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Website: Headquarter: Australia
Pricing: Start at $12 Establish: 2016
Size: 1350 writers Serving Country: 29
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa                 Refund: Yes
Discount: No Rework: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes Services: Assignment writing

  Quality of Assignment claims to provide “unparalleled” assignment writing services, and that too, by Australian PhD writers. Well, there’s more to it than what you have known so far. The other side of the coin has still remained unexplored.

Are you aware of the real story? is actually fake and inconsistent in terms of producing “quality” assignment solutions. The assignment is said to charge you high amount, only to send across solutions which are either fake or not at all up to the mark.

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  Price Structure

The essay writing service website Myassignmentservice claims to have a uniform price structure with discounts and offers associated with their services. However, not everything that glitters is actually gold at the end of the day.

The real picture of the firm depicts another story. The internal managerial system isn’t that competent and often ends up misleading people with ambiguous price structure.

If we are to take the aforementioned screenshot for reference, then I would like to suggest that one must try and refrain from counting on the firm as a brand having an organised price structure.


  Offers And Discount

Talking of the aspect of price structure associated with the firm, it is to be mentioned that the brand claims to offer “25% off” on all assignment writing services. While the deal seems promising, are you sure that the claim is completely legit from all aspects?

But, most of the users are of the opinion that the site played a game and offered 500-1000 words for free. At the end of the day, the firm actually charged for the words which was initially claimed to be free of cost.

Here’s something for you to check out in this context.





The official website of the firm seems promising in terms of delivering assignment solutions on time. It claims to save your time with their “time saving” assignment service feature. But the question is, is it really so?

Well, we didn’t stop our research there. Our team of experts conducting reviews extended their research and found out that not all claims made by the brand proved to be correct. There are ample complaints regarding the firm not keeping its word when it comes to ensuring timely delivery of assignments.




  Customer Support

The chat pop up window on the website appeared to be promising with a nice welcome note for students and other spaces to be filled in by them to place queries. They have live call support and messaging assistance as well. But that wasn’t all. We were in for surprises, which was, of course, not in a good way.

The customer support executives were simply not online and the query remained unattended for an entire day. We tried looking into the matter closely and found out a couple of reviews that summed up the brand’s dire strait.

Take a look here.




  Payment and Transactions

The company initially claimed to accept payments via secured transactional gateways and online banking. So, we were of the opinion that the brand would surely prioritise the aspect of “secured” transaction.

The other side of the coin revealed a different truth altogether. The firm isn’t at all reliable in terms of secured payment and transaction. Our demo assignment is yet to be delivered, and no wonder the payment has already been made. It’s been more than a month now. Here are a couple of screenshots that turned our scepticism into harsh reality.




  Revision And Refund Policy

If you visit the official website of the firm, then you will find that the revision policy is absolutely free of any charges. It has been mentioned on the site that any revision claimed against a completed assignment will be accepted within a period of 15 days.

But things didn’t turn out as expected. The customer executives discarded the idea of free revision within 15 days. They argued and put forth that they have updated their policy and the company is currently accepting free revision requests within 7 days of assignment completion. If that is the scenario, then they should have updated their revision policy accordingly on the website as well.



If we are to consider the in-depth reviews as mentioned above, then it seems that students must avoid placing orders with the firm. Otherwise, they might fall victim of several critical scams in the long.

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Clueless writers

Reviewed By Charlie on 23 Sep, 2020

Myassignmentservices writers was totally clueless about my physics assignment. They did not understand the question at all. The answer was completely different that what was asked. I ended up getting D in the paper.

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Stay away from Myassignmentservices

Reviewed By Anisha Srivastav on 15 Sep, 2020

After I saw the condition of my paper, I asked for refund. Instead of giving me my, they were offering me 25% discount for the next order. Why will I even place order the next time?

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Stay away from Myassignmentservices

Reviewed By Ana Sarkar on 11 Sep, 2020

Myassignmentservices took my payment early on, and they sent me an assignment that was full of errors and 27% plagiarism. Their writers just copied something from the Internet and pasted it in my paper without even citing the source. Not only did I miss the deadline but also had to rewrite the entire paper.

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.Nothing but liars!

Reviewed By Kavita on 10 Sep, 2020

I got an F on myassignment. I gave Myassignmentservices writers all the instructions and even my study materials. They said they would do it properly, but somehow, I got an F – the first F grade of my entire academic life of 14 years. Liars scammed me out my money. Beware of these cheaters.

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Failed in my paper

Reviewed By Elian Ruiz on 17 Aug, 2020

Myassignmentservices made me fail in my history paper. I got only 15% in my paper. They refused to revise my paper without getting addition money. Since I already paid so much money, I could not spend more. It was a terrible experience and was a lesson in my life.

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Myassignmentservices has fake writers.

Reviewed By Donna Turner on 03 Apr, 2020

Myassignmentservices has fake writers. It’s a bunch of idiots sitting there robbing students’ money. The writers are not all qualified a bit, leave alone the promises they make like writing papers by PhD- qualified and experienced writers. There are some uneducated morons taking everything from google and sending us those.

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