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It was my dream to pursue my post-graduation in Australian National University (ANU). But getting admission to this institution has never been an easy task as it ranks among the best in the whole world. Since the past few years, many international students had also started coming to study in ANU which made the competition for admission all the more tough. I was quite eager to get myself enrolled in ANU. Hence, I thought about taking professional assistance. Yes, there are several companies that provide essay and assignment help to the students in Australia. But I chose as it had decent reviews and was providing special application essay help services during the admission time.


In this university, I wanted to take admission in Biodiversity Conservation under environmental sciences program. In the admission process, we were required to submit an application essay along with the duly filled admission form and other details. I wanted to confirm my admission in this course which has very high prospects in future. But as another possible option, I also applied in the Geography field. The customer service at told that they had academic experts from the field of Environmental Science who would be appointed for my project.


But you won’t believe what happened to me - I didn’t get the chance to study in the field of Biodiversity Conversation even after taking this professional assistance. It was very disappointing and shocking for me. I was very enthusiastic and hopeful about getting my admission in this prestigious course which would have secured my future. But alas, the expectations do not always meet the reality. I know the seats in this course were very limited and accordingly the competition was also very high. My marks in the graduation were decent but those who got the chance had the highest grades and obviously they submitted an impeccable admission essay with their application. I was completely disheartened when the results were declared. I know that getting the chance in this course was tough but not impossible. This is the reason I took this assistance from Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance and had to settle for the other course to which I had applied simultaneously.


But things were pretty different when I took this assistance services from I had a chat with the customer care service and they told me that they were offering a special 18 percent discount on every order. They also said that had special academic experts on the subject who would prepare the essay. The application essay was required to be balanced between my future ambitions and present achievements. It also needed to include the reasons why I was interested in taking up this course.


The process of taking this support from was pretty easy which further interested me. I filled up the order form and took the premium quality service from them. It was better than the standard service and assured me more features. From the website, it was not clear how I was going to be better-off by taking the premium services so I had to call the customer care again. I think it is really necessary to inform all the customers clearly when you are providing three types of services. The customer care service told me that the students who took the premium service, the company would do their work based on priority. They also had a VIP service package but that was very costly which I could not afford. I placed the order according to the premium service and as promised received the discount on my complete order.  


The writer, who was supposed to do the job, contacted me after around one hour online after I placed the order and confirmed it and I made the payment. He asked me about my requirements personally which I told. I also told him about my concern that I deeply aspired to get myself enrolled in this course. He assured me that he would give his best efforts to prepare the essay. However, the final essay which I received reciprocated otherwise. Another thing I would like to mention herein that the customer service was also not online every time. I could not contact them through the online chatting or through the phone and had to wait. This is an academic field where every service needs to be online round the clock.


The paper was delivered to me within the deadline for which I appreciate the service. But the essay which I received was of average standards. It maintained the guidelines issued by the university but the actual content of the essay was below my expectations. Definitely, it was not done by a dedicated expert as promised to me. It was a work done by some other experts. The document didn’t have any spelling or grammatical errors but the arguments put into it were very weak and not sufficient to impress the admission officers. At that time, I realized that the quality of the essay was not exceptional but I was not aware of the very high standards of write-ups that are going to be submitted by my competitors. I didn’t have much time to rectify the content. I submitted the essay without doing major changes. The customer service called after the essay was delivered to me. I told them my concern but they told that the essay had met all the guidelines given by me.


The results were declared after four weeks from submission. Due to my failure I was very disappointed but the next day itself the results of admission in the geography course under Arts were declared in which I secured my enrollment. At least, I had something to cheer about. I don’t put the whole blame on this company. Yes, definitely I too had my own drawbacks. But definitely, if they had given me a better admission essay, the chances of my admission in the Biodiversity Conservation course would have surely increased.


Overall, my experience with was not satisfactory. The reason behind it is purely because I didn’t get the chance in my aspiring course. With regard to the quality, definitely needs to improve. The writers of this company need to be more efficient and need more improvement in their own caliber. The prices of the add-ons provided by the service are expensive whereas the actual prices of the service are affordable especially due to the discount offers.


Lastly from my side, I am pursuing my post-graduation in Geography crushing my dreams of studying Biodiversity Conservation. From the next time, in the coming semesters, I would try to do all my assignments on my own.

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i pay extra money

Reviewed By Ava smith on 15 Feb, 2018

service provide me with the best possible solution but the work that I got from them was complete rubbish. The work did not even addressed all the requirements of the assignment. I even had to ask for an extension from my professor as did not complete the work within the stipulated deadline. On top of that, I had to pay them extra amount of money apart from the one that I paid at the time of registration to get the work completed.

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Rude customer support team !!

Reviewed By WillBlacket on 02 Aug, 2017

I faced issues while going through their assignment pricing page. So, I called on the number given on their website. But their customer support executives did not resolve my issues. Their behavior was not polite at all.

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High risk, avoid at all costs

Reviewed By SpencerElliston on 29 Jul, 2017

The chances of you getting a good assignment from them are 1 in 100! Avoid this shitty little Indian company that brands itself as Australian!

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I want my money back

Reviewed By SpencerStobie on 27 Jul, 2017

I failed in my assignment and I was told I would get a full refund if that happened. It's been 6 weeks and I haven't received my money yet!

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Fraud company run by Indians!

Reviewed By Rose jude on 25 Jul, 2017

You'll be digging your own grave if you trust this company. Even their customer care support speaks in wrong English with an Indian accent. I wasted a lot of dollars on them for my essay. Don't waste yours.

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