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Global Assignment Help complaints- '40% accuracy', 'plagiarism issue', 'useless guidance', and 'refund issue'. Consequently, Global Assignment Help Reviews has a below rating of 2 stars out of 5 indicating that GlobalAssignmentHelp is not reliable and not worth your money💸. For this reason, students are not satisfied ⚠️ with them. Lastly, GlobalAssignmentHelp is doing Fishy business from students. is associated with The best Alternative to Globalassignmenthelp is (in Australia). has received numerous unfavourable user ratings in recent years. Therefore, it's crucial to learn the truth. Is the website offering high-quality service, or is it a total scam? There are various mixed reviews on the top-rated review sites. So, let’s dig in.

A Detailed Review of

Here is my personal opinion about after using its services. Let’s have a look.



4500+ PhD writers

Takes a lot of time to deliver the order

Seasonal discounts throughout the year

Doesn’t offer any rework or revision, although they claim that they do


Unresponsive Customer support team


Low-quality content Quality Levels

My review of’s quality level is based on the –

Subject Knowledge

I received an unclear assignment solution from The topic was not covered in detail, and no relevant sources were included. Although Global Assignment Help advertised on their website that they had over 4.5K SMEs on the team, I have doubts that they actually do

Furthermore, there is no clear understanding of my issue among the writers. I was therefore dissatisfied with it after spending a lot of money on it. I initially had doubts, but after reading numerous uplifting testimonies from reliable sources, my fears were dispelled. I used their services for that reason, and it was awful.

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Researched Content

My paper received a C. So how can I claim that is a reliable business? The paper included little actual information and a lot of filler. I'm unsure how they can refer to themselves as professional academic writing service providers. They have an appealing interface, but nobody should believe it.


Because I obtain no well-structured content from professionals, I have no idea if they have the necessary experience. The quality of the solutions provided by has completely disappointed me. It was repetitive from the beginning to the end. Therefore, I must state that is a fraud.

Syntax Skills

My essay was riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes. The entire text was altered before submission. I also believe that the writers lack fundamental syntactic knowledge.

Citation knowledge

What can I say regarding the citation when the entire piece contained errors? They obviously ignored our university's reference style requirements and neglected to cite important sources.

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For their inexpensive service, charges a relatively high price. So naturally, it goes without saying that the service they offer is a scam, and the business makes false promises.

Most importantly, Global Assignment Help does not share a price chart on its website and does not have an open pricing strategy.

Therefore, I believe that no one should use for academic writing assistance.

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Offers & Discounts

For students, offers a variety of special offers throughout the year. Additionally, they provide bonus points for signing up. Additionally, students who order combo packages receive several savings. Finally, if you tell your friends about their services, you can also earn referral points, and you may use those points to offset the cost of a purchase.

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Customer Support Reviews

The customer service department is unresponsive. I requested a refund, but they were too busy to get back to me. When you need them, they don't answer the phone. They only look for money.

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Revision & Refund Policy

On its website, stated that it gives unrestricted revisions and offers a refund if the consumer is dissatisfied. The reality, however, is quite the contrary. For instance, I requested a refund because the content's quality was so bad. However, they never replied to my emails.

I now realise I'm not the only one who endures hardship.

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I have no doubt that is not a legit company.

Online Reputation is easily found on Google, yet they don't have a good reputation.

According to Global Assignment Help reviews, students who opted for their so-called quality academic solutions were very disappointed with their results!

Even review sites like Best British Essay Services have even referred to the website as Fraud and Scam.

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Some apprentices have also stated that the site is unreliable and makes false claims. For example- they claim to specialise in all types of assignment work, but in truth, they don't provide resume or business proposal writing.  Another section of its previous service seekers stated the company's so-called experts aren't experts at all. They don't deliver flawless work (as opposed to their claims), and their customer care team often replies late or don't reply to you at all! So, they are not reliable in the least bit, particularly when you have a time crunch and a multi-page research-centric assignment to complete.

Continuing on their panel of academic writers, per students' feedback on popular review sites (like Trust Pilot, Essay Guard, and Essay Websites), the company is not legit as their writers seem unreliable and not PhD qualified, as boasted on their website.

(Review from Trust Pilot)

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Furthermore, it was also discovered that the team's expert panel was not too skilled in averting plagiarism issues. As a result, there are several complaints regarding the final work having 20%, or even 30%, plagiarised content.

