2017

allassignmenthelp send me link to google drive this link will never open,..i never get a solution and still pay them. The address is fake, they don’t have an office in usa. I went to look for a place since I live in parramatta. It’s an address for convenience store.

worst service

Reviewed By kelly Meto on Nov 10, 2017

I had given a assignment to this guys . They provided the wrong solution, blamed me that I submitted the wrong sheet , then apologised me that they had technical issues and would refund my money back in my account. They refunded my money back in wallet before 1 month since that day I am following up with this Guys after a while they said you can use this money from wallet for next assignment, I told them I dont want to .. I need the money back in my bank account, Even Susan white the owner , I had messaged her on LinkedIn , she did reply and told money would be transferred in 48hrs its been 3 days now and yet its not done yet. One of the team member told me their finance team is busy so couldnt do it . I was like what ? If you dont value about refunds than why have you kept finance team? They said we will surely transfer it within 1 day yet no one did transfer it. This guys have given me very bad worst experience. I was told by my friend who give this guys regular work but now he is also thinking to stop after what happed with me.

They have mastered in copy pasting!

Reviewed By JoshuaHale on Sep 14, 2017

This dissertation writing bastards think that copy pasting is what we say assignment writing. My marketing ethics project was copy pasted from different sources from the internet. Plus they submitted fake plagiarism report.

Don’t have multiple payment options!

Reviewed By GabrielLow on Sep 14, 2017

I said them beforehand that I will pay online. They had no problem with it at first. But later said only PayPal is accepted. It was problematic for me. I had to order my assignment from another site.

Best solved statistics dissertation

Reviewed By MaryBrumby on Sep 13, 2017

My statistics dissertation was giving me sleepless nights. Then I got in touch with you guys. I received a perfectly made dissertation then. All the applications and calculations were perfect. You are the reason for my A grades this semester.

Very satisfied, got A

Reviewed By BaileyBarunga on Sep 13, 2017

I got an A for my dissertation on customer relationship marketing in TESCO. And all thanks to you people. You are truly what shown on the website. I must say the quality of the writer was clearly reflected in the paper.

Discounts on the first order !!

Reviewed By JaxonCorlette on Sep 12, 2017

They gave me a discount on my first order, which was really good. It cost me less than the I thought for the essay. I would definitely go back to this company.


Reviewed By AliSkillen on Sep 12, 2017

Never ever I will ask help from these guys. And I will make sure that none of my friends gets in touch with you. Fake people speak, fake writers work and fake assignment services they offer. I wasted my money and time.

Pathetic service !!

Reviewed By HunterWieck on Aug 25, 2017

Asking assignment help to these guys was a big mistake. None of the facility exists with these cheaters. Thank God I didn't pay them.

Big time cheaters!!

Reviewed By KiaraSomerville on Aug 23, 2017

They gave me a non formatted non-referenced dissertation that would not be selected anyhow. I called them to thrice to resolve my matter. But they straight hung up on me. They did not bother to call me again.

This sucks! !

Reviewed By EvaFoveaux on Aug 23, 2017

Their delivery sucks, their quality of essay sucks, their customer support sucks too. Everything about them sucks! I don’t want to see their website again in my life. Thanks for nothing!

Writers don’t know English

Reviewed By JackBeauchamp on Aug 23, 2017

I guess they are from some third world country, definitely not from English-speaking country. Because they have written some language that looks English, but does not seem like English. The assignment paper got all sorts of grammatical, syntactical, spelling mistakes.

Unworthy of your money !!!

Reviewed By TylerMorres on Aug 23, 2017

They deliver assignments that will never make the mark of C or even D. I think those are written by some illiterates, who cannot make out the different from and form. Such dumbass! Do not trust them with your money.

Nothing like expected !!

Reviewed By DominicSear on Aug 23, 2017

Spent top dollars for my dissertation. But it is nothing like they promised. Disappointed, irritated, annoyed and angry. I want a refund or revision for free.

Too frustrating !!

Reviewed By SophiaWoodger on Aug 22, 2017

When the assignment order was confirmed, the amount was $167, but I had to pay, the amount became $175. I don’t know how. They have implied some hidden charges without my consern. Cheaters!

Expected a more researched paper!!

