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If you are studying in a university in USA then you will definitely understand my problem. We need to do a variety of practical papers in every semester. Sometimes it becomes really hectic. But these papers carry very high significance and cannot be ignored. Last semester when my professor gave us the term paper assignment, I along with one of my friends decided to take assistance from professional service. It is very hard to complete the term paper and prepare for the upcoming examination simultaneously. My friend Sam suggested me about taking assistance this time and I nodded.


In USA, there are plenty of websites which provide term paper help to the students. It can be quite confusing for the first time users which website to choose. We also faced the same. But we settled for There are many classmates who have used the prominent ones but all of them had complaints with those websites. So, we thought about choosing another company which is not very famous for its service but still has the competence to deliver what we want from them. We found that is functioning for more than eight years and has decent reviews from the students. We thought this was the site that could help us with our term paper.


My friend Sam and I are students of Management. Both of us had different topics for term papers. My topic was a pretty tough one - Limitations of Media in the Advertising World. The topic was very unique and I had to spend a lot of time to research which I could not afford at this crucial time when there was just one month left for the examinations. The topic of Sam was - Recent Global Marketing Trends. He was equally confused like me. On behalf of both of us, I contacted the customer care services of I tried the online chat support. I received an instant reply from them which amazed me. But the customer service was not very impressive and the service executive repeated all the information that is easily available in the website. He came up with nothing new.


The look of the website is very good and I loved it. It was very informative. I noticed that it provides various forms of assistance, from essay writing to homework services. The other important thing I noticed about them is they have a separate page of pricing where any student can calculate the estimate cost of their paper easily. It is really a nice initiative which will give the first-time users a comprehensive idea about the prices of the paper. Sam and I ordered the Standard service though they also provide the Premium services which promise better content and service. For the first-time users, they had some discount offers. We both were quite delighted with it. But unfortunately we didn’t get any discount. The customer service told us that due to some internal reason, providing discounts was temporarily suspended. Even we received no benefit for booking two orders. That was really demoralizing at least for the first-time users. But still we continued and booked our orders. The order process was smooth and we received confirmation of our process within minutes of order placement.


The customer centre informed us that they had appointed a Master’s qualified writer for the job so both of us started expecting exceptional term papers which would impress the examiners. I placed the order much before the deadline to give the writers of sufficient time to complete them. They got approximately five days to complete the term papers. It was delivered within the deadline. But we received our term papers in two different times; I received in the morning and Sam at the evening of the same day. Both the write-ups were good, well organized and had strong arguments. But both of them when we checked personally showed 8% and 11% plagiarism respectively. That’s quite high keeping in mind the universities not even allow 1% unoriginality in any practical task. We didn’t book originality report with the term papers while placing the orders. Now I had to call the customer care service and informed them our concern. They agreed to change the content without any extra charges as the fault was from their end.


In the second attempt, they gave perfect term papers just according to our expectations. This time they also gave an originality report with the term papers and didn’t ask any price for it. The term paper was really well-developed but I think the conclusion section could have been better. I changed it myself. My friend too was happy with the content. We gladly submitted our term papers within the time. Both of us scored good grades though not exceptional ones. My professor was pleased with the arguments in the term paper but he also suggested few areas where I should have emphasized.


The final verdict about is definitely on the satisfactory side. Our adventure of taking assistance from had a decent outcome. But there are various things with which we are not happy about. The appointed expert was Master qualified and that is the reason behind the quality of paper that they delivered. But though I asked the customer care service I could not contact the writer personally. It would have helped to improve the quality of the term paper. They need to very cautious about plagiarism. Plagiarism in our university is strictly forbidden. Thank God I checked it personally. If I had submitted the paper without checking in plagiarism-checker then I could have failed in the subject. But they rectified it when I shared my concern with them. The customer service though always available seemed not very helpful. There were instances when the call got disconnected and they did not call back. It was really annoying. Even at times they kept the call on hold for minutes and finally the call got disconnected without any response. Finally, they did not give any sort of discount to us. We really expected to receive one being first-time customers.


In conclusion, I will rate the service three stars where they have lots of scope for improvement. But the quality of the term papers which is obviously the main concern of every student was really good. Overall, the is not the best assignment service but definitely one of the reliable academic writing services for the students!




Quality of Work: 4/5


Writer Experience: 3.5/5


Affordability: 2.5/5


Timely Delivery: 3/5


Customer Service: 3/5


Privacy: 3/5


Genuine reviews by the student for [rated 3.0]. Read all reviews by which you can trust Best Assignment Service. And also find is BestAssignmentService scam, reliable, legit or fraud.

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I would say that it was average.

Reviewed By Jelina Robinson on 05 Feb, 2018

The experts of helped me to submit my assignment within the deadline stipulated by my professor. I am impressed. However, the quality of the work was not much good. I would say that it was average. Some of the requirements of the assignment were not addressed in the completed solution and a few references were outdated and irrelevant. The registration process was easy and user-friendly. Overall, I would say that I am satisfied with the services provided by them.

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Not bad

Reviewed By DorothyMattox on 28 Jul, 2017

All I can say is the service I received was not bad, but it was not good either. They failed to submit the assignment on time, however managed to send it on the very next day. Although there were some minor mistakes, I didn't have to suffer for this but there should be any mistake when a firm is working professionally.

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This company is horrible

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 26 Jul, 2017

Seriously guys, hire at your own risk. I ordered my 12-page long dissertation for 180$ and just got a single page with 500 words in it!! That's how they rob you!!

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A pretty okay experience

Reviewed By Ava luker on 17 Jul, 2017

I have to say, I wasn't really impressed with the solution I received. The writer did a very average job. Although I did manage to pass and my assignment was delivered on time, I still believe it could've been done better

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Totally Rubbish

Reviewed By Sophia Martin on 11 Jul, 2017

This website is a totally rubbish.Their so called expert are not expert they are just a good paraphaser of english . They are here only for money. They cant help student from IT background. If you want to edit your assignment than they asks for more money.
Dont go with this website .

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They don’t ever address customer issues

Reviewed By Felipe Sujen on 27 Jan, 2017

I had a problem with the content in my paper and wanted it rectified by them since they promised free revisions. But they turned a deaf ear and refused to take up my calls. Never taking their help again.

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Fake appearance and false claims

Reviewed By Bella Jackson on 23 Jan, 2017

I was impressed with this site's appearance initially so I went ahead and took help. But when I got the assignment it was a disaster. I doubt if it was prepared by a PhD expert or a college dropout. Thanks to them, I got ‘C' in my paper.

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