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Website: Headquarter: Not mentioned
Pricing: Start at $10 Establish: 2008
Size: NA Serving Country: NA
Payment Option: PayPal, credit card                 Refund: Yes(before use)
Discount: Yes Rework: Yes
Refund Policy:  Yes(before use) Services: Homework help

Course hero review highlights:

  • Free homework help is not free,
  • Membership scam- push to buy additional unlocks,
  • Late solution delivery,
  • Careless handling of tutors,
  • Bad management system,
  • Payment amounts fluctuate,
  • Tutors get disliked for no reason,
  • 80% of tutors are frustrated,
  • Students receive below-average solutions because of frustrated tutors,
  • In case of a bad solution, Course hero is not responsible,
  • For tutors, there is no reason for unknown violation
  • Coursehero is not reliable for both students and tutors

Is Course Hero Worthy Of Your Trust?

Read to know. is an educational platform that offers learning resources and tools. The site also provides access to old test papers, homework problems, textbook answers and class notes. The website states they offer three ways to make money online-

  • Uploading documents such as old test papers
  • Tutoring
  • Referring friends

Course Hero seems like a good website. So, what’s the problem? Well, almost 76% of tutors and students claim that this site is nothing but a scam. Read on to know the real, inside story.

Is Course Hero Free or Paid? Is Subscribing to Course Hero Worth It?

If you are wondering, ‘is it worth paying for Course Hero’, this section might give you the answer.

The site claims to provide free homework help. According to the feedback by students, the help isn’t free after all. They charge quite an exorbitant rate to help out students. Also, the membership scams seem to annoy the students and tutors equally.

Course has stated on its website that they offer free homework help which isn't really 'free.' The students have mentioned that as soon as they share their homework requirements, they are asked to purchase a membership for the answers.

Many students complained that they let their monthly and yearly subscription plans go down the drain since they didn't even get their solutions. Mindy, an undergraduate student, said, "The subscription is a scam. Please do not fall for it. Firstly, they say the help is free. But then they charge a heft amount. And purchasing the membership also doesn't guarantee that you will get the solutions because I didn't."

Subscription isn’t free at Course Hero, no matter what they claim on the website. It is evident from tons of similar feedback we received. The subscription price is calculated on a monthly or yearly basis, and it ranges from $10-$40.

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Course Hero Free Homework Help Scam | Is It Reliable?

It is normal to wonder ‘Is Course Hero tutoring legit?’ before you trust their services. Though the website claims they are 100% legit, the reviews say otherwise. Students have complained that Course Hero doesn’t provide any free services. In fact, they charge exorbitant rates for all the solutions. Also, they push students to buy subscription plans in exchange for delivering completed solutions within 120 hours. The late delivery of solutions, however, is something Course Hero is famous for among students.

The majority of students resort to online assistance because of a time crunch. What’s the point if you get the solutions after the deadline? This is exactly what most students have complained about- late delivery of solutions.

Samantha, a post-graduate student, recently said, “I missed my dissertation deadline because I trusted Course Hero. They are not only liars but also unprofessional.”

The website doesn’t mention anything about the way their team works to meet urgent deadlines. It can be difficult for students or even tutors to sign up for their services without knowing how the work is done.

Course Hero Customer Service | Worst or Best?

According to students’ feedback, Course Hero has the worst customer support. Their customer support executives claim to respond instantly. But, the reviews from students tell otherwise.

Sam, an undergrad, said, "I had called Course Hero after getting my solution since they followed none of my instructions. Firstly, they responded the fifth time I called. Secondly, they said rudely that Course Hero isn't responsible for any poor solution. So who is?"

The customer support team is equally unprofessional for both students and tutors. They take too long to answer. The tutors are left frustrated with a bad management system which is evident from their lack of answers over the phone. The frustrated tutors end up delivering below-average solutions, thereby disappointing the students as well.

According to students’ feedback, here’s what we know about the customer support team at Course Hero:

  • Late response
  • Doesn’t coordinate with tutors
  • Fail to resolve doubts or queries
  • Rude attitude
  • Instead of escalating the issues put forth by the tutors, they twist the matter with terms and conditions.

All in all, the customer support experience is disappointing and time-consuming for both students and tutors.

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Course Hero Scams Tutors

Course Hero has a bad reputation for scamming tutors. According to the reviews by tutors, Course Hero removes their accounts without any reason or prior notice. The tutors also complained that the customer support team of Course Hero violated their Terms and Conditions and also crushed their earnings.

