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I took out time to write this review because I want to share my experience with everyone who desire to avail writing help from There are very few Australia-based companies you can rely upon. I thought was one of them.  But I was completely wrong!


They are not very popular with the search engine. I remember one of my friends mentioned taking help from this website. So I searched for this site and found it. Frankly speaking, the site was not a looker. Lack of professionalism was visible everywhere. But my purpose was to get my assignment done which I was struggling to do since the past two days. The title was, ‘Money and Markets: Advertising, Consumer Development During 1925 to 1945’. I was struggling to narrow down my research and gather research material from the sources. Huge amount of information was available on the internet which made me all the more confused where to start from.


Getting in Touch With


They have a toll-free number and email-id displayed on their homepage. I thought they would take more time to reply to mail than a phone call. So I dialed their number to reach them as quickly as possible. One of their customer care executives answered; he was very cordial and diligent to help me. He made me understand they had different prices slabs according to the level I was studying in. Ridiculous! I couldn’t quite understand the logic behind it. Still I went ahead and asked how to place an order. He directed me to click on ‘order now’ tab at the top and fill up the details.


Placing the Order:


I opened their order form and started filling up all essential details. I typed all additional instructions I needed to convey to the writer. Thankfully, as they have a price calculator, I knew how much their order would cost me. Their order form also calculates the price as you continue to enter the elements of the form. In case, you change them, you can see changes in the payable amount. It was cool. But only one problem I had with the order form was its color. The colors were so vibrant that it was like glaring at me. They can change the colors please! When I was done writing the order, I was proceeded to pay the money before the order. I paid the due payment through PayPal. They sent me a confirmation message. I was all relieved.


During the Order Process:


As I worried about how my assignment was coming out, I called them to check whether they were on schedule to deliver it. I could not talk to the writers. They have an additional feature where you can contact your writers via email. But no one replied me really. I was pretty disappointed. I might make some suggestions. Every time I called their customer care number, the customer care executives promised me that they would deliver my words to the writers. But in reality, it never happened when I received my assignment, those things were missing which I had conveyed.


Receiving the Assignment:


As they had promised, a draft was to be delivered to me before the deadline where I could recommend changes or corrections, if required. But to my surprise, I did not receive any draft before my delivery. It was an unprofessional behavior of them. Moreover, the delivery was also made at the last hour, I could not get enough time to revise the copy and make changes. They delivered the assignment on the last day. I almost thought I would miss the deadline this time. I only got the night to review the case study. So I had to pull out an all-nighter.


The Quality of the Assignment:


As I was reading the assignment, I found many things very interesting. But at the same time, I helplessly looked at the flaws that the paper was bearing. I did not have much time to correct them. The introduction was drab and confusing. Thus, I revised it the way I thought would be interesting. The referencing was good. The writer included a few pie charts and graphs to make it more visual. Again when you come to the conclusion paragraph, it was very average in quality: totally off the topic, seeming like it was written by another writer altogether. I paraphrased the introduction portion in concluding paragraph to make it more relevant. As I am not very good at writing, I could understand this would not please the professor tomorrow. But I had to. I wish I would send it for revision. But I had little time left in hands.


After submitting the assignment, I got C grade in my assignment. My professor asked if I had taken anyone’s help to write the case assignment as it was visible that the writing was done by two people. It was embarrassing for me. But I ensured him that it was written by me only, but I did take some help in researching things from my classmates. Here are my ratings based on the experience I shared with you.


I would not reject this company completely because it has some strengths. But unfortunately, their weaknesses are greater than its positive points. They have to improve their quality and let customers talk to the writers directly. So they can understand each other.


Finally, I would like to point that the company can be efficient if it looked into few things. The prices could be revised to attract more students; they should start giving different and personalized discounts deals and offers so that students can avail its services easily without giving a second thought.

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Not seasoned writers

Reviewed By NoahWilliams on 02 Aug, 2017

They claim that all of their assignment writers are experienced. But I really do not think so. Their writers failed to meet my requirements. I won't take help from them from the next time. But they are quite punctual about deadlines.

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Spent $1000 and wasted it!!

Reviewed By AnnabelleCorrie on 29 Jul, 2017

Four of us had ordered assignments on different subjects and they delivered our papers to each of us way after the deadline. And the quality of the content was so bad. On top of that, they never even revised it. 1000 bucks down the drain!

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My dissertation was crap

Reviewed By ZaraClogstoun on 27 Jul, 2017

It was shit. They messed up my dissertation so bad that now I will have to repeat a year and submit it all over again. How can they be so reckless?

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Missing introduction

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 25 Jul, 2017

Seriously. What kind of company submits an essay that does not have an introduction written? That's exactly what they did to me. The introduction of my paper was missing. You can imagine what the rest of the paper was like.

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They delivered so late!

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 18 Jul, 2017

Thank god that I had not mentioned the real deadline of my assignment or god knows when they would have submitted it! That said, the paper looked professional, so I could submit it without worrying.

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Got poor grades

Reviewed By Philips Jhonson on 25 Jan, 2017

I got C on assignment writing. I knew the assignment would not get me high grades, but C? This is too low for me. This is not an ideal company on which you invest in.

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Not recommending it to anyone

Reviewed By Jett mould on 23 Jan, 2017

Cannot tell you how much I suffered because of this company. Would not recommend this site to anyone ever in my life. I had to re-write the whole thing from scratch after spending so much money on this service. Shameful!

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