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I’m a student of Sociology at the Penn State University, and I'm currently in my second year. Last year I was thinking about delegating my tasks to an essay writing service because the pressure of presenting multiple assignments and at the same time managing a part-time job started taking a toll on my health. This was when I came across Are you wondering how reliable there service is? Here is my review on the experience I had with the website.

1. Customization of tasks:

Before I placed an order, I visited the website a couple of times to check if they are legit or not and whether they will be capable of meeting the list of requirements I had for my assignment.

Since the website mentioned that the assignments are created according to the exact specifications of the clients, I was convinced that they would prepare the task exactly the way I requested them to. But that didn’t happen. When I received the draft of the assignments, I was shocked to see that the writers have missed some of the key elements of the topic, and instead discussed irrelevant points. To be honest, I can’t call them to be genuine in this aspect.

I would give them 2 out of 5.

2.Pricing structure and discounts:

The services of the website are anything but affordable. If I didn’t have an urgent requirement, I would never have opted for their website. They charge an exorbitant amount of money as compared to the kind of service they provide. Although they have two separate categories for their services (standard and elite), I didn’t find any difference between the two.

What’s more, they didn't have any first-time discount, neither did they have any referral bonus to offer against my order. All they basically did was extract my money.

Also, when I had placed a request for money refund, I was told that I would only receive a partial refund of the amount I had paid for my task. So, their pricing structure doesn’t quite live up to the claims.

I would give them 1 out 5 points in this aspect.

3. Qualified and professional experts:

When I was placing an order on the website, I went through the reviews posted on the website, and I found that many reviews posted on the site have raved about how the writers on the site are the epitome of professionalism. Sadly, my experience with these writers proved to be quite the contrary and made me believe that their services could be fake. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted my papers to be customized according to the specifications mentioned by my university. But, it seemed that the writers have no idea how to approach the topic.

Not only did they fail to meet the requirements, but I also discovered that they had very limited knowledge of the relevant referencing style. I would also like to point out that they have no option that allowed me to talk to the writers directly. This, in my opinion, is a major downside because I feel I could have made the writers understand my assignment topic better. 

I would give them 1 out of 5 points here as well.

4. Delivery of the assignments

When I placed the order for my assignment, I had set a week’s deadline for it to be delivered. I received the papers a day before the assignment, which is commendable, even though I had to send it for multiple revisions and rework later.  Now, I must admit that I was really impressed with the delivery.

Another thing that’s commendable is that they kept notifying me about the progress of my paper. So, I am really impressed with their delivery. This is the only feature of their website that hasn’t disappointed me.

So I would give them 3 out of 5 points for this feature.

To sum it all up, at best I would only be able to give 2 out of 5 stars to Also, I would like to include a word of caution here for the students who are willing to opt for their services. You must weigh the pros and cons of the service providers before choosing them. This way you will be able to minimize the risks.


  • Is theunitutor legit?

    Even though Theunitutor disguises itself as a legit service, students have a different picture to present. Based on multiple reviews where students have expressed their grievances, you’ll have a hard time believing their legitimacy.

  • Is Theunitutor a scam?

    Yes, theunitutor a scam, according to many such users who have lost their hard-earned money, this service is nothing but a scam. People who have used theunitutor’s services have complained of being overcharged. The service has denied multiple refund requests.

  • Is Theunitutor good company?

    If you try to search for someone who has received good service from theunitutor, you won’t find a single person. Based on the multiple complaints in the service review section, there’s no doubt that theunitutor is one of the worst companies.

  • Is theunitutor reliable?

    Reliable is the last word students will use when describing theunitutor. Despite requesting refunds after accidentally paying double, the company refuses to acknowledge the complaint. Their unreliability is the source of stress for many students.

  • Is theunitutor fake?

    Even though theunitutor promises to provide customized assignment writing, many students have complained of receiving plagiarized work. Therefore, many users believe that the service is fake and is only scamming people for their money.

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Poor Quality

Reviewed By Gaurav Singh on 21 Jan, 2021

I recently ordered my assignment writing task, But they provided me very unprofessional work. They did not fulfill my assignment criteria or timeline. Not recommendable to others.

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Very disappointed

Reviewed By Saurav Sharma on 20 Jan, 2021

I am very disappointed with the essay assignment, Got from was not up to the mark. They promised me that they would provide me with the best possible solution but the quality of the assignment was very poor!

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Worst Academic Writing Servo

Reviewed By Ankush Shee on 20 Jan, 2021

I got the worst academic writing service with! They provided me plagiarised academic solution just by rephrasing the sentences. Not recommendable to others. Don't waste your time or money here.

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Worst Service

Reviewed By Hamza Khan on 20 Jan, 2021

My experience was very bad.i would say very UNpunctual and low communication between tutor and receptionist. i got my order 14 hours late. which made me 4 hours late to submit. and reply to each queston was '10 mins' which never ends.

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Garbage Scam

Reviewed By Shahwaz Ansari on 18 Jan, 2021

Garbage Scam Services! They are very unprofessional, waste writing, and provide 55% plagiarism content. Not to be Recommended!!

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Fraud Team

Reviewed By John Anderson on 24 Dec, 2020

Please do not waste your time and money. They provide very low quality of work. Also they cheat and copy from other cites. They claim they will refund money but they never do.

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scam website

Reviewed By Sharad proacha on 09 Dec, 2020

trust me, there is no affordable price there in they are running scam website. I thought everything on their is real. but they provide me copied content. don't recommed.

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Worst Assignment Website Ever

Reviewed By Saleem khan on 03 Dec, 2020

I gave my assignemnts in this websites worth $1000. When i got my first result it said 54% and it was very shocking. When i sent these guys the message they reply cooly saying we are sorry. Whn i ask for a refund they tell me that they cnnot do anything as i passed. Do not give youre assignments here at all. They just cheat and take money but no quality and customer service people are very rude

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Reviewed By Sameer Kapila on 25 Nov, 2020

Very unprofessional and rude behavior. Did not help me with my academic writing after I already paid for it. Even after attempting to call several times and send messages, they did not respond nothing.

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Reviewed By Sangita Kumari on 02 Nov, 2020

I just had a paper done by them, and when i tried to call the number it had been DISCONNECTED. STAY AWAY!

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Absolutely the worst

Reviewed By M Perez Castro on 31 Oct, 2020

A bunch of con artists. When they screw up they give you the company line and expect you to pay for a revision of a job they botched. The nerve!

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