Reviewed By LeviSeitz on Aug 22, 2017

I am little dissatisfied with the case study assignment that I gave you to do. The amount of research done for the paper is not enough. There should have been more research for it was a case study. on the other hand, I appreciate your timely delivery and the professional language in which the paper is written.

Paper needed good editing!!

Reviewed By ArcherLassetter on Aug 22, 2017

Nice coursework assignment that I got from you. So full of relevant information and got it on time too. The only mistake was that it was not carefully edited. There was mistake in the work here and there. I must also appreciate that your customer care was good and supportive. But please correct this service as soon as possible.

Totally worthless !!!

Reviewed By ScarlettSeppelt on Aug 22, 2017

This site has disappointed me big time. I still cannot believe I chose them after giving much thoughts. I made a big mistake. I don’t want your guys to do the same. So beware of this assignment writing agency.

Just frauds !!

Reviewed By GabriellaStonor on Aug 22, 2017

Hi everyone, please don’t waste your time on this assignment writing site. They have the ridiculous and nonsensical policies to implement to fool their customers. They will tell you many things on call, but will not fulfill any of it in reality. They are just bunch of frauds!

Fraud alert !!!

Reviewed By HugoCopley on Aug 22, 2017

A bunch of cheaters coning students, and nothing else. Do not trust this company ever in your life because it will ruin your grades completely. I got F in the lab report. Just imagine. I paid because I want to get a F. Amazing essay help. No words for you!

Damn you !!

Reviewed By TajMacknight on Aug 21, 2017

You guys just fucked my grade. I regret the moment I saw you on the internet. The experience was horrible. I want to give free advice to every student, whoever wants to take help from these assignment help services provider. Never consider this company.

Rotting service

Reviewed By LucindaDitter on Aug 21, 2017

Nothing in this bleeding essay help site is good. They have some morons on its team, who don’t know how to handle clients. They are rude, pathetic, inefficient, dumb and not. I just want to throw them out of the window if that brings their senses back. Totally wastage of money and time.

Rip off company

Reviewed By SiennaLudowici on Aug 21, 2017

Just bought an essay. I soo wish I would not. I had sent it for revision. But it never came back. I had submit the paper as it was. And I got F in my exams. Not cool. Gradekiller!

Screw them

Reviewed By HenryYuranigh on Aug 21, 2017

Too errors in the essay. It could not be submitted until I did re-do of the paper. If I had to work, then what is the point of spending money on your guys.

Don’t fall in the trap !

Reviewed By GabrielleCole on Aug 21, 2017

They are just cheaters, con starts and everything that you loathe. They will never deliver the essay on time because they cannot. They do not give your money. On the top of it, they want more from us.

Horrible, horrible and horrible !

Reviewed By MichaelDahlenburg on Aug 21, 2017

They have sent the assignment without formatting, referencing and revising. When I have placed the order for revision. They wanted money from me. But they assure revisions were free. But I can see now why it is not.

Totally not acceptable !!

Reviewed By AliPoidevin on Aug 19, 2017

Could not believe my eyes when I saw my grades. It was F. I was soooo ashamed of it. Thanks to you guys, I now hold the new records of failure. My parents are furious. I want my money back. S**t assignment help

Bad experience

Reviewed By EmilyAmiet on Aug 19, 2017

Bad experience as hell. It could not have been worse. They delayed the delivery, they have sent a crappy assignment and cherry on the top, they refused the revision. Don’t ever use its services.

Want notification service!!

Reviewed By ThomasNgabidj on Aug 19, 2017

Can you please come up with a notification service, please? You people give such good service then why cannot you introduce this. I had to waste time sitting all day thinking when my essay paper will be sent. Though I must say that the assignment was very good and written in a good language.

Con Company !!

Reviewed By LachlanKinsela on Aug 19, 2017

Never buy an assignment from this company. They are shitty as hell. They do not follow any ethic. They have sent me a plagiarized paper. When I demanded revision, they just ignored it. I just made fool out of myself.

Average service

Reviewed By NicholasPotter on Aug 19, 2017

Got a very average service from you people. Not at all like what it is described on your website. The different customer care executive had different styles of speaking. Some were rude, but some were nice too. They effectively solved all my queries. My assignment was also like the kind I ask for. Thank you.


