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Website: Wyzant.com Headquarter: Chicago
Pricing: NA Establish: 2005
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Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Refund: Yes
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  • Wyzant have fake tutors
  • Wyzant Review- Pros & Cons, Alternative
  • Wyzant Tutors Have No Qualifications
  • Wyzant Provides Low-quality Tutoring Service

Honest Wyzant Review - Read before You Order (2023)

Wyzant offers a forum for tutors of all stripes to get in touch with students who require help. Tutors decide on their hourly pay rate, often between $30 and $60, and the website takes a percentage. Previously, that commission began at a staggering 40% and gradually decreased to 20%. The website updated its conditions in January 2019 and now charges all tutors a more reasonable 25% fee.

Tutors must finish the paperwork for each lesson within seven days of the lesson's conclusion. The tutor's payment is processed by Wyzant via direct deposit on the first and fifteenth days of each month. Tutors who meet the requirements can use the website's express pay option to get paid within a week.

You risk being removed from the platform if you communicate or accept payment outside the website.

Everything you read above is according to the website.

After going through a ton of mixed reviews on the internet, we have decided to investigate the website on our own. Is it truly beneficial for students and tutors, or is it just another scam? Let’s find it out.

What is Wyzant Tutoring, and is Wyzant legit?

According to the website, Wyzant offers online tutors to students in more than 300 subjects. It hires only US residents as tutors. If you are one, you will need to give an interview or show your qualification to be a tutor, which is actually very fishy. The website charges $35 to 63 per hour. The company was established in 2005.

We have asked many students about the service Wyzant provides, and they don't seem satisfied, though there are lots of positive reviews you can find on many review websites. So, we can say that the company is not legit and has been running a scam since 2005.

What Kind of Tutors Do They Have?

Now, over 80K tutors are working for Wyzant. If you do not check tutors' profiles and pay them good, it's pretty obvious that many will want to become Wyzant tutors. But can you trust them? No, because you have no idea if the tutors are fake unless you invested a lot of money. We do not recommend such services to students.

Wyzant Review - Pros & Cons, Alternative

Let’s take a look at the Pros & Cons of Wyzant –



Lots of tutors are available for different subjects all the time.

Tutors have no qualifications.

Catchy interface and available apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

It charges extremely high prices.


Low-quality service


Unresponsive customer support team


Dissatisfied tutors and customers


Wyzant Review - How does it Work?

Wyzant has collaborated with colleges and organisations to offer their pupils online tutoring. Each of these institutions and organisations sets its own criteria, such as qualified students, acceptable courses, and hourly rate budgets, and pays for tutoring on behalf of the students. So basically, Wyzant collects students' information from different institutions and profits from it. Such a scam!

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Become a Tutor on Wyzant?

There are no eligibility criteria to become a tutor on Wyzant. The tutors don’t need to go through any interview process or present their qualification proof. Now, you can understand that there is no quality check when Wyzant hires a tutor. So, how can the website be transparent about its services? It can’t provide high-quality service but charges the highest amount possible. You will find hundreds of reviews that say Wyzant is good in business. Needless to say, those are paid reviews as we collected this information from the users of Wyzant’s services. The company is a fraud, and there is no doubt about it.

Wyzant Review - Does Wyzant Have Expert Tutors to Take Online Classes?

Wyzant doesn't have any expert tutors on its team. The hiring process is very fishy here. So, we can't say that Wyzant provides expert tutors to take online classes. Do not believe the company. It’s fake.

What Services Does Wyzant.com Provide?

According to the website, with the aid of educational technology, Wyzant, parents and students may locate and match with the most suitable tutors for their needs. In addition, by allowing users to pick from a variety of tutors on their website and receive assistance in-person or online in a virtual classroom, they provide students with a more straightforward approach to locating in-person and online tutoring.

But the truth is quite the opposite. Wyzant provides cheap services at high prices, and it's a scam.

Prices & Discounts: How Much Does Wyzant Charge?