(UK Top Writers)

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If this wasn't bad enough, many negative reviews flood notable external review sites about work delays or even forgotten from their end. All of this has led students to believe that the site is a scam, they don't care about your assignments and grades, and they don't take responsibility for students having emergency or 11th-hour coursework requests.

(Review UK Top Writers)

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In terms of its pricing, too, several students have faced inconveniences. Some feel their service rates are slightly overpriced compared to their other market competitors. Others feel that their work quality doesn't complement their pricing requirements, even if one's willing to pay a bit extra to get the job done.

(Data from UK Top Writers)

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A handful of annoyed and miffed students have even expressed dissatisfaction towards them. They've even advised their peers – don't trust themdon't get trapped by their half-truths and empty promises, and above all, don't waste money on fraud and an unreliable service provider. 

(Review from Trust Pilot)

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Speaking more on their pricing parameter, another aspect the company disappoints is its refund policy. While they claim to provide a money-back guarantee, several Global Assignment Help reviews convey a different story.

Many of its disappointed service-takers have revealed the company finds excuses for paying as, most times, the errors happen from their end. In addition, some have stated their customer support team don't reply or even bother to clarify refunds, which embodies nothing but unprofessionalism from the company.

There were a few instances when students provided evidence as screenshots that the essay dispatched from the company's end was full of grammar, spelling, and even faulty sentence constructions. Due to this, they requested a refund which the company refused to comply with. And as damage control, they just presented a 15% discount on their subsequent assignment request.

Henceforth, there are no surprises why the company comprises such a below-par online reputation in real-time despite their claims of having a user rating of 4/9/5 on their website.

You will find countless negative comments like: 'don't sign up, don't use them, don't buy anything from them, or don't pay or trust them!'

(Best Assignment Writing Service UK Reviews)

global assignment help review and student feedback

So, the final verdict for Globalassignmenthelp's online reputation is – the company is nowhere close to some of its more popular and preferred competitors. They talks big, but its promises and guarantees disappoint when it comes down to it.

Final Thoughts,

I believe that there is much room for development for’s services. Instead of emphasising quantity, they should concentrate on service quality. I currently do not advise anyone to use the academic services of

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Reviewed By CORINA on 06 May, 2023

Avoid them, unprofessional, poor service.
They not deliver the work on time and when finally did was wrong, another week for correction, refusing to pay back.
Writers use copy/paste from different sources such as student papers from different universities, no use references, very poor service starting from customer service and ending with writers.

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Dishonest Service Provider

Reviewed By Sunilaslam on 05 Aug, 2022

Cheap academic services from PhD experts were a myth for me and still are, thanks to Globalassignmenthelp. The website promises to provide the best academic services at unbeatable prices in the industry. But what they don't promote is their long list of hidden charges. Moreover, they are unreliable as they have too many hidden clauses and charges forcing students to pay more.

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Globalassignmenthelp is a CHEAT

Reviewed By Ajitkumarsingha on 30 Jul, 2022

Assignments get pretty overwhelming being a single mother and juggling job and studies. I am consistently dependent on assignment helpers for support. However, sadly, my experience with Globalassignmenthelp has been the worst of all. The tutors are rude and don't comply with the given guidelines. They are only bothered about earning money and not helping students in need

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Unsatisfactory Quality

Reviewed By Surendrasharma on 22 Jul, 2022

When I seek help from a professional academic writer, I expect nothing but to get the best quality assistance. But sadly, Globalassignmenthelp was my worst decision to date. The quality was so poor that I doubt whether it was done by a professional or not. They deserve one star out of five for the online support system.

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Assignments not up to the mark

Reviewed By Sonisuman on 16 Jul, 2022

I expected more from the experts at Globalassignmenthelp after hearing the positive reviews. Despite paying hefty charges, the assignment was filled with mistakes. I have complained a few weeks ago but have received no response from the service.