Reviewed By BeauLittlejohn on Aug 18, 2017

How worst they can be? They delayed the delivery. They gave me pile of shit, which does not make any sense. I wanted my money back, but they refused, claiming I changed assignments requirements. Liars!

Worst company !!

Reviewed By ArcherSouter on Aug 18, 2017

Sue you guys! You took my money, but did not deliver the assignment. Do you think you will get away with this. I make sure people know your name and they know how bad your services are. Good luck for your future!

Content needs careful check

Reviewed By NoahEsmond on Aug 18, 2017

I am so satisfied with the service that you gave me; the delivery was prior the due date so that I could check what is in the assignment. But during that check, I found few small mistakes. I did not send the paper for revision because that would take time. I did it myself. Just a request that kindly sees that the papers are flawless and we do not have to spend time behind it.

Too expensive for poor quality

Reviewed By PhoebeOnslow on Aug 18, 2017

I got a F-grade assignment. It was not researched, formatted or revised. It got mistakes in every single line. How can you charge such big money for that shit? I really made a stupid decision now I regret.

Need better quality assignment!

Reviewed By LeahMeyer on Aug 18, 2017

I have taken so many assignment services from you before. Every time I was so happy and so satisfied. But this time I am not at all. I am very disappointed and shocked as well that you gave such a kind of paper. Please revise it for me. Much appreciated delivery as usual just on time.

Wrong decision !!!

Reviewed By BenjaminEverett on Aug 17, 2017

I cursed the time when I have an place an order with this assignment help company. I was sooo wrong. I wish anyone would have told me the truth earlier I could have saved my grades as well the money that I have spent on them. A bunch of cheaters!

Full of mistakes !!

Reviewed By SamMacMahon on Aug 17, 2017

I don’t think the writer knows English at all. It is written all over the essay. There were too many grammatical mistakes, even silly spelling mistakes. Guys, there is a thing called spell checker. Use that. Idiots!

Please maintain deadline!

Reviewed By NaomiWhitehouse on Aug 17, 2017

Satisfactory paper. Satisfactory support but not satisfied with the delivery. I did not get my essay paper on time. I had to make a call to the customer care team, and only then they initiated that I have a delivery. Thank god my submission date is a bit late.

Waste of money !!

Reviewed By ZaraClogstoun on Aug 17, 2017

I really don’t how this company is surviving in this business. They are not at all worthy of your money or even time. Never think about this company when it comes to buying assignments.

Please make the service better

Reviewed By AbigailHussey on Aug 17, 2017

The quality of the assignment I received from them was very very poor. I paid $3000 for this. I did not get my money’s worth.

Expensive services !!

Reviewed By IsabelClogstoun on Aug 16, 2017

I do a part time job. For that I have to go out of town to attend meetings. Last week our English professor assigned the whole class a complicated assignment. I did not have time to accomplish that task. So, I availed help from them. Their services are very expensive.

Unsupportive customer executives !!

Reviewed By SophiaAinslie on Aug 16, 2017

Their customer care executives are so unprofessional. They even do not know how to behave. But anyway, I received a quite satisfactory assignment from them.

Sooooo unprofessional !!

Reviewed By JoelHarriet on Aug 16, 2017

They should learn to be professional first. They are very careless. They completely forgot my deadline. I called them and they failed to provide me the information regarding the status of my order. I had to write the assignment on my own.

Pissed off !!!

Reviewed By RachelTierney on Aug 16, 2017

Ufffffffffff, they are just terrible. I am pissed off with them. They completely lied to me. They promised me to deliver the assignment on time. But they did not. I called them many times. They avoided me. Finally, they mailed me the assignment 3 weeks after the final submission date.

Low quality

Reviewed By TysonWoolls on Aug 16, 2017

I am so angry. They charged so high and delivered me a very low quality assignment. I opted for revision facility. They told me, “You’re not eligible for free rework facility”. Seriously I want all my money back.

Forget on-time deliver !

Reviewed By ZoeTorrens on Aug 14, 2017

Do not keep any expectation from this company. It’s better not to order assignment from them. They will never deliver your solution on time. I am the victim. I got the assignment solution 15 days after the deadline.

Totally annoyed !!

