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Writing an assignment is never an easy task. It includes choosing a topic, brainstorming the contents, creating an outline, writing the paper, and editing and proofreading it. Unfortunately, most students can’t put this time-consuming effort into their involvement in various academic activities and therefore seek assignments from the popular assignment assistance services. is a name that pops up on the internet quite often.  

In this review, I will do an review to answer a popular question - Is reliable?

Let’s find out.

Poor quality assignments advertises to provide unparallel quality, personalized and plagiarism free assignments designed by highly qualified writers. They say that their writers provide academic assistance to varied subjects of all academic levels and stick to the assignment guidelines provided by the students.

The writers whom hires have a poor academic qualification. They use illogical arguments in most assignments with improper sentence structure. They don't even follow the basic assignment writing guidelines. Let’s take a look at what others say.


The review above proves the quality of writing writers provide. However, according to the student, the assignment developers there did not even stick to the provided template and had uncountable grammatical errors.

It proves that the company does not have any qualified editor to proofread and correct the mistakes visible to the naked eye. But, then, how could anyone trust a company to write their assignments if they delivered solutions if they have to redo them?

Assignment delivery long after the deadline

Most students seek assignment help at the 11th hour of the deadline. Assignment help providers like are designed to provide instant assignment help with high-quality content that is original and complies with the university or academic university deadlines.

However, even these companies set their rates likewise – the shorter the deadline, the higher the price. Unfortunately, the "experts" of are not reliable for this task.

They do not understand the needs of the students and how important it is for them to submit the assignments by the due date. Their commitment to the student's assignments is that they don't delay the delivery just to an hour or two; instead, they drag it along for days. Let me prove my point.

After reading this review, if I ask you a question - is legit? What would you say? If I were you, my answer would have been negative?

Pricey assignments with the confusing refund policy offers standard quality assignments from $19.99 per page to $23.99 per page for a 10-day delivery which may rise to$41.99 when the deadline closes to 3 hours. The price ranges are pretty high compared to other service providers providing the exact or better service. The company also claims to offer a discount of 15% upon signing up, but that is entirely elusive and mockery.

Instead, the company tries to bill more money by pressing you to hire superior writers or the best quality paper; neither of these exists in their company. If you want a refund of the service, rest assured to stand in the queue for months. Don’t believe my words? Look at the example below.

This student’s feedback proves how fraud is? If the company doesn't refund money in 4 months, no one can expect that will ever refund the money.

Unresponsive customer service

Like the other services, the customer support of is not good. Often, they do not respond to the complaints from the students and are unavailable when contacted in the early morning or late evening.

Don't expect to get a straight answer to your question. Instead, be ready to interpret the diplomatic words. Take a look at the review below to understand the point.

From this review, you can understand that has the worst customer service.

To Wrap Up,

Thus, from the discussion above, you can understand that is not a reliable assignment help provider. They have faults in the essential services a company can provide, from poor quality assignments to unresponsive student support. So, hire the experts at your own risk.

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