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KC Overseas Education- is a reliable course finder and study counsellor that strives to bring international learning and education within reach of every aspiring apprentice. 

It has 23+ years of industry experience. And it has tie-ups with over 700 top-tier universities across the sphere. Plus, it presently comprises 60+ offices around the world to help students reach and consequently get closure to their envisioned goals. 

⇒ Mission Statement

Establish an Ed Tech environment where associated universities exhibit the best of what they have to present to respective students. They also aim to ensure their students and partners aptly select a course that best meets the learning environment. 

To bring worldwide education within every student’s grasp, they use new-gen technology in their educational platform.

⇒ Our Vision

KC Overseas Education’s vision moving forward in 2022 (& further beyond) is to achieve a reformative impact on the Overseas Study industry by linking up with numerous educational institutions, top recruiters, and respective peers around the world.

⇒ Achievements

  • PIER – Professional International Education Resources(from Oct 2018 – 2028)
  • AAERI – Association of Australian Education Representatives in India(2018-2028)
  • AIRC – American International Recruitment Council(2021-2022)

⇒ Awards & Certificate

  • RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology)University– RMIT Certificate of Representation (2023)
  • Griffith University – Griffith Gold Agent (2021)
  • Navitas – Navitas Diamond Agent

What Does It Offer?

For Students: 

  • Course counselling
  • Examination preparation
  • Details, of course, country & selection of university
  • Application & Admission
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Education loan
  • Processing student VISA 
  • Auxiliary support – (transferring tutelage fees, buying insurance cover, securing accommodation, opening a bank account overseas, etc.)

Plus, It Also Offers:

  • High-quality student recruitment opportunities for partners/universities
  • Helping businesses hire skilled students to join them and take them to new heights
  • Business-set up solutions by training and on-boarding at the HO

Company Detail


Based in: 

Krishna Plot No 10/2 I.T Park, opposite VNIT- behind InfoTech Tower, Parodi, Nagpur; Maharashtra, India – 440022.


  • Education Cost in Ireland: € 25, 895
  • Education Cost in the USA: 41 510 US$
  • Education Cost in Europe – The pricing will vary depending on the country and the university you choose to enrol.
  • Education Cost In India – This will change as per the country and its university to select for enrollment
  • Educational Cost in Australia (Down-Under): 53, 761 AU$
  • Educational Cost in Canada: For Diploma - 27935 CA$ & For Degree -32935 CA$
  • Education Cost in The United Kingdom – 24775 GBP
  • Education Cost in New Zealand – 41, 830 NZ$


KC Overseas was established in 1998 and is still going strong with its 23 years of experience in the education sector.


KC Overseas is still a rapidly growing institution with 60+ offices across 6 countries and 2 continents. Moreover, they are striving to expand their wings into South Asia and South-East Asia.

Serving Country:

KC Overseas offers students the opportunity to study in the following destinations.

  • USA
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Ireland


KC Overseas Education delivers the following services. 

They entail as follows

  • Course counselling
  • Examination preparation
  • Details, of course, country & selection of university
  • Application & Admission
  • Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Education loan
  • Processing student VISA 

In addition, they also provide a host of auxiliary support services. 

They are - transferring tutelage fees, insurance cover, securing accommodation, opening a bank account overseas, etc.

Studies Overseas Review

Admission process support

I think its admission process can be better. I applied for a business mathematics course in Australia 3 days before the close of the deadline through KC overseas. For some reason, it did not get submitted to the university, so in the 11th hour, I had to re-apply. Luckily, it got through.

(Miranda - from the USA)

⇒ Visa support

Through KC Overseas, my VISA application processing to go to the UK was smooth. In addition, their representative guided me with the documentation aspect well. Plus, as promised, the embassy ensured a successful outcome in little time.

However, one thing they could improve is preparing mock questions for the visa interview. That’s my take. 

(Mathew – Glasgow – UK)

⇒ Pre-departure support

In my case, I did not receive any pre-departure briefing, which was unexpected. I did not get any advice on the culture and customs of Germany, where I was relocating. I had to figure that out myself.

Definitely not cool!

(Ciara – from Ireland)


All in all, KC Overseas doesn’t disappoint. While its services, achievements and study opportunities are impressive, its course fees can be reduced slightly to help students from low-earning families. They can also look to improve their pre-department support by making students know about everything necessary about their relocated destination. 

Most importantly, they can also ensure applications send out to universities achieve a 100% success rate. It’s what they claim on their website, but that’s not the case. 

Overall- this platform gets a 6/10!

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