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I am pursuing an undergraduate Arts degree at the University of Sydney and am also a stage actor. A few weeks ago, I was due to travel to Canberra for a stage show, but I needed to submit an essay just four days after I was due to return. The essay, though not a high priority one, was still important in the context of my overall grade. It was an essay on social sciences regarding the welfare measures that the Australian Government had taken for the upliftment of immigrants.


I usually write my own essays and for assistance purpose, I ask either my professors or my seniors for help. This was the first time I had to ask an unknown entity to write my essay in totality. Nevertheless, I conducted a search on the Internet for essay writing assistance services. The most popular result to have come out from the search was that of The reviews claimed that the site employed professional writers from Australia to write and assist students in various types of coursework. I checked the site and found it to be very user-friendly with all details made available except for the duration in which one would receive the amended work. I continued surfing the site thinking that I will not require the amendment services since my essay is sufficiently simple for a professional writer.


Then I checked the pricing (it is always a deciding factor) and the payment options were Standard, Premium, and Platinum. To be honest, I found the rates of all these options to be slightly overstated.


After much deliberation and checking the reviews of other sites, I decided to go ahead with the first option but only because of its popularity and good reviews. Also, I needed only a ‘B’ grade in the essay for my overall grade to remain consistent. I provided my contact details and all the details associated with my essay – the title, the topic, the number of pages required, the number of days within which I require the essay, the academic level, and the number of sources and references required for the essay. I also specified that the essay should contain more of current occurrences than past ones. I paid an additional $2.5 to receive an authenticity report.


Though the site had samples of previously written work uploaded, I still could not bring myself to entirely trust an assignment writing service. Therefore, I chose the Standard payment option because I did not want to spend extra money without checking the quality of the work they did for me. I received an e-mail confirmation of my order which said that the allotted writer is preparing to begin the essay. And off I went to Canberra for my show.


When I returned, the deadline was still a day away, so I decided to contact the writer to know the status of my work. To my dismay, a customer care executive replied to my call and she informed me that she will be assisting me with any queries that I have. I was put off by this especially since many reviews and a part of the site itself says that customers will get to converse with the writer. When I asked her whether I could speak to my writer, she flatly but politely refused. I suppressed my annoyance and asked her about my essay’s status. She said that the writer is 80 percent through with the work and I will receive before the deadline.


Sure enough, the work arrived in my e-mail 4 hours before the deadline was due. I was happy with the promptness of the service and also I now had sufficient time to check the completed work for my satisfaction. I checked the essay and surprisingly found quite a few errors in grammar, personalization and even factual errors. I would have corrected them myself but since the service provided free amendment, I decided to let them correct their mistake and earn the money that I paid them. So I contacted the customer support through their chat facility and asked for amendment to my work. They took a few hours to reply and finally promised me that I will receive my amended work in about a day. Since I had two days in hand, I decided to take this chance. Meanwhile, I also began making the necessary corrections to prevent any last minute hiccups.


Fortunately, they were true to their word and delivered the amended work within the deadline. I started checking the essay one last time to ensure that everything was in order. I have to say I wasn’t too surprised on finding that the paper still contained 2 to 3 errors in grammar. Thankfully, I had corrected the first version myself and submitted the modified version to my professor. I received the required ‘B’ grade for the essay but only because I had the right sense of checking and correcting the paper myself.


Overall, if I had to describe my experience with this assignment writing service, I would say that it was average. The site really has to improve its quality of work if it is to justify its pricing scheme. Also, the fact that I could not speak or communicate directly with my writer was disappointing and belied all the claims on the site and in the reviews. I did receive the desired grade but not without my own inputs, and that too after paying a considerable sum for the work. 


Genuine reviews by the student for AustralianWritings.Com [rated 2.0]. Read all reviews by which you can trust Australian Writings. And also find is AustralianWritings scam, reliable, legit or fraud.   


  • 1. How can I trust these reviews about Australianwritings?

    Along with the reviews, you will also see the actual reviews of the customers. Before hiring the services, you must know the quality of work they deliver to the customers. According to, has a rating of 2.7 out of five. The rating is very poor due to several reasons.

  • Is Australianwritings Legit?

    AustralianWritings is not completely legit because they charge too much money and deliver poor quality work. Experts deliver such poor-quality assignment solutions that the students could not submit. As per the students, they would have surely failed if they had submitted those assignments. has a poor online reputation due to this.

  • Is Australianwritings a Scam or Safe?

    This company is not safe at all. Besides poor-quality work, their customer service is also not up to the mark. According to the majority of the students, when they called for help, no one picked it up. They didn't get any replies to their emails either.

  • Is Australianwritings Reliable?

    Australianwritings is not reliable because they prioritise the money more than the quality of the work. They must know how important an assignment is to the students. Just because unskilled experts, the students are suffering, as per the reviews.

  • How do I get a refund from Australianwritings?

    Getting a refund from them is very tough, as per the reviews. According to the students, they faced rude behaviour from the customer care executive whenever they asked for a refund. As a result, even after delivering poor quality work, they declined to give any refunds.

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want my money back

Reviewed By Chloe Jones on 08 Feb, 2018

The paper I received from was horrible. How can they do this to me? They had charged me with so much money but then gave me this assignment which I cannot even use. This is very unethical and wrong. They also try to prove it is my fault where as it is not. I just want my money back

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not good but okay

Reviewed By Marceline Joseph on 23 Jan, 2018

The services provided by them are very affordable and unlike other companies they do not ask you to pay extra amount of money to complete their assignments. However, the quality of the assignment that was delivered to me was just average. I mean that some of the requirements were not properly addressed and the expert just provided a rough overview of the topics and not a detailed discussion.

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services provided me is very poor

Reviewed By Rose Watson on 18 Jan, 2018

If you are looking for help regarding your assignment then do yourself a favor and do not take the help of the experts at The quality of the services provided me is very poor and I regret having taken their help. Half of the time they do not even reply to your calls or emails. They delivered the solution to me after the date of my submission. I had to redo half of the assignment myself to make it presentable. Completely disappointed with very services.

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Inefficient customer service

Reviewed By AlexisKeldie on 28 Jul, 2017

The customer service executives were not active enough. They could not provide me with a positive solution twice. Moreover, I didn't find the 24x7 available helpline active throughout the day. However, the dissertation paper quality was satisfactory.

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Time wasters, cheats scoundrels

Reviewed By Ava luker on 26 Jul, 2017

I could hurl a thousand abuses at them for doing what they did to my dissertation. The writer started with my topic but then diverted off to a wholly different subject and I failed my paper!! :'(

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Go for a better company

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 17 Jul, 2017

I'm not saying that they are bad. No. All I'm saying is that if you really want the top grades, you are better of choosing someone else. I ordered my history assignment from them and only got a B-.

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Money suckers !!!

Reviewed By Jett mould on 14 Jul, 2017

They are only bunch of frauds. Beware! They can loot your money. Quality of assignment is s#!t...

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Beware! Don’t trust them

Reviewed By Alice Davison on 12 Jul, 2017

Poor quality content of assignment and service disrespectful don't use them I have used it once and i regret it and i learnt my lesson in hard way..

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Not reliable

Reviewed By Jelina Robinson on 25 Jan, 2017

They claim to be the best, but trust me they are the worst. Late delivery and poor content. I am extremely disappointed.

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So many errors, disappointing!

Reviewed By Olivia Thomas on 23 Jan, 2017

I got a shoddy assignment from this service with innumerable errors. They refused to revise my content or refund money. I wasted all my money after them. It would have been better if I would have done it myself.

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