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If you are too driven by the flashy websites on the internet vouching to complete your task against any haywire rate, then this is high that you wake up. You must wake up to the situation right now. You can never think of any other service provider who is out and out false and has many reviewers firmly against him. So, check out this review beyond the usual advertisement on behalf of the website's illogical claims.  

1. Strengths and Weaknesses

The website is easily accessible.

They make regular fake services.

One can check out the services available on the website  

Quality assurance is not legitimate. Hence it is pretty essential to get the details before you do well.


2. Quality levels

In-depth Subject knowledge

Very few writers on the website have the insight to provide in-depth knowledge of the website. Without quality, your assignment will be nowhere. No matter how much advertisement it secures from boating online, it must be result-oriented. All your queries need to be met in a definite time. Otherwise, all your money will go to waste.

Researched content

It is claimed on their website that all the works are done with the utmost range of research and data accumulation. However, not a single paper done from this website has been tested through the gates of authenticity. A significant part of the information is false and marred with a bad reputation.


It is reported that the total number of works coming out of this website is very problematic. None of them has maintained any structure. The structure of every assignment done by this company is nothing but a facade of the actual requirements. Students mostly failed after collecting assignments from here.

Syntax Skills

It is a shame that a recognised website is not capable of maintaining syntax skills. If your assignment service provider cannot take care of the basic sentence structure and syntaxes, it better be out of the picture. Unfortunately, has failed while maintaining the quantity.

Citation knowledge

Without proper reference and citation, you cannot legitimise your research. However, reviewers found that the citations are entirely wrong throughout the document. Each reference has not even a minimum connection with the information used in the content. It is nothing but a fraud which is marred with improper practices.

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3. Price and Quality

The actual price points are not voluntarily disclosed on the website. It is nothing but an illogical and unreliable practice on behalf of the website.

Also, more than the price, the quality of work is totally out of sync with the actual requirement. Moreover, some of their contents are also highly plagiarised, which goes against the practice of fair practice.

4. Offers and discounts

The website has a fragile policy of offers and discounts. It is highly suspicious whether the offer is actually in place or it is to be granted by some other means. But in all probability, the discounts do not impact the pocket because they are mostly fraud and unreliable.

5. customer support reviews

The website enjoys a horrible customer support review. Its official website claims a 98% rating from customers, but very few customers are happy with the services. You cannot make false promises and get away with them so conveniently.

6. Revision and refund policy

The website claims a 100% full rework service with pretty little cost. But actually, minimal rework services transpire in review policies. The rework is not even submitted at the due date. This is why it is an enduring problem with the customers.

7. Online Reputation

To be frank, the online reputation of is relatively low. So, you have to be particular about the best services we give you. So, in all probability, you must discard the services provided by this specific website.

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  • Is legit?

    The services of are anything but legit. You have to be aware of all the credentials necessary for picking your orders. You cannot find any address of the service provider. So, how can you consider such a service legit when the basic premises are not well documented?

  • How can I know that my paper provided by TheStudenthelpline is original?

    With this website, you have very little chance of knowing whether it is original. But you can subscribe to plagiarism checking sites to know whether the writers have copied directly from other online content or not.

  • Is Safe? is anything but safe with your assignment. You can never trust a website with the actual address and submission criteria.

  • Will I get a complete refund from if I fail?

    There are no written policies on the website that affirm you a 100% payback. It is pretty unlikely that you have to deal with such fake promises when you stay attached to the services. So, you will never get a full refund in the absence of some trustworthy service.

  • Q: Can I cancel an order on

    Well, among all the bad news with this fake service, the only sign of hope is you can cancel the order and get the money back with a minimum deduction.

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Reviewed By Skyla Wilson on 11 May, 2022

I am a UK scholar and I hired The Student Helpline for my dissertation assignment writing help, I am so happy with their work delivered to me and the understanding between their writers with dissertation subject. I suggest them to my friends too because they really need some expert writers for help then to write their dissertations & assignments.

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