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About Mightyessays.co.uk

Mightyessay.co.uk is a website that caters to the essay writing requests of the students in the UK. According to the website “Mighty Essays is your one-stop solution to all types of essays.” The service provider claims to be extremely professional in their job, and they take their work very seriously.

However, the site is crammed with too much information on the homepage. You need to search for information by reading each line. This might excite your brains to think if the site is a fake one, solely because of their presentation.

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The services that Mightyessay.co.uk provides to the students

You will be amazed to see that the site provides nothing but essay writing service, which is limited to the following subjects:

  • Law
  • Marketing
  • MBA
  • Nursing

Even the ‘order now' page has no drop-down menu for the subject list. You have to mention your topic and provide detailed specifications of the essay paper. It is better if you call the customer service number and speak to the executives to know if they have reliable writers to write an essay on your subject.

What are the price plans of Mightyessay.co.uk?

The site says that they provide essay papers to the students at an affordable price. But is it really so? You will get three qualities of essay papers.

  • Standard

This is equivalent to the 2:2 standard. The price starts from 8.99 pounds for a delivery that is due within ten days or more.

  • Extended

This is equivalent to the 2:1 standard. The price starts from 13.99 for a delivery that is due within ten days or more.

  • Platinum

This is equivalent to a first class. The price starts from 18.99 for a delivery that is due within ten days or more. However, very few students will be able to pay such a hefty amount.

Discount provided by Mightyessay.co.uk

You will not find any discount coupons mentioned anywhere in the site. However, at the top right corner they have mentioned ‘sign up now and get massive discount'. You need to fill up the form by mentioning your details.

Since there is no concrete information on this aspect, the site can be a fraud one, which is desperately trying to attract students with lucrative discounts.

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Check out the list of free features that they provide to the students

Whether the site is legit or not is still questionable, because they provide a list of freebies which are too good to be true. The point here is, that most service providers provide these features for free when you place an order for an essay paper.

The following are the free features.

  • Limitless amendments
  • Bibliography
  • Outline
  • Title page
  • Formatting
  • Plagiarism report

If you conduct brief research, you will come to know that these freebies are included in every service related to academic assistance.

What is the money-back policy of Mightyessays.co.uk?

The site did not mention any money-back policy. However, they said that you could ask for a money refund in case their writers have not followed your guidelines. To be eligible for the refund, you have to submit a request through the website.

The student’s verdict

The homepage provides a link to view the student's reviews. Though the students do not have any complains, yet the testimonials are not detailed and are mostly one-liners. The number of testimonials is also few. Therefore, it is not possible to get a proper idea of their services.

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Apparently, the site is not involved in any scandal. However, it will be better for the students if they can know everything about the required information at first glance. Cramming the website with irrelevant promotional content is not appreciated by students who are looking for immediate assistance.

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Reviewed By Mike on 01 Feb, 2021

My experience is that their work is rushed and sloppy. Some of the "facts" presented in the writing I bought were blatantly false and the cited text did not exist. The rewrites were worse than the original. Also, I found one of the papers I bought posted on coursehero.com. I requested a refund but they never replied. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

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