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Let’s just say, the final experience out of assignment writing websites is not as good as these agencies make them out to be. They paint a very good picture, but it’s not as pretty as it looks. Let me share my experience with such an online assignment website.

I study Sociology in NYU. As you know, students of NYU don’t have it easy. Less so those who belong to the sociology department. We are swamped with assignments like all through the year. No sparing us in the holiday season either. So this time around when assignment season struck, my mom suffered a minor accident because of which I couldn’t dedicate even a wee bit of time to writing an assignment.

I had to do a 1000 word assignment on the ‘The Effects of Alcohol On The Youth Of Our Nation - Causes & Concern,’ and I had to submit it within 7 days. I didn’t know what to do. I felt so lost. Fortunately, my brain got back into action, and I realized I could give online essay writing services a shot, especially since they seem to be such a fad these days. Besides, I was curious to know what the fuss was all about and now was a better chance than any to find out. So I did my research for the best ones in and around New York City, and I stumbled upon

I chose them because they seemed really promising by the reviews on their site and because they were based in New York. Here’s my experience with them-

Pros -

Let’s start with the good things about These are worth noting. It shows that they have put some amount of hard work into catering to the needs of students like me.They really deliver fast. I asked them to do my assignment in 4 days, and they did it bang on time, which is really very impressive. They totally came through on the claims they made about on time delivery. A couple of my friends had tried them too, and they swore by's excellent delivery speed. It really impressed me.

  • They do not plagiarize. Well, as a student, I couldn’t be more relieved to find out that my paper wasn’t plagiarized (I checked my paper on a reliable plagiarism checking software at my own end before handing it over to my professor). That was one fear I had since I was trying out online assignment writing services for the first time and I certainly didn't want to put my career in jeopardy due to the submission of a plagiarized paper. I am glad they passed this test, or I would've asked for a complete refund.
  • They did a good job in following the formatting rules. My professor had specified strictly that only Chicago referencing would be allowed and the use of any other would amount to negative marking. However, the writer who worked on my assignment seemed well-versed with the Chicago referencing style, and he did an impeccable job. My professor had no complaints, and he is very finicky about these things, so that's one problem solved.
  • They did offer free revisions. So there were some parts of the paper, which were not exactly in accordance with the way I think and write, and also there were some points missing. They had mentioned on their site that they provide free rework. So I contacted the customer care, and they revised the portions for me at no extra charge.

Cons -

Here’s where this pretty picture ends and the dark story begins. Beyond the four points mentioned above, the rest of the things about them not only failed to impress me, but they rather disappointed me. Here are the cons.

  • Poorly researched content - My assignment was a relatively short one, and had enough time in hand to do a thorough job at it. 4 days for a 1000 words assignment is actually more than enough for an agency that does this professionally. At least that’s what I believe, and it seems really logical to have such expectations. But my paper was not well-researched at all. The data mentioned was years old, and quite a few essential pointers on why the youth of America suffers from alcohol addiction were missing.
  • Below the mark quality - This is something I just did not expect, and I'm very sad to see this. They claim their writers are well-qualified professionals with bachelors, masters and even Ph.D. degrees as how can there be so many spelling errors? It just doesn’t make any sense. I mean spellings are something so basic!!! I had to spend a good two hours revising all these errors, and the necessary revisions for these weren't even made when I asked them to make some changes in my paper. When I tried to contact the customer support, there was no response.
  • Inefficient customer support - Okay so now that we’re on the topic of customer care, let me tell you that you cannot rely on their customer support staff. Every time I had an issue and wanted to make use of their live chat option, it displayed a message stating that the person is away. Seriously, guys? What am I supposed to do then? Sit around even though you say you're available 24x7? And I'm a sociology student, and the guy who was speaking to me was a James, who was labeled as an ‘MBA writer.' What good is an MBA writer for a student of sociology?
  • Sky high prices - I guess this is the reason why the pricing and ordering sections on their website are right towards the bottom because they literally have to convince and cajole people into hiring their services. They take $700 for a 10-page report, delivered in a week! I could buy an iPhone 7 at that price! Even my assignment didn’t come cheap. I had to shell out $99 for my 1000 word essay that would be delivered in 4 days. That’s way too much, especially when the quality wasn’t satisfactory.

