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About is one of the websites that seem like designed by toddlers. The choice of font style, colour scheme and the graphics are pretty awful. And even though it's been months since international father’s day has passed, the website still greets you with “Happy Father’s Day” whenever you visit the page. It shows that the dissertation writing company is quite reluctant about updating their landing page.

I found last month when I was looking for expert assistance on my due dissertation and had a nominal amount of money with me. Even though the website was quite underwhelming at the first visit, they offered up to 75 per cent discount on all the papers. So I decided to go with it anyway. Here is what I found about the dissertation writing service at

The ease of access: 1 out of 5:

As mentioned previously, the website is not that impressive as it should be. And when it comes to the navigation and the ease of access, it fails to impress you again. The website is cluttered with unnecessary text content which makes it difficult for you to navigate to other important pages. And most importantly, the links to subsequent pages are also placed poorly.

It took me a while to figure out where to place the order and where to find the details about the available services. They have it all on the homepage, but due to clutter, it is easy to miss the crucial links. Usually, such inconvenience puts the visitors off, but they smartly mention the information of "up to 75 per cent discount" on the homepage.

The variety of available services: 4 out of 5

I visited the website in search of a dissertation writing service, and the website domain name also highlights that they are a dissertation writing company. However, they also claim to serve other crucial services like essay writing, CV writing, thesis writing, coursework writing, term paper writing, book report writing and assignment writing. They also claim to offer writing assistance on GCSE level, A level, Master level and even for the PhD level papers.

They do not mention what all services do they cover, but in the services page, they mention they offer writing assistance on diverse subjects ranging from marketing, finance, human resource to history, linguistics and literature. Also, the website claims that they can offer dissertation writing assistance on a variety of formatting styles. Some of the formats mentioned on their service page are APA format, Chicago format, Harvard format, MLA format and Turabian format.

The pricing of the services: 3 out of 5

As mentioned multiple times earlier, the website offers a whopping (up to) 75 per cent discount on their services. So technically, it should make the services extremely affordable for the students. However, the story is a little different here. The slashed prices at are similar to the average dissertation writing services on the internet. For instance, a master’s level dissertation of standard quality costs £16.8 for 10 days’ deadline.

The slashed prices are certainly affordable to most customers, but if the discount is not available, you may need to pay £56 to receive the same service. The prices for each of their writing services depend on a number of things like the type of task, its length, the deadline and the quality of the paper. While the standard quality services with a deadline of 90 days cost the lowest, it is the distinction level of writing service with shorter deadlines that cost the maximum.

The delivery of the order: 2 out of 5

I could not wait until 90 days. My dissertation was due in 25 days. So I availed the standard quality writing for 20 pages dissertation with the deadline set 20 days later. They charged around £324, which was slightly above my budget, but that is what every other website offers. However, I was hopeful that they would deliver the service on time, which they missed by several hours.

I knew setting the 25 days’ deadline would be too risky. Besides, I had no idea whether was reliable or a fraud. And I was right. They failed to meet the promised deadline by a couple of hours. Somehow, I was already prepared for the delay. But this shows unprofessionalism at the writer’s end.

The quality of the dissertation paper:  2 out of 5

As mentioned, I did not have much expectation from the service provider in the first place. And it actually served me well. The paper I received was not that bad. Yes, it had a few issues here and there, but they completed the dissertation before the submission date. They followed the Oxford formatting style which I instructed while placing the order. So I was satisfied to some extent.

However, coming to the quality part, it seemed like they needed some more time. However, I could not spare any more days. There were several grammatical and spelling errors on the paper which were hard to miss. I also found that they did not have a significant knowledge of punctuations. Even though the content seemed okay to me in terms of the richness of information, I felt they could work on the proofreading part.

The customer support system: 2 out of 5

I have seen a lot of websites that do not offer any proper online support on their page. Well, is not one of them. Their online chat support is overly responsive. You start receiving messages on the chat option from an executive as soon as you land on the page. There, the person asks you about your requirements and other details of the service you want to avail so that he/she can provide you with the quote.

While the online chat is a nice feature of the website, the helpline is a little disappointed. When I tried to get in touch with them to inquire about the delay, they took hours to respond. I asked them about their money back policy as they were failing to fulfil my requirements. However, they could not give any proper answer to that query. In other words, the customer support is exactly functional as it should be.

The takeaway:

There are several things about the dissertation writing service at that separates it from its peers. It is certainly not the best there is, but it is not bad either. If you are short on cash, you can prefer this service provider. However, it will be a mistake to expect too much from the website writers. After receiving my order, I have some genuine doubts about the legitimacy of the writers.

Obviously, there are better dissertation writing companies than, and if the grades are your priority, I would suggest you find a better service provider. Even though the discounts and the variety of services at this website are quite impressive, there are several downsides to the service provider that cannot be ignored. Apparently, is not so perfect after all.


  • How I can trust these reviews about PerfectDissertation?

    We all understand that the dissertation is a significant component for Ph.D. students; thus, students must fully understand the specialists they are choosing for their dissertation. So we conduct interviews with university students here at We created the PerfectDissertation reviews based on their testimonials.

  • Is PerfectDissertation Legit?

    They make an effort to persuade the students that the service is legitimate. We tested it, though, and discovered that there were more drawbacks than advantages, so we suggest that you stay away.

  • Is PerfectDissertation Scam or Safe?

    Well, we received a completed paper from them; however, the cost was not justified. Furthermore, the delivered essay contains plagiarism; thus, it needed to be re written.

  • Is PerfectDissertation Reliable?

    We are in doubt in terms of reliability. We gave them five days to write me a decent research paper, but nothing came of it. Instead, we received a work that lacked terminology and had a poor layout!

  • How I get refund from PerfectDissertation?

    When browsing this writing service, you'll note that their websites do not contain their terms and conditions. So, it's safe to say that this website is a total scam. You won't be taken seriously if you ask for a revision or a refund.

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Failed to meet the deadline twice

Reviewed By Gurlal Shingh on 08 Feb, 2021

If you need your essay within a short deadline, don’t place your order here. I have availed the services of perfectdissertation twice, and they failed to meet the deadline twice. I should have learned my lesson when they failed to deliver the task the first time.

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