All instructor earnings are subject to a 25% Wyzant commission as a cost of using their platform. Wyzant tutors are regarded as independent contractors with the right to select their own compensation rate, cancellation policy, method of instruction, frequency of lessons, and length of lessons. So, the tutors can charge anything you.

According to our study, tutoring typically costs $35 to $80 per hour on average, depending on the tutor's preferences and the market.

Wyzant Review - Is Wyzant a Reliable Company to Work for?

Students who have taken Wyzant’s services and great tutors who have worked before for Wyzant always forbid others to stay away from the company. It's a total waste of time and money. People who want to earn money without any effort join Wyzant. Now, you can understand what we are trying to say. Wyzant is not a reliable service provider. It provides low-quality service and charges a high price for it. You can look at the screenshot if you don't want to depend on our opinions.

Where is Wyzant Located?

The website claims that the headquarters of Wyzant is situated in Chicago, Illinois. Although, Wyzant offers its services online and in-person tutoring sessions all over the USA. So, there is confusion about its actual location. What the website claims can be fake.

Conclusion - Is Wyzant Worth It?

After reviewing the website and interviewing a lot of users of Wyzant, we are certain that the company is a fraud. Don't ever think of hiring Wyzant tutors for any of your assignments. The tutors have no experience and no qualifications. They are fake. Wyzant and its tutors are nothing but avaricious. We recommend staying away from the websites like Wyzant. It is nothing but a scam. Fooling people and trapping them is its business.

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  • Is Wyzant legit?

    No. As per the countless student reviews and testimonials, the services of Wyzant are nothing but a huge disappointment. Students are promised extraordinary work and customised academic assistance, but they received none. Most students complained of the high pocket pinch and poor-quality academic help from the subject matter experts.

  • Is Wyzant a scam?

    According to the student reviews and countless negative reports on various review platforms, it is safe to say that Wyzant is a big-time scam. They lure students with fake promises of high grades and fail to deliver. Students who availed of their services were unimpressed with their tutors' quality of service and demanded a refund, which they didn't receive.

  • Is Wyzant a good company?

    Not at all! Because they promise top-notch quality work and swift customer support, many students were under the impression of getting something extraordinary. Instead, a lot of them complained of plagiarised assignments, poor writing skills, and missed deadlines. They also doubt if the writers are truly professional or amateur based on the work's quality.

  • Is Wyzant reliable?

    Based on the countless negative reviews and feedbacks, Wyzant is not a reliable website for exclusive academic aid. From missing deadlines to poor writing styles and no communication with the writer, most students are highly disappointed with the company. A student hiring them for assistance is only putting their grades in jeopardy.

  • Is Wyzant fake?

    Yes. On analysing reports, student blogs, and hundreds of negative reviews on various review platforms, it is now evident that Wyzant is fake. According to their website, they offer one-to-one lessons and give students the liberty to decide how much to pay. But in reality, students are only scammed with the worst service.

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Not reliable service

Reviewed By Govinda Pahat on 22 Jan, 2021

I am not satisfied with your service. I have got very law quality assignment for my law subject. i can say after seeing given assignment that you have under qualified team to do this task. Not recommendable to others.

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Scam website

Reviewed By Paranthaman Duraikanoo on 24 Dec, 2020

trust me there is no affordable price there in wyant.com . they are running scam website. I thought everything on their site is real.but they provide me copied content. don't recommend.

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Worst Writing Company

Reviewed By Febrizia on 17 Dec, 2020

This is really worst writing company I have ever seen. I recently ordered my assignment writing and gave him deadline and guidelines but they didn't complete my assignment on time and there are so many grammatical mistakes in the solution. Completely disappointed. Not recommendable to others.

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Worst Quality Service

Reviewed By Rupali Chakraborty on 14 Dec, 2020

I am not satisfied with your service, you have not studied my subject carefully, all points are meaningless and full of error. According to your price, this service is the worst.

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No service help

Reviewed By Anaru Hauiti on 02 Nov, 2020

I was looking to get help with a midterm for my class and I got no quote and no messages back from the person that was suppose to be helping.

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Reviewed By Amir Gul Khan on 31 Oct, 2020


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