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Is legit?? Want to know the truth?

Well, looks like any other online writing service on the Web. The only notable difference is the casual and conversational nature of the content on their pages. However, at first glance, it does look like a generic assignment writing service, so I reached out to them regarding my Java programming assignment.

I present the details of my ordeal in the sections below.

Strengths & Weaknesses



· Simple and concise web content

· Sub-par quality

· Offers numerous writing services

· A bidding-based system where the more you play, the better writer you get

· Money back guarantee

· Convoluted pricing & charging policies

· 500+ writers

· Fake names used

· Positive reviews

· Contact address directs to an Ontario offices space that’s for hire


· Reviews do not match up to the quality of solutions provided Quality Level

In-depth Subject Knowledge

The Java programming solutions I received were not impeccable. The algorithm threw exceptions when fed with inputs other than the test input I provided them with. It was inefficient, and the code had an amateurish structure. The functions could have been more concise and well defined. Also, there was no provision to throw & catch exceptions.

All in all, I do not think the freelance BRO-writer I hired through had in-depth knowledge about Java programming.

Researched Content

If my Java programming solution had been well researched, it would not have thrown an exception. But unfortunately, the so-called freelance writing expert was not a pro-programmer and also did not carry out thorough research.

The coding assignment involved three coding problems, and none of the solutions worked adequately, and only the first displayed the correct output with test data. Furthermore, the methods & logic used by the 'expert’ were quite illogical & vastly inaccurate.


I have no complaints about the structure & presentation. Everything was clean, properly indented, and readable.

Syntactical Skills

The explanations and comments within the code were OK. However, the codes and algorithm were of mediocre quality, and the syntax was nothing extraordinary. I expected much better for $350.

Citation Knowledge

No citations were necessary for my assignment. So, I have no idea about their citation knowledge.

Price & Quality

The quality of solutions I received was quite substandard, given my price. However, $350 was a substantially high bid, and I expected to assign a decent freelance writer to m. I realized later that it is up to the writers to decide whether they would accept a bid or not.

No wonder I received a sub-par solution!

I chose after going through quite a few positive online reviews. Unfortunately, my experience with them was not at all overwhelmingly positive. The substandard quality of the Java programming solution they sent to me DID NOT MATCH THE PRICE I PAID.

So, if you ask me, "Is legit & reliable?” I would definitely say NO; it is not legit and reliable.

Offers & Discounts does not offer any offers or discounts.

Customer Support Reviews

I had no qualms with’s customer support services. They were pretty friendly and forthcoming.

Revision & Refund Policies

This is where lost all my trust and respect.

I sent the solutions for rework and gave them clear reasons why I needed a rework. An entire week went by, and then I received a mail telling me that my initial instructions were not clear enough & revisions and refunds were out of the question!!!!

I started the coding problems, test inputs, and examples. And I even mentioned that I needed the algorithm, a well-structured code, and the output based on two different inputs other than the test input.

Online Reputation 

Trustpilot and Scamfighter are full of positive reviews of So, I wonder if it was bad luck that I ended up with a lousy writer!

The thing is that one can easily manipulate online reputation by posting fake reviews online. If you want my two cents, I will say that is NOT A LEGIT and an utterly UNRELIABLE assignment writing service.

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  • Is Assignment Bro legit?

    No, it does not look like a legit academic service.

  • How can I know provide me with original paper? claims to deliver original solutions. It is best to check every solution for plagiarism and avoid submitting answers as is.

  • Is Safe?

    According to their privacy policies, does not share any client information with anyone else. But you never know! Giants like Google & Facebook sell user information, so who knows if does the same too?!?

  • Will I get a complete refund from Assignmentbro if I fail? asks for clear and valid reasons for a refund. Your reasons should be able to convince their quality assurance teams. As per their privacy policies, low marks or scores are a ‘subjective notion’ and not a solid reason for feedback.

  • Can I cancel an order on

    Yes, you can, but expect a refund only if less than half the time since the deadline has passed.

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I am not satisfied with assignmentbro

Reviewed By Tony Evans on 26 Dec, 2022

I am not satisfied with assignmentbro's services. The answers were structured and well-written but did not follow the entire requirement. I was about to give them for revision, but that would take time, and my deadline was close, so I could not do so.

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