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About Homeworkhelpglobal.com

A Complete Homework Help Global Review

Homeworkhelpglobal.com is an assignment assistance company that claims to provide 100% original essay service. They further claim to deliver timely deliveries and free revisions on every order. The website claims that its' unique features are:

  • Plagiarism-free paper on every order
  • 24X7 live assistance
  • Lightning fast deliveries

But are these true?

Here’s my HomeworkHelpGlobal review after I had availed their services for an English literature essay assignment.

How strong is Homeworkhelpglobal.com?



· Myriad types of services

· High prices

· Easy and secured payment structure

· Unavailable customer support


· Poor content Quality


· Not meeting deadlines


How rich is Homeworkhelpglobal.com’s quality? A scrutiny of the subjects

  • In-depth subject knowledge: Homeworkhelpglobal claims they hire writers with in-depth knowledge of their academic domain. But in reality, they are unreliable. My content did not contain any information that reflected the writers’ knowledge about the subject.
  • Researched content: Homeworkhelpglobal claims that the writers perform thorough research before offering any assistance. However, I think that the website is not reliable when producing researched content. In addition, I have received a mediocre paper with improper and rude behaviour from their customer service.
  • Structure: Homeworkelpglobal.com’s structure is up to the mark. The expert in question had abided by all the rules I had mentioned when I had placed the order.
  • Syntax skills: Syntax skill is an essential factor while writing an assignment. Homeworkhelpglobal.com has failed to provide assignments with proper word order or meaning despite their claims.
  • Citation Knowledge: Structuring and citing an assignment go hand-in-hand. So, I have to say that Homeworkhelpglobal.com’s citation knowledge is at par.

Is Homeworkelpglobal.com offering the right price and quality?

They charge from $56 for just 300 words. But their content quality is poor. So, it's not worth the money. Furthermore, their price does not include any other services or freebies. In addition, I had to pay for plagiarism reports, grammar checking services and other benefits.

Does Homeworkhelpglobal.com offer any discounts or benefits?

Homeworkhelpglobal.com never offers any benefits or discounts. I had to pay for services that otherwise come for free, though they claim to offer free revisions. And it's not just me; after interviewing students, I can state that the website has not provided any free revisions to students.

HomeworkHelpGlobal.com Review

Customer support and review

Is homeworkhelpglobal.com legit?" If that's your biggest question, then let me tell you, No! I, along with several other service holders, have numerous complaints against it all over the internet. For example, students have claimed to receive subpar assignments. In addition, one specific student claimed that she received an essay after the deadline had passed away.

Here’s the proof that can prove that Homeworkhelp.com is not legit:

Revision and Refund

Homeworkhelpglobal.com did not provide me with any revision or refund, though the company promised to provide free revision. However, when I asked for a revision, they asked for more money and said they would not proceed with further work until I had paid them. And when I asked them to return my assignment and refund my money as the assignment was of no practical use, they refused to refund my money and threatened to inform my university. Their behaviour was improper, and Homeworkhelpglobal.com is a fraud.

Online reputation

Their online reviews are as bad as their services. While one student named Jenny claimed that the website is pretentious, Kit Kelly called their content terrible. I was tired of their illogical demands and threats.

Below is the proof of my statement:

HomeworkHelpGlobal.com Review

HomeworkHelpGlobal.com Review


  • Is Homeworkhelpglobal.com reliable?

    No! I had humongous expectations from them when I first read about their services. But after seeking their assignment help, I am more helpless as I have a looming deadline and no assignment in my hand.

  • Is Homework Help Global legit?

    No, in one word, Homeworkhelpglobal.com is not legit. They do not have any ethics or morals when providing assignment help to students. Homeworkhelpglobal.com claims to offer several free services, but they didn’t cater for any of the claimed benefits.

  • How can I know Homeworkhelpglobal provide me with original paper?

    To know about your paper's originality, you to have run them through plagiarism checkers. Several academic companies provide free plagiarism checking services. So, you can seek their help. They use strong plagiarism checkers such as the Turnitin plagiarism checker.

  • Is Homeworkhelpglobal.com safe?

    Yes, their payment structure is safe. That’s it! None of their other services is secure. They offer plagiarised papers and threaten students to expose them if they demand free rework or other services.

  • Can I get a refund from Homeworkhelpglobal if I fail?

    Homeworkhelpglobal.com does not offer any refund. Furthermore, even if you fail, they will not accept any responsibility. Therefore, it’s best not to seek help from Homeworkhelpglobal.com and save your money, time and energy.

  • Can I cancel an order on Homeworkhelpglobal.com?

    You cannot cancel an order with Homeworkhelpglobal.com after placing them. They will threaten to call your university and get you penalised. Therefore, it’s better not to place your order with them and search for a more reliable assignment help service.

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