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NinjaEssays complaints- 'quality of writing', 'grammatical errors', 'lot of reworks', and 'irrelevant and unconnected writing'. Consequently, NinjaEssays has a below rating of 2 stars out of 5 indicating that NinjaEssays is not reliable and not worth your money. For this reason, students are not satisfied, call them "Professional scammers from Ukraine".

The inevitable truth about assignment services is you can’t be sure about their authenticity until you opt for their services., being established in 2014, has never been up to the mark for quality content. Though it comprises around 400 writers, students don't prefer to go with them unless they have no other option. Its pricing starts from $19.99, higher than the standard market rates. Yes, has discount schemes and refund policies, but they hardly benefit any student.

Pricing has never been a top performer in the assignment service league. But surprisingly, its charges start from $19.99, which is far above the market rates. Depending on the paper quality and deadline, the prices can go up to $64.99 per page. Besides this aspect, it also delivers inferior quality solutions that deter most students from hiring the experts of this agency. accepts payment via PayPal, MasterCard, or Visa. This agency gives discounts and refunds, but often, they come at the cost of your assignment. The discount programs go up to 15% depending on the page numbers.

Check the complete price structure below- 

Deadline Standard Quality Premium Quality Platinum Quality
10 days 19.99 22.99 26.99
7 days 20.99 23.99 27.99
5 days 22.99 25.99 29.99
4 days 24.99 27.99 31.99
3 days 27.99 30.99 34.99
48 hours 31.99 34.99 38.99
24 hours 36.99 39.99 43.99
12 hours 42.99 45.99 49.99
6 hours 49.99 52.99 56.99
3 hours 57.99 60.99 64.99

Company Details:

E-mail id:,

Toll-Free: 1-800-396-6864

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Q&A on Ninjaessays

Q- Is Ninjaessays a legit company? Wanting to know before I spend my money!

Ans- No, absolutely not. Ninjaessays is a complete scam that lures students to pay for assignments and end up delivering poor-quality works. This shouldn't be your choice if you aim for higher grades in your upcoming assignments. Their pricing schemes are also quite arbitrary as you need to pay a huge amount for a small task.

Q- Can I can cancel an order and book another of the same value?

Ans- If you placed an order by mistake, you can't cancel even if you intend to do so. It’s a common problem for learners availing of its services. Their website shows 24*7 customer assistance, but there is hardly any professional active even during conventional working hours. Also, there is no clear mention of a refund policy on their website.

Q- Will I get a complete money back if I fail in assignments?

Ans- While going through their website, you will come across a refund policy section. Still, when the actual need arises, there is hardly any customer service professional available to voice your doubts. After hearing all these, if you still go with Ninjaessays, it will be a big gamble on your part. The mentioned moneyback schemes only lure students to fall into their vicious trap.

Q- Can I hire an expert for me throughout the semester?

Ans- Like every other organization, Ninjaessays makes big promises. But, when it comes to delivery, they fail miserably. More appropriately, students fail miserably in their exams. While browsing the website, you will sense that experts are always available, but the reality is very opposite. Their website resources are also not up to the mark. Moreover, these resources are few and aren't of any help for students. As stated in the Ninjaessays reviews, instances are numerous when students fail to get access to writers in dire circumstances.

Q- Is the Ninjaessays site is fake?

Ans- No, the Ninjaessays site isn’t fake, but there are plenty of errors on the site. If you are skeptical about the same, read the reviews posted by various students to get a concrete picture. Besides charging high, their low-grade services have shattered the dreams of many. Obviously, you won’t prefer to be a part of that list. So, make an informed decision and stay away from the false promises of Ninjaessays.

Q- How long does it take for Ninjaessays to complete an assignment essay?

Ans- The website gives you the freedom to choose your preferred deadline for your order while submitting the academic requirements. You can pick a deadline within the range between 3 hours to 10 days. Their website also boasts that their writers can handle pressure well and meet any deadline. However, the student reviews don't support their claims.

Q- Is Ninjaessays a scam or a legit company?

Ans- If you go through their reviews, you will get this answer in a flash. Their services aren’t legit, and the numerous complaints from students support this point. Therefore, hiring their services is a complete waste of time.

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Q- Can I get a 1000-word essay done by 11 pm tonight?

Ans- Yes, you can choose any deadline within the range between 3 hours and 10 days. But often, quantity comes at the cost of quality.

Q- How much is a 500-word essay?

Ans- The pricing chart of Ninjaessays varies according to the deadline and word count. Their charges start from $19.99 per 275 words, and it extends to $64.99 for urgent help. You get a 15% discount on your first order. There are several other discount programs that go up to 15%, depending on the deadline and number of pages.