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Poor Quality. Terrible Experience

Reviewed By Chanchalkumari on 12 Jul, 2022

The paper I received from Globalassignmenthelp was below average. But that was not all. The referencing wasn't proper, the research was lacking, and the paper didn't make much sense. Also, their customer support team was extremely unprofessional. Guess that’s what you get for a cheap price. Not reliable at all

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Filled with fake experts

Reviewed By Divyamchoudhary on 08 Jul, 2022

Globalassignmenthelp claims to have PhD scholars on their payroll to help you write a paper. After my experience, I can confidently say this is a fake claim. The paper I received was filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes unseemly of a high school student. There is no way such well-qualified writers can make such errors

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Reviewed By Nirmalapathani on 06 Jul, 2022

I’ve never regretted hiring an assignment writing service in my life. Globalassignmenthelp is a complete joke. I had asked for a physics assignment, and they delivered someone else's physiology paper. I lost all patience when the customer care executives never replied to my repeated requests to solve the issue

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Deliberately ruined my work

Reviewed By Prashantsingh on 28 Jun, 2022

Since the writer assigned to my task at Myassignmenthelp was very unresponsive, I placed a complaint. Later, when I received my paper, I was shocked that he never incorporated the points I asked him to. I'm sure this was deliberate.

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A bunch of liars

Reviewed By Gunjamyadav on 24 Jun, 2022

I booked a paper from Globalassignmenthelp. However, I never received a confirmation. A few hours before the given deadline, I finally messaged them only to receive a reply that my order wasn't in their system! They refused to refund initially and finally did after I threatened to report them

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Experts are rarely available

Reviewed By Poojajhaveri on 10 Jun, 2022

Globalassignmenthelp is pretty unreliable at assigning experts for your assignment. I had to wait a week until they assigned my task to a writer. I thought this was a one-time thing and placed an order again. However, the same issue occurred. Moreover, they don't take responsibility for late delivery

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plagiarized Content

Reviewed By Darilugu on 03 Jun, 2022

Wrong grammar and plagiarized essays. This is what I got from globalassignmenthelp. I showed them proof and asked for refund….and they stopped taking my calls… Never work with them as they are a bunch of fraud and not trustworthy at all.

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High Price

Reviewed By Nirajsharma on 01 Jun, 2022

Globalassignmenthelp charges too much for doing simple assignments. I was unaware of how the websites charge for assignment writing before handing over the assignments to them. I was also worried about the deadlines and took the leap of faith, only to get cheated. Their prices are too high, and solutions are not up to the mark. Don't sign up with them if you want proper solutions at affordable prices

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Zero security

Reviewed By Arulkumar on 24 May, 2022

There is no security at Globalassignmenthelp. There are no policies to secure your money or trust. The writers claimed to refund the entire money if I didn’t get 80+ marks on the paper. I got 56. I barely passed, and when I called them for a refund, nobody responded

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Exorbitant prices

Reviewed By Madhumondal on 20 May, 2022

Globalassignmenthelp has the highest prices. They claim to offer discounts, but the discounts seemed inapplicable when I tried to use them during checkout. Their team said that they were showing me the price after applying the discounts, but that was a blatant lie. I had to get help from them since the deadlines were closer. But, trust me, that didn’t help me either. The assignment quality was below-average.

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Inexperienced writers

Reviewed By Nareshpaswan on 17 May, 2022

It was completely evident from the work Globalassignmenthelp delivered to me that the writers were inexperienced and not even qualified to write my Masters's level assignment. It seemed that they joked around with sentences in the paper. Information was inaccurate.

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High Price

Reviewed By Rumanaahmed on 13 May, 2022

“Their customer support teams told me they have the best writers. But when I asked them about the mistakes in the solutions, they blamed me for giving wrong instructions… I paid $80 for Java program with more than 30 mistakes……avoid globalassignmenthelp

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Unreliable services

Reviewed By Supriyasingh on 11 May, 2022

If you’re looking for help with an urgent assignment, don’t bother hiring the experts at Globalassignmenthelp. There's no hint of professionalism in their services. Even though I've spent hundreds of dollars for help with my PhD thesis, the quality of work I received was horrible. Stay away if you value your time and money

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Reviewed By Yabniya on 29 Apr, 2022

I’d rather fail my semester than hire anyone from Globalassignmenthelp to help me with my assignments ever again! I paid $240 for 3 important papers, and the experts didn't bother to research the topic. Rating them a 1 out of 100 would be too much

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They’re not genuine at all

Reviewed By Krishnaverma on 28 Apr, 2022

I had high hopes when I hired Globalassignmenthelp to work on my PhD dissertation. But they copied the entire paper from an online blog. The expert didn't research the topic and paraphrased from an existing work. This is such a disappointment!

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