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These days, it has become very important for every business, irrespective of what they prepare or sell, to have a social networking page. Yes, I came to know about from the most popular social networking website where they had a page of their own. The impressive reviews that were given on the page as well as the regular updates from the company itself made me interested with this academic assistance portal.

I am pursuing post graduation in Economics in one of the most reputed universities in Australia. Previously I used another website whenever I required professional assistance with my practical papers. But these days, their quality deteriorated. Hence, I was looking for another website which could provide me quality papers and that too at affordable prices. It also needed to be based in Australia so that I could have my papers prepared by some experts who were aware of the requirements. satisfied all the above conditions. Hence, when within a few days, my professor gave me an assignment on Elasticity of Demand I made up my mind of using the services of


But before taking the service, I thought about calling their customer care to get some of my queries clarified. The customer service was live and picked the call instantly. The person on the other end was really helpful and patiently answered all my queries. He also told me that I could refer to the sample prepared by their experts given on the website. These samples would help me to know the type of work that the experts were capable of. I read some of the samples. They were quite good especially the assignment prepared on Economics. I was delighted as at last there was some website which could help me in the moments of need. The customer service even told me that my paper was going to be prepared by a PhD qualified economics writer. Hence, without any worries, I placed my order.


The order form quite contrary to the usual conventions was very short. After the order form was submitted, I received the quote from them after half an hour. The assignment quote was affordable; neither high nor low. I expected the price to be a little lower but compared to the previous service which I used it was few hundred bucks lower. When asked, the customer service replied that they would provide me a healthy discount on my second order but not this time. They even told that they provided discounts on bundle offers but as I had booked only one assignment, I was not eligible for any one of them. I confirmed the order by completing the whole payment procedure.  


Here I would like to state my first recommendation; they should give some discounts or lower the prices for the first-time customers if they wish to sustain or else they can lose many orders. Also their pricing policy needs to be more transparent. The customers do not get to know about the prospective price of their paper before placing their order which is really unfortunate.


I placed the order and gave a deadline of four days. They gave me the paper just when some minutes were left for the deadline. As I had two complete days left for the final submission in the college, I did not worry about it. But if it were the final day, it would definitely be a concerning issue. Though the customer service regularly informed about the status of the assignment, it is still an issue and they should try to deliver the assignments at least several hours before the deadline set by the students. The assignment on economics that I received was nothing exceptional. What were they doing all these four days? God knows. The Elasticity of Demand is one of the important concepts of economics. The paper should have strong mathematical interpretations with proper deductions. But what I received was a plain theoretical approach collected from different sources. I thought that when a Ph.D. level expert is assigned for the job, the expert must be competent to deliver the best quality paper. It was really disheartening. I expressed my concern to the customer care when they called. They told that they would give a free rework on it. Even after they revised the content and delivered it again, I did not see any substantial improvement. But one credible thing, the paper didn’t have any unoriginality. They gave a plagiarism report with the content in both the occasions.


I personally proofread the content once before the submission, it didn’t have spelling and grammatical errors. I submitted my assignment half-heartedly as I knew I am not going to score outstanding grades. Yes, I was awarded ‘B-‘! My professor did not like the assignment and stated the same thing - the mathematical interpretation is missing! But he also mentioned that the theories provided in the assignment were good though not exceptional. He also praised me from submitting plagiarism-free content.


Concluding, I must say that I substituted my previous website to to get better content and has disappointed me to a great extent. It needs radical improvement if it wishes to survive in the academic assistance world. God knows how they received so much positive reviews in the social networking websites. Even the customer care services are not professional. It needs an overall improvement in all the fields. The lack of communication between the customer and the expert is also something that needs immediate address. But at the foremost, it needs a clear and transparent pricing policy with a decent website. The website provides only vague information about the services it provides with no concrete data.


Finally, I would like to state that it is very much unlikely that I will return again in this website. The customer care told that I would be receiving a healthy discount in the second order. If I receive such commitment, there is a chance. But at the end of the day, the quality of the paper only matters. I always expect that when I am taking professional assistance, I will get the best papers in which, of course, this failed drastically. But I will end it on a good note, the samples given in the website were really good and can be a good reference for any student who are going to prepare their assignments.

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Experts are knowledgeable

Reviewed By Satish Kumar Rawal on 18 Feb, 2020

I Ordered Perdisco, secured 98%
Good work
thank you!

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Peter is amazing, got prompt response

Reviewed By Joy Cobb on 18 Feb, 2020

Peter is amazing, got prompt response , initially i thought how it will work, later on when I received my Networking Task, it was amazing,
Keep it up! cheers
Highly recommended

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Excellent Dissertation

Reviewed By John smith on 18 Feb, 2020

I really like the quality of the papers with well-formatted structure, citations, and references. I got full marks. I shall recommend to all who want any writing help from experts at an affordable price.

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Affordable price

Reviewed By William Smith on 18 Feb, 2020

This website is very helpful and affordable. I am very happy with their fast delivery and quality service.

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Best Professional services

Reviewed By Olivia Kerr on 11 Jun, 2019

Got the best work from these guys.

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so irritated by this websites

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 28 Nov, 2017

If it hadn't been for the pressure of producing multiple assignments, the thought of delegating my task would never cross my mind. kept putting off my tasks again and again, and I had to constantly berate them to get them work on my project. And I would have done a better job at it as well.

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More attention on the subject matter

Reviewed By SamMacMahon on 28 Jul, 2017

The writers should pay more attention on the subject matter. The assignment structure was fine and contents were decent, but I feel they should have been more careful while drafting the paper by thoroughly including the subject matter, without deviating from the main context.

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Their PhD experts are illiterate

Reviewed By Kelly Meto on 26 Jul, 2017

The writer of my dissertation didn't even know the spelling of Plutonium and simply spelt it as Plutonum! And then tried to lecture me on chemistry when I'm doing my PhD!

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Not making a second order

Reviewed By Robert Hook on 17 Jul, 2017

This was my first order with them, and I'm already sure that there is not going to be a second one. I doubt their writers are actually PhD because they were so many errors in my assignment. Thankfully, it was not plagiarized.

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Plagiarized assignment!

Reviewed By Ricky Husen on 25 Jan, 2017

Please do not use this site. I suffered so much after using this service. They delivered me a plagiarized assignment after all. It took me several hours to exclude unoriginal text from the copy. Not cool!

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False claims

Reviewed By Victoria Martin on 23 Jan, 2017

We provide help for all subjects is written on their website. This claim is absolutely false. I asked them to write a case study on organizational behavior. Their reply was, sorry, we do not have any writer who has expertise in this field.

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