Reviewed By RyderVictor on Aug 14, 2017

I was so irritated after receiving a piece of shit from them. Every single sentence included in the assignment they delivered was grammatically incorrect. I have been calling their customer support team since last week but no response. I’ll sue them.


Reviewed By HarryWalkom on Aug 14, 2017

They are just pathetic. Ordered finance assignment from them and they just ruined it. All the calculations were wrong. Their experts are just pinheaded. I just want my money back.

Fake Indian site !!!

Reviewed By AlexisJuan on Aug 14, 2017

They claim that they are based in Australia. I have found out that this is an India based company. They hire undergraduate students as writers. They do not have an authentication license even. They fooled me. Please be aware of this assignment writing company.

Over-priced services !!

Reviewed By LeviAntill on Aug 14, 2017

They claim to be the best assignment help service provider. But according to me, they are the worst service provider. Their assignments are full of grammatical mistakes. Apart from that, their services are high-priced. I am not going to recommend their name to anyone.

Didn’t get money’ worth

Reviewed By ErinAitken on Aug 11, 2017

Their dissertation writing services are very expensive. Anyway, I took help from them as I didn’t have other options. But I am not happy with their services. The dissertation paper I got was not well written. There were many grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

OMG, unoriginal paper

Reviewed By ErinAitken on Aug 11, 2017

I am writing this review to make you all aware of the fact. This company delivered me plagiarized coursework. I asked them to remove plagiarism from the assignment. They simply refused. Be aware of this fraud company.

Sham !!!!!

Reviewed By SummerGrubb on Aug 11, 2017

This is not authentic. They do not keep their promises. All they want is money. They put me into trouble. As a well wisher, I am suggesting you not to order your assignment from them.

Bunch of idiots !!

Reviewed By NateCorey on Aug 11, 2017

I asked them to write a persuasive essay on “Shakespeare’s dark lady”. Their idiot writers prepared a descriptive essay on Shakespearean sonnets. Oh god, they are so stupid. They are illiterate literally.

Never take help from them

Reviewed By ChelseaHaverfield on Aug 11, 2017

If you do not want to be harassed, then avoid this company. They will entertain you initially. Once you make the payment, they will block you. They will not deliver the assignment even.

Scammers !!!!!

Reviewed By PhoebeConnor on Aug 10, 2017

Do not get convinced by their false promises. The owner of this company is a born cheater. I made the payment but they didn’t deliver the assignment. They claimed that they didn’t get my payment. I am going to lodge a complaint against them.

Never place order with them

Reviewed By LiamGrimmett on Aug 10, 2017

Do not make the mistake of placing your order with them. The quality of the assignments they provide is not at all satisfactory. I received plagiarized assignment from them. They are just worthless.

Worst company !!!

Reviewed By HamishLefroy on Aug 10, 2017

Ordering English thesis paper from them is my biggest mistake. My fault is I did not read reviews about them. I am so disgusted with them. I didn’t get the assignment within the deadline and the thesis was poorly written.

Awful quality !!!

Reviewed By MadisonBate on Aug 10, 2017

I am so so so disappointed with them. They are such a liar. They claim that they provide top-notch quality assignment. This is a lie. The assignment I got was just awful. All the sentences included in that paper were grammatically incorrect. Guys avoid this company.

No in-texting !!!

Reviewed By JasmineMistry on Aug 9, 2017

Oh my goodness, they delivered me the assignment without doing in-texting. So casual their writers are. I called their support team and asked to revise the assignment. Thankfully, they did it.

Not authentic content

Reviewed By SebastianKaur on Aug 9, 2017

I think it’s better not to order assignments from this company. They provided me plagiarized assignment though they revised the copy and remove plagiarism. But I am scared now to take help from them.

Less informative !!!

Reviewed By MorganFowler on Aug 9, 2017

I heard a lot about them. So, I decided to buy my economics assignment from them. The solution I received from them was not that informative but it was completely error free.

Not so happy!!

Reviewed By LukeOsborne on Aug 9, 2017

I am a final year engineering student. I have to attain many industrial training. So, it’s quite difficult for me to complete my assignments. That’s why I paid them to do my meteorology assignments. I am not that happy with their work.

Unoriginal content

Reviewed By YasminNaylor on Aug 9, 2017

I will never place my order with them. The essay I received from them was plagiarized. Anyway, they revised it and made it 100% original. I will avoid this company from the next time.

