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I am pursuing an undergraduate engineering degree at the University of Queensland. A few weeks ago, I had to move into my new flat in Sydney and it was getting pretty hectic with classes and the shifting process. On top of that, my assignment on Remote Operated Wireless Crane Control System was due in 2 days after the date on which I expected that my shifting process would be complete. I had completed about 99% of my assignment but could not complete it entirely because this flat became vacant and I had to move in immediately. I felt I had very little time to finish it myself and also I had some doubts about the authenticity of the sources that I had referred to. So I called my professor and told him about my predicament. He informed me that I had to complete it anyhow since it was so close to completion. I asked for his help but unfortunately he was on vacation. He told me he would only be returning on the submission day. I was very much tensed and I couldn’t approach any classmate because I simply did not have sufficient time.


It was this lack of options that made me search for professional assignment help services online. The search showed as one of the best assignment assistance services in Australia. I read some of the site’s reviews and they all agreed that this site was good, prompt and also offered seasonal discounts. I must admit that the discount statement was the primary reason I selected this site’s services which was like an icing on the ‘good reviews’ cake.


I visited the site and saw that it was pretty organized with helpful tabs and drop-down menus. I saw their sample for a modified engineering assignment. It was an above average paper that could fetch me a good enough grade. I saw the section where I had to fill in the details of my assignment. It included three tabs to specify the topic of the assignment and the level of study. I filled this in and set the deadline. I saw a price row where I could write any figure in dollars. I could not understand this feature and just wrote 1. I specified to the expert that I needed as many references as possible and that they should all be credible. Then I clicked on ‘Get Solutions.’ I got redirected to the registration page and then I realized that I will not get to know the price until I provide my email ID. I did not like this fact but I proceeded anyway knowing that I could move onto another site without paying if I found this process any more tedious. I filled in my email ID as I chose to ‘Continue without Registration.’ A message popped up saying I will receive a price quote from their representatives within 2 hours and they also gave an Order ID. I got along with my house shifting process and after 2 hours I received an email with the price quote. I felt that it was a fair price; a bit on the expensive side but a fair price nonetheless. So I confirmed my order and waited for the delivery.


I finished my shifting process a bit earlier than I expected. This gave me time to check on the progress of the assignment. I called on the toll-free number and a customer care executive picked up. The person was very polite but when I asked him to let me talk to the writer, he said that although communication with the writer is not possible directly, I could ask him all the questions that I had and he would call me back with the answers after consulting with the writer. This policy of theirs annoyed me to quite an extent. In spite of my annoyance, I calmly posed my question of the time of delivery to him and he politely told me that I will get to know within an hour. I did get back the call and he said that I will receive the work in a few hours from now.


I received the work in my email account an hour before the set deadline. I love things being done on time and I was quite pleased to receive this work before time. However, as I was checking the paper as a final task, I found that it had formatting and referencing errors! The only job that they had to do, they did not do it properly. I was angry because of these errors and especially because I paid them more than what I felt such a task deserved. I contacted them on their customer care number and explained my grievance. They said that they will provide a free rework within 24 hours. I sent the paper for rework but I began making the necessary corrections myself because I had to submit it the very next day. Also, while browsing through their website, I found that there was a section called 'Career with’ This explained everything I needed to know why I received substandard work. Anyone can be an ‘expert’ writer for this site!


Before leaving for classes the next morning, I received the reworked paper and I decided to check it one last time to see whether my rework was better than theirs. Unsurprisingly, I still found two errors in their paper and I was really disappointed that I spent so much to receive below-average work.


The website promises professional and accurate assignment help but it just did not deliver in my case. The only positives that this site offered were the on-time delivery of the work and the politeness of the customer care staff. They have to be more professional to provide the students with quality work which deserves the price that they charge.


These are the ratings (out of 5) I would give to this service –


Quality – 2.5


Content – 2.5


Customer Care – 3.5


Price – 2.5


Delivery Time – 4


Add-Ons – 3


Now, this site gets an overall rating of 2 out of 5 for their services.


Genuine reviews by the student for AustraliaBestTutor.Com [rated 2.0]. Read all reviews by which you can trust Australia Best Tutor. And also find is AustraliaBestTutor scam, reliable, legit or fraud.

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Reviewed By Aniee Jones on 17 Feb, 2018

I had to do the remaining part of the assignment myself.

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lots of issues

Reviewed By Ava smith on 07 Feb, 2018

There is just not one issue with my assignment that I have faced with, there are a number of issues that I can list. First of all, the claim of ensuring unlimited reworks is false as they will charge you with reworks with some or the other excuse. They revised to do my rework without extra pay because I had received my order a month back. I don't know how this is possible and if this is the case then they should have informed before.

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Reviewed By Rose jude on 15 Jul, 2017

I am a University student from Toronto, Canada. It was my first time using this site. This site is located in India. Just try to call to the number(usa) and an Indian person will answer the phone. They promise 24hours to do my project when time passed and was not ready I called and I asked about my assignment they asked my name as soon as I gave them my name. They hang up. (they did twice).

They promise you to have your homework ready but when the times comes it wont be ready. Their answer will be "in our expert country its night and we cant get in touch with him"

So guys you are all warned. NEVER use this site. They did refund me the money after many phone calls.
They are awful.

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Scam website!

Reviewed By RiCky HarDy on 12 Jul, 2017

I wish could give minus rating to this site, but unfortunately, TopAssignmentReviews not provides an option for this. I don't need a website like this, but one of my friends used this, and I have seen her report, so I'm that much annoyed that I'mm writing this review. WORST thing I have seen in my life.. no words ...

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Not worth anyone’s time

Reviewed By Ricky ponting on 25 Jan, 2017

The quality of the paper was just crap. I don't understand why I hired them to do my paper. I could've just done a better job myself. Completely wasted my time.

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Copy was beyond pathetic. Not happy

Reviewed By Ambarly Jensen on 21 Jan, 2017

I thought that I would get high quality work since they already had charged me so much. The copy was beyond pathetic. Not happy.

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