Here is what tutors have to say about their experience with Course Hero:

  • Careless handling- The tutors have expressed their anger about not being valued.
  • Worst customer support- Customer support seems to tweak its terms and conditions whenever tutors raise an issue.
  • Poor management- The tutors complained about payment fluctuations mainly because of poor management at Course Hero.

The tutors have repeatedly complained about the customer support’s poor attitude. They also claimed that the company has been unfair to them and is a huge scam for tutors as well.

Course Hero Website Flaws

The flaws in the website of Course Hero are enough to give you a hint about whether the site is good or not for you. Students have claimed that the major flaw on their website is the inability to grant students access to premium membership for $40. According to students, this is clickbait for you to spend more in an attempt to get faster answers. They, however, didn’t get the answers they were promised.

Course Hero has mentioned ‘educators’ several times throughout their website. But, they haven’t shared the details about these educators. What are their qualifications? Are they experienced in this industry? What about the reviews? The website doesn’t have the answers to these basic, crucial questions students may have on their minds.

Coursehero Scam- "earn an average of $500 per week"

Mellissa, a former tutor at Course Hero, reported, “They mislead students with this earn money scheme. They will get all the questions solved, but they stop answering calls or contacting once it’s time to make the payment. Absolutely not trustworthy.” The tutors have also complained that the customer support executives end up twisting their terms and conditions to make sure they do not have to pay the tutors.

Several students have complained that Course Hero charges very high rates for their services. The tutors seem to be frustrated with their less than 1% job security.

Course Hero Login Problems

Several students have complained that they are unable to log in to their Course Hero account either on desktop or app. Some couldn’t log in for a month, while others had no luck even after trying for three months. The students tried uploading documents, and yet the app didn’t let them log in.

The customer support team yet again disappointed the students. The latter didn’t bother to assist the students even after accepting full payments from them.

Is Course Hero Account Free?

The free account doesn’t provide you with many benefits. You need to pay for the subscription to get access to learning resources. Students and tutors have complained that their accounts seem to vanish after they have paid the subscription amount. No matter how often they call the customer support team, it seems they do not bother to respond.

Course Hero Price | Is It Unnecessarily Expensive?

Students have reported that Course Hero is pretty expensive as compared to similar brands in this industry. Their website states that the company provides free homework help to students. But, the truth is students need to purchase a subscription plan to opt for their services. It is not free.


What Reddit Has To Say About Course Hero?

Reddit is entire 'nay' when it comes to trusting Course Hero. Students have complained about the unnecessary charges. One of the users said, “I managed to get an account last year (was in HS), and I tried to use it for my physics homework, but the website is trash. First of all, you have to pay for some credits just to look at documents, and that's after paying just to have an account. When you actually find the HW sheet you are looking for, it only gives you a preview of what's actually written on it; this means it just shows the first page of the sheet with answers on it. I used my credits for one sheet thinking it had the answers to the entire packet, but that shit was blank.”

According to tutors, the payment amounts fluctuate even if they had worked consistently for several months. This is the main reason why 80% of their tutors are frustrated and end up delivering poor quality work to students.

The careless handling of tutors makes it evident how vaguely important students are to the company. The number of likes goes down for the tutors suddenly and without any reason. The tutors reported that it is one of their tactics to not pay money.

Wrapping Up,

Hopefully, things are pretty transparent to you about Course Hero. Whether you need to sign up with the brand to earn as a tutor or get homework assistance, think before you take the leap.

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Avoid at All Costs

Reviewed By Paul Kraft on 02 Mar, 2022

Will not cancel your account and continue to bill you no matter how many phone calls and email promising otherwise. Please read BBB reviews!

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Do not rely on coursehero

Reviewed By Garima james on 10 Feb, 2022

I was quite impressed by the website’s ratings and reviews. So, I asked their writers to work on my research paper and shared my university guidelines with them. I clearly stated that I would need the assignment after 3 days. Their writers assured me that they would deliver quality work within the deadline.
I got my assignment delivered in 3 days, it was not the way I wanted. The assignment was not of good quality. I invested my time and money coursehero, and they only fooled me. I asked for a rework first, but they asked extra money for that. So, I requested a refund. They rejected that too but did not even bother to give me a reason for turning down my request. That’s when I understood that the coursehero is not reliable at all, and the promises are not real either.
Do not rely on them

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