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About is one of those websites, the experts of which know how to present information which students of Engineering want to know the very time they visit the website. The site is well-designed, showcasing the drop-down menus, the services, price quotes, testimonials, blogs, etc. in the home page. The amount of information given on the website is a proof of the fact that the company is a legit one.

What are the services that provides to the students? proclaims itself as a reliable website which offers top quality CDR on various disciplines of engineering. Apart from getting CDR for Electrical engineers, Mechanical engineers, Civil engineers, etc., you also get CDR for Bio-Medical engineers, Control engineers, Polymer engineers, etc.

Rate this service. Your feedback is valuable for others also provides you with the following services given below.

  • Professional review of CDR prepared by a client

They review the CDR you have written and send you feedback. They highlight the mistakes, correct the CDR and ensure that you submit a flawless copy to the EA.

  • Writing single or multiple career episodes has experts to write a single or multiple career episodes as per your requirement.

  • Writing a CDR summary statement

If you are unable to compose an impressive CDR summary statement, the most important part of a CDR, the experts hired by will write it for you.

Other services provided by include:

  • Resume preparation
  • CDR training (2 hours)
  • Complete reference (sample) reports
  • Plagiarism checking

What is the rate chart of the different services?

The rates of the services vary with the deadline. However, you will find no chance to complain because they charge the price that is quoted. There are no hidden charges when you place an order.

For instance, the homepage displays the price of a complete CDR preparation for a 4 to 5 week deadline as 495 AUD. You will be paying the same price when you checkout. has displayed the complete rate chart on the home page. Therefore, there are fewer chances of the website offering fake services.

Rate your valuable Experience with offers lucrative discounts is supposed to be a genuine site because they do not give lucrative discounts to attract students to purchase services from them. The homepage displays a special discount of 30%.

Students can avail this discount till 23 July 2018. They have to use a discount coupon code at checkout, the code being ‘30percentoff’. provides money refund

Yes, states that they provide a 100% money-back guarantee in case the CDR that they have given to you is rejected by EA.

However, to get a money refund, there are some terms and conditions that you need to fulfil.

What are students saying about

Customers who have availed the services from posted positive reviews on the site. You will not find any engineer saying that the site is a fraud one. In fact, there are no scandals about

An engineer from Pakistan said that he is very thankful to the team for complete assistance in the preparation of the CDR and summary statement. Engineers from Philippines, India, China and other countries too have posted similar reviews stating that the CDR got approved by the EA.


The site appears to be a genuine one, providing important assistance to enthusiasts who want to pursue a career in Engineering. Moreover, apart from providing a contact number and an email address, they have also mentioned the location of the company.


  • How can I trust these reviews about is a trusted reviewing website, and we provide a detailed review on assignment help websites. You will get proper stats and figures to understand if the website is the best for you. Hence, when you want to know about, go through the reviews on our website and make a wise decision.

  • Is legit?

    You can go through the reviews to understand if is legit or not. We have looked into all the aspects that make a website legit and provided a detailed analysis. We have not found the website to be legit. You can check our analysis and refer to all the points mentioned before making a decision.

  • Is safe or a scam?

    We have looked into all the aspects of and have found a lot of flaws. The website does not provide refunds and does not have the right set of experts to help students overcome the odds and help them score well in the papers. In addition, the website does not have any tie-ups with popular payment portals making the payment process unsafe.

  • Is reliable?

    No, is not a reliable website for getting assignment help. You will not get the right solutions, nor will you get any refunds when you ask them for it. You can check the reviews on the website to understand if you can rely on them with your assignments.

  • How do I get a refund from

    The refund policy on is not clear. The website promises a 100% moneyback guarantee but has never acted on it. Furthermore, the representatives will reject your calls and will not answer your queries when you ask them for refunds. Hence, don’t trust them with your assignments.

  • How can I trust these reviews about CdrAustralia? is a popular reviewing website, and students rely on it before making any purchasing decision on any assignment writing service. Our eminent researchers have collected valuable information on various aspects to help students understand if CDRAustralia is a trustworthy CDR writing service or not.

  • Is CdrAustralia Legit?

    CdrAustralia is a complete fraud writing service. They are big-time scammers, and thus we think it is our duty to warn students before they waste their money on the writing service. Writers seem to have little or no knowledge on the topic of assignments. When you try to get a hold of them to discuss the details you want them to change, they avoid it.

  • Is CdrAustralia Scam or Safe?

    CdrAustralia should not be trusted at all. They tend to ask you for 50% fees in advance, and once you ask to return the fees, they tend to send a threatening email to Engineers Australia against you. You will absolutely be disappointed if you choose CdrAustralia.

  • Is CdrAustralia Reliable?

    CdrAustralia is not reliable when it comes to providing quality solutions to students. The writers are not professional at all. Their bank account is also not in Australia, as they say. Students who have asked for a refund immediately got blocked on Whatsapp. They never reply to you on emails. You will lose your time as well as money if you choose their service.

  • How do I get a refund from CdrAustralia?

    Forget refund; they will not even try accepting their mistakes on their part. Students even have received a reply in one line suggesting students should follow whatever they have prepared.

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Discount Scam

Reviewed By Rajender Godara on 08 Feb, 2021

Discount Scam. I didn’t receive any such discounts. I had to pay the full price for availing their services. I’m totally disappointed.

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