Great java assignment

Reviewed By KateManning on Aug 8, 2017

My heartfelt thanks to you for the java assignment that you sent me. I was worried a lot, but you guys met my expectation. Good language, excellent, relevant information, all steps are so properly mentioned that I actually learnt things after reading it. I hope that my examiner will be impressed. Will tell you how much I scored.

Shitty company !!!!

Reviewed By AbigailCahill on Aug 8, 2017

Do not trust them. They harassed me a lot. They did not deliver me the assignment on time. I got the assignment 7days after the deadline. You know what the paper I received was a piece of shit. I want to slap them.

Bunch of losers!!!!

Reviewed By JadeAtherton on Aug 8, 2017

They said they offer zero plagiarism in the copy, but what they actually offer is zero efficiency, zero commitment and zero professionalism. Can’t believe I had fallen for the promises made by these losers. Now I have to look for other options to finish my dissertation.

Plagiarized copy!!!!

Reviewed By Diana on Aug 8, 2017

The reason I chose their service, because I had no time to do the homework myself. But these idiots just copied the entire thing and put them in my assignment. They didn’t even paraphrase most of the sentences. What is the use of spending money on your services if the outcome is this?

Plagiarized copy!!!!

Reviewed By Diana on Aug 8, 2017

The reason I chose their service, because I had no time to do the homework myself. But these idiots just copied the entire thing and put them in my assignment. They didn’t even paraphrase most of the sentences. What is the use of spending money on your services if the outcome is this?

Completely ridiculous!!!!

Reviewed By AmeryCook on Aug 8, 2017

Don’t fall for their advertisements or lucrative offers. They are completely misleading. I took assignment help from them last week which was delivered last light. The writing seems like it’s done by some kid. Plus the structure was very poorly built.

Asking for extra charges

Reviewed By GraceLucas on Aug 7, 2017

Extra charges is what all they ask. Such beggars they are or else they will not send my paper. Ordered them my assignment few weeks back and said to include everything in it. I paid the whole amount in one shot just to make sure that everything is in place. When I got the paper there were many things missing and now asking extra charges.

Do not believe in these liars

Reviewed By JustinGreen on Aug 7, 2017

Never trust this site. Please make a note of it. They will tell you many sweet things, make false promises, convince you by saying that they will comply with all of your requests but in the end will do nothing about it. I gave them to write my assignment to them and now I am suffering a lot to get it done

My paper was not accepted

Reviewed By HollyWilson on Aug 7, 2017

You people are one hell of liars. You send me such a coursework that did not even get accepted in my college. My teacher threw it on my face and all my prestige gone. Hell with you and your assignment writing service. and you took so much money from me for this shit piece of work. Will see that you get sued.

Wasted my money

Reviewed By BobbyNejem on Aug 7, 2017

Giving you assignment to write to this site is just a wastage of money and nothing else. You will not get any paper in return and this is now what I am facing. I wasted money by giving them to write and it has been weeks that I am calling every other day asking them to send my paper.

These people are cheaters

Reviewed By SarahReed on Aug 7, 2017

Be careful of these people as they are cheaters. They are taking money, convincing you that they will give you the best assignments and later send you papers not even fit for doing anything. You cannot even submit it. I did the mistake and I an suffering now and so I put this review to alert the others.

No appropriate customer service for complains

Reviewed By ElinaRajan on Aug 5, 2017

This site mentions a customer care number which says that they are open 24 hours. I had taken my assignment help from them. But there were parts missing in the final copy. So I tried to call them. But no one responded. I warn you all not to get your work done from this site as you will get no service later.

Do not give what they promise

Reviewed By JosephGarner on Aug 5, 2017

I gave them my dissertation to do and also paid the full amount as per their request. They made false promise that they will give me a perfect dissertation. But when I got it many things were missing which when complained were denied and they said that that would attract extra charges if those things are needed.

Did not get what I required

Reviewed By ChowkySim on Aug 5, 2017

Never give them any assignment to do. They will never do it for you and even if they do you will not get what you want. I have the same experience and so I am warning. I do not want anyone to waste money like I did by giving them to write and getting a horrendous paper.