Go for them if you want something decent quickly, but be prepared to fix it on your own.

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Save your money and stay away

Reviewed By RK on 29 May, 2021


Shame on you to post a your own refund policy online and not following it.

If you don't have the expertise in a certain area. Please don't claim that you do and just keep digging for money.

Your reputation is the key for long term success. Try to keep your clients satisfied within your capacity not acting in a fraudulent manner.

This is my review based on first timer own experience with your company. I got scammed and shame on me as I didn't do the proper research about you earlier as it seems like this is your style to scam people and deliver unrelated crap for their requirements.

I have been trying to reach you for the past week with no response from your end.

An advise to readers stay away from them and save your money!!

This is based on May 26th 2021 experience.


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Beware of this company !!

Reviewed By LaylaDesaillly on 25 Aug, 2017

I want to tell all of you that stay away from this company. They are thief. They do not have any native writers for assignment or sort of claim they make. They are clearly after your money. when you give them money, they discard from you. Nonsense!

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Delivery was not on time

Reviewed By MackenzieClose on 24 Aug, 2017

I must mention to please keep all your deliveries on time. Else we students face a lot of problems trying to make our professors convince to give more time. But worth saying is that the quality of the assignment paper was extremely good. The service would have been a top class one if it was a timed delivery.

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Faced trouble with getting my assignment

Reviewed By RyanRajan on 04 Aug, 2017

I am pissed off with these people regarding my assignment. It has been quite some time since I ordered it and still now I did not get it completely. I call them up every now and then for it and I am getting my paper in instalments and that too in a bad condition where I have to arrange everything myself.

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Not at all a good content

Reviewed By MatthewKerr on 03 Aug, 2017

Is that a content that you have given me? What a piece of shit it is. You took so much money from me and this is what I get for my assignment. You guys are just scammers. And you never even bothered to give it to me on time. I had to go around your back for so many days with the promise that I will get a high quality assignment.

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Average quality

Reviewed By BenHogarth on 01 Aug, 2017

I am doing Master's in history. I took help from them. The assignment I received was not outstanding. It was average. They are punctual about the deadlines. But it's better to avoid this company.

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Live chat not working

Reviewed By FlynnHays on 31 Jul, 2017

The 24x7 live chat is not working. I tried so many times to get in touch with the executives, but all in vain. They were not at all available. Although I received a proper assignment, but the unavailability of the live chat option did create a problem.

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Research before you take help from them

Reviewed By JeremyDodd on 29 Jul, 2017

Even if you come across good reviews for them, take it with a pinch of salt. I hired them for my essay only to find out that they hand it over to talent less Indian writers who write pathetically!

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No on time deliveries

Reviewed By KateThrower on 28 Jul, 2017

Although the executives promised me to deliver the project on time, they failed to do so. I couldn't find any fault in the dissertation paper, but a timely delivery is surely one of the things every student would look for. Guys, take note of it.

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Another Indian scammer!!

Reviewed By ParmindarSingh on 27 Jul, 2017

This is the second time I'm coming across another Indian assignment company that calls itself American and robs students of their money. Such effing scammers should be banned!

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The exact opposite of trustworthy

Reviewed By Lily02 on 26 Jul, 2017

They boast that they are the most reliable option but they are the exact opposite of it. They delivered my essay after deadline and that too with plagiarism in it!

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Got a C on my sociology paper

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 17 Jul, 2017

So I needed this sociology essay done as quickly as possible, and that is why chose them. Their delivery time is amazing! They are like super fast. What sucks is that my professor was not impressed and only gave me a C!

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Don’t use them

Reviewed By Ava luker on 15 Jul, 2017

They are BULL I worked with them and I paid them 570$ for a Solid Work job they sent me a crap assignment and when i asked to fix it i had no response from them so **** assignmentinc.

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Inefficient experts

Reviewed By Maarten Wolzak on 23 Jan, 2017

They harassed me a lot. I ordered Chemistry assignment from them. Guess what? Their so-called highly-qualified experts failed to compose a well-formatted reference list.

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