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About Goabroad.com

GoAbroad is a website that aims to bridge the information gap between companies offering international programs and students looking to travel abroad. They currently offer much more than filling in the gap between students and organizations. They are aiming to solve the ever-changing needs of travelers by offering all the resources one needs to travel around the world.

What GoAbroad Offers

GoAbroad has currently expanded its service into numerous categories. Their present offerings are –

  • Materials on studying abroad
  • Materials on volunteering abroad
  • Materials on interning abroad
  • Information on teaching abroad
  • Courses on TOEFL
  • Jobs for gap years
  • Information on degrees in a foreign country
  • Information on high schooling in a foreign land
  • Details about language schools
  • Details on adventure tourism

Company Detail

⇒Website: https://www.goabroad.com/

⇒Based in: Fort Collins, CO, USA


According to GoAbroad.com, they do not charge any fees if you want to list any program on their website. They do not take any charges if you are a part of -

  • University
  • Nonprofit organizations hosting volunteers
  • Program providers
  • International language schools
  • Any talent agency

However, there have been often claims of fake executives who dupe clients by taking money and declining any service afterwards. Additionally, many students also claimed that they have various hidden charges that you need to pay for their premium services. Students were unhappy to receive incomplete information as their free services restricted them from accessing the full website.

⇒Established in: 1997


According to their website, they have already successfully completed more than 10,500 verified programs and 4500+ articles and travel guides. They currently are more than 2 million community members strong, and they have handed over 850 scholarships to their members. They have partnered with 1500+ vendors during this process.

However, when we went through some of their 47000 odd reviews on the website, many seemed like paid reviews. When we investigated further and asked many students based on their reviews on-site reviewing websites, we got a lot of negative feedback from them.

⇒Serving country

Since they are based out of the US, they predominantly have more US-based customers. However, they do serve people from other countries as well. However, many people have complained that they have biasness toward certain ethnicities. Many students and job seekers find this practice manipulative and a way to influence their choices instead of offering a transparent system.


GoAbroad.com offers a host of services like –

⇒Courses on fine arts, engineering, science, and a lot more

Get 4000+ study materials on your preferred courses. They encourage their users to submit articles and papers on their websites. The colleges and universities also upload various materials when they sign up on the website. So, you get a lot of options to choose from no matter which subject you look for.

However, since most of the articles are written by students, there is no option to check the relevance or authenticity of these materials.

⇒Opportunities to study medical science

GoAbroad has a dedicated segment for medical enthusiasts. They have 1000+ blogs and papers on various medical disciplines like orthopedic, cardiology, dentistry, neurology, and many more. But since old students from various universities submit these papers, and there is no one to curate them, students often find themselves with outdated information.

⇒Jobs Abroad

Get details about the latest job offerings from various sectors from different countries in one place. Agencies offer job opportunities in IT, Banking, Engineering, Chef, and many more on their platform. However, since these agencies are never cross-checked about their authenticity, students often complain about scams and fake job offerings.

⇒Finding scholarships

GoAbroad claims to offer scholarships to lucky users if they are talented enough. Many students create accounts and join the website in the temptation to crack the scholarship. However, we are yet to find a user who has written about getting the scholarship money.

⇒Starting a fundraiser

Students can start their own fundraisers to accumulate funds if they struggle to travel internationally. They can reach a global audience easily and raise funds for their requirements. However, it is impossible to check if the students are using the funds for genuine causes.

They have even started a Covid hub post-2020 pandemic. You can get a lot of details about the travel regulations and current health scenarios in various countries.

GoAbroad Review

GoAbroad has always attracted a lot of mixed reviews from the netizens. There is no doubt about the intention of GoAbroad. They have always tried to help more students and other people to get more information about international travel. However, students have always been vocal about the authenticity and reliability of the information posted on the website.

⇒Admission Process Support

GoAbroad has several partner universities, and they provide details on the documentation and other processes you need to know before getting admitted to an institute.

⇒Visa Support

You can check the blogs to get detailed information on how to acquire a visa.

⇒Pre-departure support

We were unable to find any concrete information on GoAbroad about pre-departure support.


With a strong presence of more than twenty years, GoAbroad is already a big name in the industry. They have consistently tried to offer the best possible information on international travel, job opportunities, and many more. However, that doesn’t stop them from getting their share of criticisms from worldwide users, which has dented their reputation in the last few years.

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