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About Edwiseinternational.com

EDwise is an overseas education consultant service that helps students meet their goals. The company website claims they offer test preparation, career counselling, finance and scholarship, admission guidance, and other popular courses. In addition, candidates can obtain free expert counselling, funding, visa and other pre-departure preparations.  

However, some students claim that their services are below standard. Query responses take time. The International Test Preparation does not always meet student expectations. Students have complained earlier that the qualities of the courses are not up to the mark. The teaching staffs are not much co-operative to their students.

What EDwise offer

According to the EDwise website, they provide test preparation, career counselling, finance and scholarship support, and admission guidance. In addition, they claim to offer courses on design, fashion, law, management, tourism and hospitality. The website also provides engineering courses on mechatronics, mechanical engineering, and information technology.

But some students were dissatisfied quality of exam preparation. Their career counselling features were sub-standard. The cost for these courses was also high. Their law courses lacked sufficient materials, while the courses in mechanical engineering weren't up to the mark.

Company Detail

⇒ Website – www.edwiseinternational.com

⇒ Based in – India

⇒ Pricing

Like conventional websites, one can gain unrestricted access to the edwiseinternational.com website. Therefore, students seeking guidance on their courses and careers can visit this website for more information. The front-end layout of the website is excellent, and you don't have to pay money to access it. The user interface was also quite responsive.

The company website does not provide precise details on their service expenses. There also remain hidden charges, and students were shocked to see them. Some claim that the website does not provide the necessary information. In some cases, students also had to pay money to third-party websites to access the education resource materials and samples of the company’s site. Students also claim that they did not receive prompt replies to their queries.

⇒ Establish – 1991

⇒ Serving Country – USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Dubai, Canada, France, Australia, Ireland, and Germany.


The website claims to provide services on test preparation, admission guidance, career counselling, financial assistance, visa support, Forex assistance and travel assistance.

EDwise Review

Admission process support

EDwise’s website claims to provide various academic options across colleges and universities. They represent famous universities from Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, the USA, Canada, France, Ireland, Dubai, Singapore, and other nations. In addition, the website claims to provide professional counselling, international test preparation, and application procedures.

However, students have complained that they did not get admission into famous universities in the USA, Canada and the UK. In addition, the admission process was prolonged. Some students also claimed that the international test preparation quality was below standard and it was a waste of their money.  

Visa support

EDwise claims to provide the latest and updated Visa documentation processes with a potential success rate of 99%. Their mock visa interviews with professional visa counsellors. Once the mock interview is over, the experts help students understand what they should do and avoid in the live interview. The complete visa process includes filling out applications, creating financial statements, preparing visa documentation and more.

Yet, some students have complained that the mock visa interviews did not help them. Half of them failed the live interview test. In addition, students did not receive the expected co-operation from their superiors. The visa process was also more complicated than before, and they had to pay additional expenses for the service. Some students also claim that the filing of their application took them several days to complete.   

Pre-departure support

EDwise claims to organize a pre-departure event before their students move abroad. Students can gain a preview of their culture in a foreign territory. The pre-departure support also helps them meet with new students and their parents sharing the journey. The updated Pre-Departure Kit can help provide value-added services to the vendors. They will also get service assistance from travel agents, foreign exchanges and other insurance agencies. Those students who are already studying abroad can share their experiences.

But some students have complained that the preview shown to them was not up to the mark. The Pre-Departure Kit was expensive, and most students couldn't afford it. Some pupils also claimed they did not get proper guidance from the agents and other exchange officials.   


The EDwise education consultancy service offers several features to its students. However, its course expenses were very high for an average student to afford. EDwise claims to offer several courses to its students; however, they were no less expensive.

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