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This review is for to whom I paid around $40 for the worst essay ever

It was my first ever essay at college level and I decided to let a professional writer do it for me so that I learn from that work and create a good impression on my professor. I am doing a minor in Psychology in Toronto and the essay was on the topic, ‘the anomaly of tears.’ We were supposed to write about the different reasons for the release of tears from all living beings from the emotional aspect. This was not really my specialization.

So, I searched for online assignment writing services and found that this popular site called delivered the best essays for the cheapest prices. I tried to visit the site but found that the homepage was not loading quickly. After a few minutes, the site loaded and I saw a well-organized homepage. I entered the paper’s details including –

  • The topic
  • Number of words
  • Number of references required
  • Academic level, and
  • The deadline which I set for 48 hours since I had to submit the paper after three days

I then checked the pricing and found it to be quite reasonable for the kind of essay that I wanted. Then, I provided my name, email address and contact number. I paid for the assignment and received the confirmation order.

I tried to use the live chat facility to ask them whether I could speak to the writer because it was mentioned on the website. David, the chat executive, flatly refused it saying that the writer was busy writing my essay and any disturbance could lead to the deterioration of its quality. I was puzzled by this reason and also noticed that David’s English was not at all like an English speaker’s should be. I asked him about the delivery time of the essay and he assured me that I would receive the work within the set deadline.

After a period of anxious wait, I received the essay on time. I hurriedly opened the essay file and began reading. After a thorough reading, I guessed that the essay must have been written by a school-going child because it was pathetic. There was no sign of any meaningful content whatsoever and even the references were from children’s books. I was shocked at the state of the essay and immediately opened my browser to load their site.

The site was not loading at all and there was just a blank page with the chat button still present. I asked David about the homepage and he kept on repeating the words, ‘Clear your browser history, I will check.’ Naturally, I asked him what needed to be checked. In reply to which he repeated the same words. I got annoyed and returned to the issue at hand – The essay.

I told David all about the essay and its horrible content. He only apologized and said that he would investigate the matter with the writer and revert to me in 24 hours. This made me angrier because I did not have enough time for his investigation. I told him to either modify my essay the way I wanted it to be in under 24 hours or give me a refund. And then, he stopped replying. The site still could not be loaded in spite of my numerous attempts of refreshing the page. I demanded a reply in the chat section and then David just stopped replying.

I was in a huge fix. I had lost precious time in which I could have written a much better essay than the one I received from this site. Also, I lost a good amount of money only to receive an essay that could be described as elementary at best. I was left with no other option but to write the essay myself in just five hours.

I wrote the essay myself and surprisingly received a ‘B’ grade. Out of curiosity, I visited the site once more to check whether it actually loads. To add to the proverbial ‘salt to my wounds,’ it loaded perfectly and David’s message that I must wait for 24 hours before receiving the re-work and that he would check the homepage for any issues. I checked my email and found the re-work. I checked it and found no real changes in the quality. The language was still childish and there were errors all over the place. I could not decide whether to smash my computer’s screen or just lament at my decision to pay $40 to a ‘service’ that just cannot write a college level essay.        

Since this is a review, I have to provide ratings for other users to know my experience in numbers.

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Reviewed By Fgdfgd on 25 Mar, 2020


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I regret my decision

Reviewed By Asna Raza Jan on 25 Mar, 2020

Being a part-time worker, I usually don’t get time to work on my sociology papers. I lack time to do those tasks, essays, and presentations. I found by chance and is regretting that every second. They robbed my hard earned money for three assignments.

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Don’t buy from assignmenthelpsite

Reviewed By Kim Quagliato on 03 Feb, 2020

I request 3 assignments. Luckily 2 assignment were delivered ontime and third received after 1 week of deadline. What a fake company. Ask for refund but received NO from them.

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My assignment completed by the experts was below par

Reviewed By Kevin Smith on 04 Jan, 2020

Name of the company assignmenthelpsite is big and not the quality of the services provided by them. My assignment completed by the experts was below par.

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They need to work on the quality aspect

Reviewed By Henry thomson on 18 Jul, 2017

I am a student. I naturally had high expectations of the assignment I had ordered, but it fell short. The quality of it was just not good. Thankfully, their customer care took my suggestion and revised my paper.

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No 24x7 live support

Reviewed By Jashmine Blake on 25 Jan, 2017

They claim to provide 24 x 7 live support. But this claim is absolutely false. I was discontent with the introduction part. I called them several times in order to ask them to revise the paper. But nobody picked up the phone. I sent a mail as well. But no one replied. I had to do the job on my own.

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