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I am writing this review to share my experience with one of the writing companies. It was unfortunate how I met this agency. I was suffering from some health issues. Adding to my misery, my friend called me to remind me of the deadline for the next assignment, which definitely had skipped my mind. I started researching on the topic, and simultaneously, desperately searched for ways to complete the assignment in lesser time. I came across a website named

I already knew there were dozens of such websites active in the market. But kind of happened to me. I did not search for it; I kind of landed on it. Though the experience I had was not much satisfactory, I would like to discuss a few points here so that the students can get a fair idea about this website before using it. I would not give thumbs down to their service entirely but few things I want to point out.

I was assigned to write a case study on ‘corruption and internal control weaknesses’ Being a sincere student, I sincerely went on searching for the topic, but met a dead end. Given my physical situation, I was not very comfortable roaming around in library corridors. So I thought would be a savior for me. But it did not turn out the way I expected it.

I really appreciate the fact that the website was easy to navigate. They have a chat window that gets activated when you enter relevant information into it like name/email, phone number, message. After entering the needed information, I started chatting with one of their customer care executives. He was nice in a way. He told me how to place an order (that I knew already). He assured me I would receive my assignment within the deadline. Apparently, I got confidence and took the chance with them. The ordering process was very simple and untangled. There were no lengthy and boring forms to fill up. Only essential information like document type, subject, academic level, quality level, due date, the number of words, referencing style, etc were required to be mentioned in the form. 

I uploaded my requirements through the ‘order now’ detailed form. I uploaded every possible information in the hope that they would consider everything while writing my assignment. Within half an hour, they sent me a quote regarding the charges I was supposed to pay. Frankly, it was too high for my budget. I thought they would give some discounts on my first order. I called them to check if there’s anything they could do. Luckily, they did. They reduced the charges by implementing 5 percent discount on it. Frankly, I did not have adequate time to go for another company. So I agreed to pay the amount.

As the process started, they said it would require them 12 hours to complete the case study. I thought why not? I would get few hours before I submit it to my instructor. But unfortunately, I did not. They were little late with the delivery that left me with no choice but to submit the assignment straight away just after scanning it. That was my biggest mistake. If I did check the content for once, I would not have faced the humiliation of getting poor grades. There were several reasons of discontent for this experience: they did not follow the requirements carefully. I clearly stated in my requirements that the case study should follow Chicago reference style, but the complete assignment I received had Oxford referencing style. They missed a few points that I expected them to discuss in the content although they introduced few fresh ideas that made my assignment more relevant. The overall writing quality of the paper was average. Compared to what I invested, sadly I did not receive satisfactory results. Although the paper was perfectly structured, it did lack in-depth knowledge.

By seeing the paper, I could understand that the paper was revised after writing. There was no grammatical error or editing mistake. The writer, whoever was it, knew the process of paper writing, but unfortunately lacked expertise in the subject. The writer failed to follow the requirements that I had given. I guess I would not have mind about the referencing if it was brilliantly written. But tough luck. Still I would not entirely recommend against this company because it made me feel confident when my confidence level was low.

I would not comment negatively on their customer support because it was efficient. But I have few suggestions that I think should employ. One of them is creating a page that has details about the experts. Secondly, they should revise their operation policies to deliver assignments on time. They should be more careful about the quality of content.

Ratings on the following parameters:

Quality: 3/5

Price: 2.5/5

Customer support: 4.5/5

Delivery time: 3.5/5

Add Ons: 2/5

From my experience, I would give an average score. But the facilities like customer support, editing and proofreading services got me interested, and at the same upset me by providing a late assignment which was average in quality but cost me high. Frankly, I do not recommend this to anyone. But if you are in dire need of urgent assignment, you could give it a try. I might be the unlucky one who received average content, but you may receive something good. I am saying this because they have a team of writers who boast different intelligence and capability.

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Fake Writer And Fake Profiles

Reviewed By Nikki Ochoa on 15 Feb, 2020

I reached out to because they had mentioned that their team of writers consist of PhD qualified professionals. Their work, however, proves the opposite. They don’t have the slightest idea of how to format or structure the documents. Their English is poorer than my friends who are from China.

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references outdated and inauthentic

Reviewed By Writing Helpers on 05 Feb, 2018

I failed using the services provided by the experts of The quality of the assignment provided by them was substandard and I had to credo half of the assignment to bring it to a presentable form for the submission. They did not even incorporate half of the requirements mentioned in the marking rubric and the references used by them was outdated and inauthentic. I am completely dissatisfied with the quality of the work provided by them to me.

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they charged me extra but delivered on-time

Reviewed By Amy Clark on 28 Nov, 2017

I was extremely happy and relieved with the fact that I could find a service provider to delegate my urgent tasks. The customer support team of explained how they carry out the entire process of writing academic papers. Even though I have complaints regarding the quality of my assignment, I'd like point out that their price packages are a bit confusing and I ended up paying extra for the services I availed. That was really uncalled for.

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So-so performance

Reviewed By JasperLuttrell on 28 Jul, 2017

What I realized is that they have come up with a mediocre service. A fully professional firm would have a lot more to offer. I found the writers kind of amateur, although they claim to be experienced. I didn't bother me much because my teacher didn't ask me to redo the assignment.

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The worst mistake I have ever made!

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 26 Jul, 2017

This is the single most worst mistake I have made in my entire life! They didn't do anything they promised! They gave me a poor quality essay and charged me 150$ for it!!

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I’m not impressed

Reviewed By Robert Hook on 17 Jul, 2017

I don't know, I just expected a lot more baby and the dissertation I got failed to impress me. Although they did revise it for free and made it better, it was still not up to the mark.

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A group of frauds

Reviewed By Ava smith on 11 Jul, 2017

I wish I had an option to give them a negative star. 1 star is still too high for them. Fraudsters..!! I still can't make out how they have got 4.5 overall rating despite of so many low ratings..!! They must have done some fraud in writing an assignment here too. Must have established some fake reviews...!!

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Unprofessional, impolite people!

Reviewed By Bella Jackson on 25 Jan, 2017

I had politely asked them to make a couple of changes in my paper. Not only did they refuse right to my face, they spoke to me so rudely like I had committed a crime or something. Guys, just don't go for them. They'll abuse you when they deserved to be abused by you.

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Low quality and high prices. Beware!

Reviewed By Kim justice on 23 Jan, 2017

I had no other option but to take help from this service. When I got my assignment back, it was filled with errors. They refused to revise the content despite of their claim of unlimited revisions. I will never come back here.

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