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It is often said that when you need it the most you will never get it. The same thing happened to me. My laptop crashed and never recovered just the day on which my professor assigned me the academic assignment writing task. The assignment had a seven-day deadline within which I needed to submit it to my professor. It was impossible for me to repair my laptop within such a short notice and start working on it. Neither could I have bought myself a new laptop. I had no other option rather than taking professional assistance.


In Australia, it is really confusing to choose a service especially when you don’t have the habit of taking this professional assistance. In the first year, I availed the service of one website but that gave me an assignment full of spelling errors. So, this time I wanted to take assistance from another website which would not disappoint me. I am a student of physics and pursuing my post graduation. My professor gave me an assignment on thermodynamics. My friend suggested me the name of He told that he has used the service couple of time and it was quite good especially when working under a short deadline. At that time, I was not in an exploring mood so I decided to take the assistance from this website. has a normal website with the simplest design that one can imagine. I had a look at one of the samples and it was pretty decently prepared. So, I thought that this website could do justice to the topic of thermodynamics. I ordered at the website. The was providing a flat 20% off on that occasion when I booked my order. It felt really nice as it reduced the total price. Further, with the deal of the day, I won a free plagiarism report of my assignment. Two add-ons in the first order! I was delighted. Though I could not contact the writer, the customer care representative informed through a mail that I would be receiving the assignment within four days.


Most of the students have financial limitations. At least I had it when I placed the order. has a separate pricing page where when you put the requirements in, automatically the prices of the assignment is derived. It is definitely a good endeavor. All the students get an idea about the cost before placing the order. A transparent pricing policy always differentiates an authentic website from others


Thermodynamics is one of the hardest sections of Physics. It is definitely not easy to prepare an assignment on this subject. The same thing I noticed with the assignment that delivered to me. The quality of the assignment was not very good. Thermodynamics is such a subject which requires mathematical interpretations with precise explanations of the theories. The assignment did not discuss all the points in detail. When the customer service called me after the delivery of the assignment, I told them the issue. As I was not satisfied with the content, they offered me a free rework of the assignment. I told them specifically where I needed improvement and what to write. Yes, the customer service listened to it very patiently and noted my requirements.


Only two days left for the final submission at this stage. But the customer service informed that all the reworks were done and delivered within 24 hours of request. Finally, my thermodynamics assignment was delivered after two hours past one day. This time they failed to deliver the assignment within the deadline. Yes, I was a little annoyed for not getting the assignment with the stipulated time but my anger mitigated when I found that they had made all the necessary changes in the paper for which I requested.


Now the paper was more-or-less flawless. It was clearly structured, clear to understand language; just what was needed in a science project - latest information and accurate references. I need not to do any major changes after it was delivered to me. It had though some minor spelling mistakes which I rectified. They must have been made in a hurry. The paper got me ‘A’ grade. Yes, not the best grade though but still it is credible keeping in mind the conditions I faced. I completed the whole procedure from my friends laptop as my own was not working. My friend too deserves credit as he helped me in this crucial situation.


Finally, let’s talk about the and the scope of its improvement. Yes, definitely it is not the best website operating in Australia. But it knows how to formulate the assignments according to the guidelines followed in this country. They must have hired experts from the locale. The quality of the papers that they give needs improvement. Only after a through amendment and rework, I could get assignment according to my expectations. They also need to be a little more careful about the deadlines that are set by the students. Personally I study in such a university which shows no leniency towards students who submit their work after the timeframe. If I could not submit the paper on time, they would straightaway award a ‘D’ grade to me. The prices of the assignment were affordable when compared with other service providers working in Australia. The customer service was good but they were not online every time.


Overall is definitely a better website than the previous one which I used in the previous semester. But it needs to improve in certain sections. I have also presented my opinions in their indigenous testimonial section. If you are in Australia, definitely you can refer to this website for your practical tasks. But if you belong to any other country or pursuing your education in some other foreign nation, it is better to opt for another website. Lastly, they should increase their samples in the website. There are only few published in the website which is definitely not enough to suffice all the students’ needs.



Quality of Work: 3.5/5

Writer Experience: 3.5/5

Affordability: 3.5/5

Timely Delivery: 2.5/5

Customer Service: 3/5

Add Ons: 3/5

OVERALL: 3.5 /5

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website is not very reliable

Reviewed By Tracy Walker on 23 Jan, 2018

I did not receive a flawless assignment as I was promised by the customer care executive, the assignment that I received was not of a masters level work it was high school standard. There was no application of the theory and no explanation the writer just wrote all the theories and expanded it to meet the word count. Another issue I had found with the service is that they provide various price quotations to various people and hence I do not think the website is very reliable.

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not fulfill requirements

Reviewed By Raihana Mohammad on 19 Jan, 2018

I am never again taking the help of I opted for their premium service hoping to get the best quality assignment but the assignment, which I got from them did not even fulfill the requirements of the marking rubric provided by my college. The references used by them were inauthentic and outdated. I had to redo more than half of the assignment to bring it to a presentable state, which I could submit to my professor.

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Reviewed By Mia Ryan on 28 Nov, 2017

My experience with this website is horrible to say the least. claim that their customer service team is polite and cooperative, but that's not true at all. This is even worse than struggling with my assignments. Now I regret having ever considered seeking their assistance on my assignment. They are basically playing with careers of us students.

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Can’t call it the best

Reviewed By MaxKnatchbull on 28 Jul, 2017

They certainly did a god job by helping me with the assignment, but I can't call them the best in the business. There were certain loopholes that went unnoticed by the writers and proofreaders. I had to rectify the mistakes ignoring other academic tasks of mine. This is something I was really not expecting. They have an active customer support team though.

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They broke all promises they made

Reviewed By Robert Hook on 26 Jul, 2017

They said revisions for my essay would be free, they weren't. They said my paper would be original, it wasn't. They are one fraud company that only lies to you. Beware of these frauds!

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Good quality, terrible pricing

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 17 Jul, 2017

The way my dissertation was written was really good! But it cost me so much that I nearly had to shell out my entire savings! At this rate, I will not be able to afford their services again 

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A bunch of frauds

Reviewed By Henry thomson on 11 Jul, 2017

Fraud ppl, i paid them $100 plus for assignment , first they gave me after due date , second they done poor work and I failed in that assignment, after that i requested for money back but they don't wana pay me back

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Unbelievable! They deliver plagiarized content

Reviewed By Essay Help on 23 Jan, 2017

I got my assignment from this service on time and was quite happy. But you won't believe what I found. The content was 30% plagiarized which is way higher than permissible limits. They refused to do rework on it.

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Alex 20 Apr, 2020

These people are THIEVES and they should not be on the market. They are just FRAUD, please do not ever use them. I paid for an essay which was never delivered to me, they simply steal students money. Please please please go elsewhere, don't give money to this bunch of morons.