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About - Is it worthy or unreliable?

What is the end result of using the services of Let me tell you what I had experienced when I ordered History Assignment Help with this review - is an initiative by some native academicians based in the UK. I decided to opt for their services because they primarily focused on the students in and around the U.K. To my surprise,'s services were nothing like what they claim.

However, I can give an A for the interface they have designed because I could easily access all information I needed from them. Apart from that, I don't think they stand to the hype they have created about how different they are from other academic services.

Strengths and Weaknesses



Excellent interface

Average service quality

Numerous writing services on different subjects

Only 50+ writers to provide so many services

The pricing is divided into three ranges, so that students can order as per their convenience.

However, the price for each page per day is excessive.

Available on all social media platforms

Sadly, they are not active in any of the platforms. The engagement level is almost zero. This questions their service’s existence. Quality levels

In-Depth Subject knowledge

I ordered a history assignment help, with the expectations of a well-researched historical analysis. However, I received a mediocre paper, because it lacked proper historical events and explanations, which I asked for. In fact, the final paper I received had too many misplaced chronological dates, which made the assignment up to no use.

Researched content

When the subject is history, it's obvious that the assignment requires thorough research and evidence. Even though the writer who took responsibility for my assignment provided a decent assignment, it lacked much additional information. As a result, I had to go through the assignments again to find the answers myself.


The structure which I mentioned was overall followed. However, they added some unnecessary extra elements. As a result, I had to ask them to rewrite and make the accurate to structure I mentioned earlier

Syntax Skills

As per the syntax pattern in their writing, the writers have maintained a great standard. Hence, I would say that they have established the writing quality they claim to be.

Citation knowledge

For the history assignments, the answers are invalid without proper referencing or citations. I asked them to add Chicago style. Instead, they used the Harvard style. Even though it works, it doesn't match my university's requirements.

Price and Quality

Despite its popularity, the cost of this service is substantially overrated than I anticipated. I opted for a package, £ 17.49 /Per Page. But, as you can see from my comments above, the service does not match the quality standards.

In fact, the price does not justify the quality of a PhD holder's writing. Because I had to rewrite the assignments twice, for which they charged additionally!

Offers and discounts

The first time I visited this website, I was tempted by the offers they mentioned on the homepage. However, I did not find a trace of any offers and discounts on the entire website.

Hence, it's baseless to order in bulk, as you cannot negotiate either.

Customer support reviews

Just like any other customer, I visited their website and checked the customer feedback highlighted below. To my surprise, most of them found positive results that motivated me to order. Sadly, my entire order went to waste, as they did not meet my expectations.

Revision and refund policy

I had to contact the customer agents several times to revise my paper again. Even after they rewrote it, the paper was required for thorough checking, which they did not consider doing. However, I got my assignment with full revision in the end, but it took much of the time which I could invest in other tasks.

And as for the refund policy, they claim to guarantee a 100% refund. However, it wasn't required from my side.

Online Reputation

The online reputation of can be said as mediocre because I cannot see too much buzz or any positive feedback overall on the internet.


  • Is Treatassignmenthelp legit?

    This service does not seem to be a legit one, as there are significant inconveniences faced by many students.

  • How can I know Treatassignmenthelp provide me with original paper?

    They claim that their service is original because the tasks are prepared by PhD holders. But often, there are similarities found in answers, which increases the doubt.

  • Is Safe?

    Even though their security policy claims their service to be safe, it's always helpful to check their reviews before ordering.

  • Will I get a complete refund if I fail?

    According to their service policy, there is a guarantee that you will receive a 100% refund if your order fails or if you receive poor grades in your institution.

  • Can I cancel an order on Treatassignmenthelp?

    Yes, you can cancel an order, but you have to be sure to inform them in advance, rather than cancel at the last moment.

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