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Checking the reliability of online writing services is not easy at all. Ask me, I have been through one of these experiences and it was not pleasant. I really don’t want to scare you about online writing services providers. But I also don’t want you to face the same situation that I faced with For starters, I am highly ambitious about my academic goals. I constantly keep in touch with professors and try to accomplish every academic task by myself. But last week, the trail of unfortunate incidents which cannot be explained in words upset my schedule. And I was left with the heavy burden of assignment writing. This is why I went on to avail online assignment writing help from which has forced me to write this review today. I request you to read this review before availing services from

As I mentioned earlier, I had many things in hand that need to be accomplished. I was working on a PowerPoint Presentation that was supposed to be submitted a day before for evaluation. But my professor allowed me to have the deadline extended for two days. Yes, he is very good. But the problem is I still had two essays and an article to finish. I had already asked him for a deadline extension. As he was humble and kind, he did it. But I could not expect him to do it again for me. So I had to find another way.

I remembered my Asian friend Liu once mentioning about a writing service company. But unfortunately I could not recall the name. So left without any choice, I searched the Internet. And there were hundreds of them. After few moments, my eyes got exhausted and I gave up. But I did manage to find a website where many contemporary writing service providers were reviewed. That’s where I found was given an average 7 point out of 10. It is good, right? I thought that too.

I found their website. Though, I did not have much time to scan the whole website, I grabbed their US number and called them. The lines were busy. I took the online chatting option. As I clicked on ‘live chat – online’ a new window opened in front of me. It wanted to know whether I was an existing customer or a visitor. When I clicked on ‘visitor’, I had to state my purpose, I chose ‘placing an order’. A chat window came up, where a site operator named Lia welcomed me. She assured me that I only needed to fill up the assignment form for them. I clearly mentioned that the deadline was two days and I could not afford to miss it. She said two days were enough to complete the essay. So I was convinced.

They had a very specifically designed order form, requiring minor details, essay type, discipline and topic. Fortunately, I was given a topic to write the psychology essay, but not any for the history essay. I was asked to write anything related to ‘Slavery in America’. So I left the topic section blank as they told me that if I did not mention any prior topic, the writer would choose that for me. As I had to fill up two separate forms for two essays, it took me few moments. I wish I could fill up one form for two orders; it would save me time and energy.

After giving out the paper details, price calculation section came where I had to state details like number of pages, deadline, choice of writers etc. I wanted to pick advanced category of writers, but it would cost me more than I could afford to. So I had to give up the plan and go for standard price. I thought my essays would turn out to be inferior quality. But I took the chance.

They also had two eye-catching add-on features, writer’s sample and copy of sources used. But you had to pay extra money for that. I chose not to. This is not the end; the order form was extended to the third page where payment information had to be entered. After doing all these tiring work, TWICE. I was finally done with placing orders. Phew. They send me a confirmation message stating they had received my requirements. I breathed a sigh of relief and started doing my article that was due in three days.

I was supposed to receive my assignments at night, so that I could submit them in the morning. But they forget. When I called them, they said it would reach me early in the morning. I was furious, asking for Lia who had assured me that I would get the assignments on time. I told them this was not a professional attitude. They kept on making lame excuses, the writer got sick and we had to delegate the work to another writer who started from scratch and blah blah! I was doubtful whether I would receive any essay next day morning. I could not sleep that night because these essays would have a direct influence on my final grades. I was repeatedly checking my mail and accounts to get any update. Finally, I received them at dawn.

I hastily opened them and started reading it. I was not satisfied with the quality. But I was happy that I got them completed. After finishing reading the two essays, I realized they had got them written by the same writer. Yes, it had the same writing style, same writing errors and same structure as well. It cannot be a co-incidence. But I knew if I asked them, they would deny it completely. The essays lacked in-depth knowledge. As a saving grace, the writer cited the references in the writing. Still it had some proofreading errors that took me another half an hour to correct.

Here comes the last part of my review, evaluation of They delayed the delivery, and then they delivered sub-standard quality essay content whereas I paid them to provide standard quality essay content. This is not how you treat your new customers, right? I did not like its services, and would not recommend it to anyone. First of all, they should understand, different disciplines need different experts. One cannot cover all subjects. Second of all, they should revise their pricing policies. It is too high for a student who is surviving on loans. They should give discounts and offers so that students can afford it easily. I hope they understand where they are failing to provide premier services. After assessing every single point of

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  • How I can trust these reviews about SmartWritingService?

    The reviews available at are absolutely reliable. Every source type is double-checked before it gets published on the website. Also, a dedicated team updates the reviews from time to time, depending on the changing industry scenario. As per the same team, the content outcome of SmartWritingService is somewhat lagging behind the general industry standards.

  • Is SmartWritingService Legit?

    While the company claims to provide a variety of paper help services, when consulted with real students, the claims turned out to be an absolute scam. On the contrary, website like, with features like safe payment options, a moneyback guarantee, and a dedicated student area, is becoming a legit place to look out for.

  • Is SmartWritingService Scam or Safe?

    This is an area of debate, and most of the points prove SmartWritingService to be a scam. For example, the official website of SmartWritingService fails to highly the total years of experience, the number of professional writers, and the writing they specialise in.

  • Is SmartWritingService Reliable?

    The company is not ready to disclose its years of experience in the industry and the number of professional writers they have on board. Thus making students question their reliability.

  • How do I get a refund from SmartWritingService?

    Seeking a refund from SmartWritingService is complex, and multiple clauses are attached. As a student, it will be difficult for you to juggle between assignment deadlines and seek refunds at the same time. On the other hand, provides a 100% refund, and the money gets transferred to your account within one or two business days.

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Reviewed By Shaurya Aryavir on 29 Jun, 2019

I chose the best dissertation writer who had a 100% success rate of writing exceptional case studies. However, they turned out to be unprofessional as they missed out many major instructions. When I asked for a revision, they simply turned down my request.

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grammatical errors

Reviewed By Adylah Sam on 27 Jun, 2019

A five-year-old can write better than this! The papers I got contained everything from grammatical errors to the wrong information.

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Why do they even exist

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 26 Jul, 2017

I think their sole purpose of existence is to make hell the lives of students who take essay help from them. Their experts have no knowledge and write papers that can surely make you fail.

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Could have been better

Reviewed By Ava luker on 17 Jul, 2017

I'm not complaining about the way they did my math assignment. I just feel that it could have been better. Like, they could have maybe included the steps of the calculation in the paper. But overall okay.

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Poor service

Reviewed By RiCky HarDy on 12 Jul, 2017

worst service ! dodgy website.. don't even go to these money makers. firstly didn't delivery my assignment on time and then asked me extension and after that, they gave me totally wrong assignment and didn't refund me and. (extremely poor customer service as well)

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