Q- Do you provide service to customers in Singapore?

Ans- Yes, Ninjaessays provides assignment help services to customers in Singapore. However, there operate all around the world. Being a part of this world, Singapore won't be an exception.

Q- I have already paid for my assignment. So why do they need some documents?

Ans- Generally, after payment, most assignment agencies don't demand certain documents like identity proof, address proof, birth certificate, etc. But, Ninjaessays does. However, there is no specific reason mentioned. The primary assumption is they want to verify the student's credentials for the very last time.

Q- What resources do you have to help you with proper citations? My professor wants scholarly resources.

Ans- There are a few downloadable resources on their website. But the content quality is below the standards. In most cases, the writers don’t have a concrete knowledge of the subject matter they are writing which tempts them to prepare lousy papers.

Q- Do you have online-protected exams?

Ans- If you need any help during online exams, you can resort to their experts. But, don’t keep any high expectations. The main thing is they assist you during online exams, and it should be enough for you.

Conclusion: After going through the above sections, you must have got an idea of their quality of services. So, it’s always advisable not to opt for their academic services, as it may lose you marks. Yes, there are certain positives, but they aren’t enough to vote for them.

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Fake company

Reviewed By Deependra Singh on 13 May, 2020

Total waste of time and money. I gave them clear instructions about my assignment, and they could not even follow that. I did some research and found that all the writer profiles on ninjaessays are fake. Stay away for these cheats

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Lack of quality support

Reviewed By Janet Day on 09 Apr, 2020

While there are a lot of websites, offering a personalised solution at a low price, Ninjaessays provides with generic solutions at a higher price. I thought, at least the quality would be better. But it was disappointing as well.

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They don't know citation

Reviewed By Jamile Khouri on 02 Apr, 2020

My university is very particular about the minute details in every paper. This is why I decided to get professional help in the first place. Who knew, the ninjaessays writers will get me into trouble. They not only cited the wrong source by also used two different styles in the same paper.

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I got no rework, a false promise made

Reviewed By Ellie Mann on 25 Mar, 2020

Very unhappy with the ninjaessays service. I somehow managed to rework on the paper that Ninjaessays wrote for me. My professor was furious about my submission. I will barely pass, he said. I lost my money, and my paper was a waste because of Ninjaessays.

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Very Poor Quality

Reviewed By Sam taylor on 20 Feb, 2020

I regret my decision of coming here with my history assignment. I must mention ninjaessays has the worst writers. I was literally in tears after I received my assignment from them. The structure was wrong; the entire paper was filled with broken English. There was no way I could submit that paper.

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Reviewed By Tracy Walker on 17 Feb, 2018 did not incorporate half of the requirements provided by my professor in the marking rubric. I even had to ask for an extension from my professor as they did not complete the assignment within the deadline stipulated by the professor. I am completely disappointed with the kind of service that I got

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like to take the services again

Reviewed By Aniee Jones on 07 Feb, 2018

I am delighted with the kind of service that I got from the experts of and would like to take the services again. It was because of them that I was able to submit my essay within the deadline stipulated by my professor. The registration process was very easy as well as user-friendly. However, the quality of the assignment could have been improved a little. I found that the assignment was a mere paraphrase of the topic and did not provide a detailed analysis.

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Contents are not fully plagiarism-free

Reviewed By JustinHerlitz on 28 Jul, 2017

This is something I wasn't even expecting from a professional firm. Although the dissertation paper was decent enough, but it was not completely plagiarism free. There were certain copied text and references, which I had to edit before submission.

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Never order from them!!

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 26 Jul, 2017

Unless you 100% want to fail in your assignment, never ever place your order with this site! They promised me a refund but it's been two months and now they have blocked me!!

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Wish they had done better

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 17 Jul, 2017

Everything was great when I placed my order. It was quick and easy, really affordable. And then I got my assignment, which was just not good. They revised it but for an extra price. I'm disappointed 

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Don’t trust them !!!

Reviewed By Jett mould on 14 Jul, 2017

I retained them to do an assignment for me, and now that they have my money, they refuse to respond to chats or emails, and I had 2 deadlines of work that they promised me pass by with no notice, comment or reply. I think the site is a scam.

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Got plagiarized papers …

Reviewed By RiCky HarDy on 12 Jul, 2017

I made the assignment from They frauded me they took my assignment topic and send me the solution on time. But after i submitted the assignement i had only 19% similarity on turnit in but later it escalated to 62%. I got only 2marks out of 20

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