No value for money given

Reviewed By JasmineKing on Aug 5, 2017

I did not at get the value for the money that I spent for my assignment. You people took the money and promised me that I will get the best quality assignment but no it was not. It was so low quality that my teacher did not even accept and I had to redo my work. Firstly wasted my money and secondly my time. All for you.

Did not meet my word count

Reviewed By PaulWebb on Aug 5, 2017

I got this site to write my essay and when I get it I was surprised to see that the paper did not meet my word count neither near to it. I tried to contact customer care service and they are only saying that they are looking into the matte to see what actually had happened. They are not even a bit interested to look into matter.

They are here only to cheat people

Reviewed By ClaudiaYates on Aug 5, 2017

I took help from them for my essay for which they asked a good sum of money. After that I did not hear from them any more regarding any update. Only when I knocked them from my side they realized that they have taken an order which needs to be processed. I still did not get my paper.

Saved from being suspended

Reviewed By AmiyaHorton on Aug 5, 2017

Made a check of the assignment done by them only to find out that the essay paper is a ditto copy of someone else’s work. Want to sue these people for this kind of work who plays with my money, time and career. People please be careful of these scammer too. They will ruin you completely.

Nothing less than a bunch of liars

Reviewed By LucySimpson on Aug 5, 2017

All that they can do is lie to you and nothing else. They lied to me when I questioned them when can I get my essay paper saying I will get within few days time and now it has been almost two weeks there is no word for them. Tried to contact but they are not interested any more.

High charges for low quality assignments

Reviewed By DanishWawa on Aug 4, 2017

I got my assignment yesterday. Though it was on time but the quality of the assignment was very poor. This was unexpected. Despite continuous requests to make a revision they are not entertaining me now. They are only saying that the contents are mentioning all the terms that I needed and so that’s all.

Expert fraudsters

Reviewed By SophiePearson on Aug 3, 2017

Cheater come and learn from them. Big congrats to you for such cheating on people. And thank you for cheating on me. You take money from me, confirm it and instantly block my number. Called you from my another number and you blocked me there too. Just wow. You guys should be sued.
* I'm waiting for my assignment till now!

Complicated order process!

Reviewed By TysonEdmunds on Aug 2, 2017

Everything is good about them except the order assignment process. It took four hours for me to understand how to place the order. They should make their order process simple and quick.

Not punctual

Reviewed By LucaJukes on Aug 1, 2017

Our English professor assigned us a critical project and that to within too short deadline. As it was not my cup of tea I took help from them. But they did not deliver me the assignment on time. I called them and then they mailed me the task.

Completely dissatisfied

Reviewed By AustinMcCarron on Jul 29, 2017

How do you guys expect me to be happy with the piece of shit assignment that you gave me? It was just 250 words with no information in it when I wanted 500 words! I’m still shocked!


Reviewed By ZacharyHawkins on Jul 27, 2017

I had ordered my biology assignment from them and they screwed it up royally!! Instead of giving the diagram of the vivisection of a flower, they gave that of a leaf, and that too with improper labeling!

Fraud company

Reviewed By kelly Meto on Jul 25, 2017

Do not believe in a single word they say as this company is just out there to scam you. They are bloody frauds. They told me that I will get free revisions for my assignment but they ended up charging me a freaking bomb! Total fraudsters!

I’m not entirely happy…

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on Jul 18, 2017

My problem with the assignment that they provided me with was that the referencing was all haywire. And they wouldn’t even revise it! However, the quality of the paper was good.

India based scam website

Reviewed By jett mould on Jul 14, 2017

First of all . I thought this is a really good website to order my paper from . But it was not like that. So i ordered an essay from, it turned out looks like some sort of ESL student writing essay for you. tbh I felt like they so desperately to keep adding money Their customers and forgetting the quality of writing. Lastly, like the others said they called after placed order , representatives has Indian accents.

Never take help from them

Reviewed By Ameelia Brown on Jan 25, 2017

Please guys do not take help from them. They delivered the help material several hours after the deadline. The solution was poorly written. They did not include any data and stat.

Holy crap- fixed by own

Reviewed By Suzann Juela on Jan 21, 2017

They got me all thinking that at such prices we’d get a great paper till I saw the paper. Had to fix it on my own before I could even think of submitting it.

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