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“Is a reliable option for me”?

The lack of sufficient time and resource materials made me choose for the first time. is a UK-based assignment writing service provider that offers high-quality resources like research papers, files, videos, articles, PDF files and other secondary literature to help students write their assignments. This writing service offers services in UK cities like Bristol, London, New Castle, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield and Liverpool.

I have summed up my whole experience in my review, which I hope you find useful.

Strengths and Weaknesses of has not much information that you can find online. So I took a chance, and I placed an order for my science assignment. Here is my experience -


1. Quality samples with resourceful materials.

2. On-Time submission

3. Multiple revisions.

4. Real time answers from customer support executive


1. The final solution had copied materials.

2. Delivery was 3 days late

3. Refused to provide me revisions

4. They made me wait the whole day to get an answer to my queries.

5. No certain number of writers

6. No price structure


A Review on Quality Levels

Quality is the first priority for most of us when looking for an assignment help service provider. So, without further ado, let's get into it. Further, I will share reviews on different aspects of quality that we look for when searching for a trustworthy and reliable writing service.

In-depth subject knowledge

It was one of the most horrendous experiences since the experts did not seem to have proper knowledge on the subject. They had very limited knowledge. Some of the sections were really illogical. Several portions of the text seemed repeated and irrelevant. The website also does not give you a statistic on the total number of expert writers. So, I have to assume they must have limited writers.

Researched content

The final solution was filled with copied materials. There were plenty of areas that needed proper research work, but the writers failed to do so. When I scanned it through an online plagiarism checker, it showed me 68% of plagiarism errors. So, is a legit writing service? – I do not think so.


My science assignment had a very vague structure. It had several flaws, such as chunky paragraphs, vague points, weak introductory paragraphs, and did not follow my requirements. There were no separate paragraphs for any of the arguments. The Structure was completely disoriented.

Syntax Skills

The writing skill of the writers was not up to the mark. Many of the portions of the text had broken English. The solution had several grammatical, spelling, punctuation and syntactical errors. I had to rewrite the sentences again.

Citation knowledge

The writers had used the wrong citation style when I specifically asked them to use the APA citation style.

Price and Quality

First of all, the website does not have a separate section for its price structure. So I had very little idea initially what I was walking into. The price I was charged for the science assignment solution was rather high than other online writing services. But for the sake of the quality, I did not mind paying it. But that was where I was disappointed and realised how unreliable this writing service is. What's the point of paying so much if you do not receive a quality solution?

Offers and discounts has only one offer – a 15% discount for first-time users. However, whenever you try to place an order and claim the discount, they show the discount as invalid.  Such fraud behaviour is totally not acceptable.

Customer support reviews

The customer executive was impolite whenever I asked something. On top of that, they took ages to give me a response to my queries.

Revision and refund policy

I pinpointed the grammatical errors, odd sentences and irrelevant information. But they completely ignored me. I asked for a refund since they refused to take any steps to correct their mistakes. But they blocked me instead. Thus, it is quite evident this is not a legit writing service. This made me absolutely sure it is a scam website.

Online Reputation

Reviews that I wish to have seen sooner so I had an overall understanding of the reputation of

“I received my English assignment two days after the deadline. I was constantly messaging customer support to share an update on the progress of the assignment solution. But they did not reply to anything. I demanded a refund since I got my assignment late. But they refused to do so.”

~Alicia Brown, UK

This is an unreliable assignment writing service provider because the experts are no PhD writers. Their English is terrible. If you do not want to end up with a fraud writing company, stay away from this website."

~Melissa Parker, UK

I hope the overall review answers your question, "Is a reliable service or not”. Trusting someone with your time and money is a very important step, so do not make the mistake I have made.


  • Is Students Assignment Help legit? does not show any signs that you expect from a legitimate assignment writing service provider. 

  • How can I know provide me with original paper?

    Two ways to know if the paper is original:
    a. Scan the paper through an online plagiarism checker
    b. Ask for a Turnitin report to ensure you are receiving a 100% authentic assignment solution

  • Is Safe? is not at all a safe writing platform. Many students have complained about their personal information getting leaked. You will also find copied materials on the paper.

  • Will I get a complete refund from Studentassignmenthelp if I fail?

    It's less likely to be getting a refund from Firstly, they do not accept their mistakes and will ignore your texts.

  • Can I cancel an order on Studentassignmenthelp?

    Although they give the option of cancelling the assignment order, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back. Several students have complained about not getting their money back after getting their orders cancelled. 

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refused to pay me the rest

Reviewed By Amy Pearson on 26 Dec, 2022

My assignment was cancelled at the university, so I tried to cancel my order and get a refund. But they then swore on some policies, only returned 60% of the money I paid, and refused to pay me the rest. I mailed them quite a few times but did not get an affirming reply.

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