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Student Story:

I study in such a college which believes in assigning practical tasks in every subject. Yes, even in accounting! I am a commerce student studying in Australia. I used to reside in Auckland and came here to pursue my higher education. After my post-graduation, I plan to study management. And for that, I need good grades in all my papers. But these practical tasks from time to time are really bothering. They really cut short my preparation time.


Last time too, just weeks before my final semester in the second year, the accounts professor assigned practical essay assignments. My topic was Debt Management. Our professor intentionally assigned separate topics to all the students so that no one could help each other. I used to do all my projects and practical papers with my friend, James. It helped us to keep ourselves motivated and also we could finish off these tasks on time. But this time it was not possible. Both of us had separate topics and could not help each other. My friend who was more worried than me told me that he was going to take assistance from professional services.


At the first place, I was a little apprehensive about taking professional assistance as I had no experience about them and started to do the assignment on my own. But while working on it I realized that it was not very easy to prepare an assignment on debt management. I had to spend a lot of time researching which I could not afford when my final exams was just a few weeks away. Having no alternative, I also followed my friend.


I searched ‘Australian essay help services’ in Google Au and I found among the first three names. There are three factors which made us to pick this website among all others. It is Australia-based, had decent reviews from the students and moreover it was giving a flat discount for the first-time customers. It is definitely one of the very few websites which we found in our short research to provide assistance in the subjects of commerce. We moved forward to book our respective orders.


It is always good to have a chat with the customer care services before placing the orders. I also did that. The customer service experts were only available through the online chatting and not through the phone calls. The assignment topic of James was - Corporate Finance. It was not purely accounting topic but more related to financial issues. The customer support experts of told me that their finance writers were already busy and so would not be able to deliver his assignment within three days as asked. They told us to increase the deadline as they would be able to deliver only mine within this time-frame. But increasing the deadline was impossible for us. So James told he would find himself another website and I went on to place my order.


It took me about 10 minutes to fill up the form. The form was detailed and I had to provide all the information asked, being a first time customer. I received the 15% discount that they promised me. The prices of their individual services were not very low neither too high. It was almost the same as asked by other service providers. I saw that they were even capable of delivering the assignments within 24 hours. But I had given them 72 hours which I think was sufficient to prepare the assignment.


The assignment was delivered to me after the deadline. I was a worried when they took a longer time. They had no system of informing the customers about the progress of the assignment. I had to call them personally to get the update. In this regard, I would like to say that they should develop some kind of mechanism through which the students can regularly know about the progress of their papers. My assignment was delivered on the fourth day which was scheduled to be given on the third day from the placement of order.


After they had delivered, I had three days left for submission. When I was proofreading the assignment, I found it started really well but soon especially from the analysis section started to stray from the topic describing something else totally unnecessary. I was really surprised as the assignment which had a perfect research methodology suddenly losing its sting in the midway. The standard started deteriorating further as the assignment progressed. Even the language of the content changed which made me suspect that the assignment might have been done by two separate writers. I called the customer care and asked for clarification. The customer care services told that there was no such issue and the assignment had been done by the best and only one expert.


To make my point, I marked all the key areas in the assignment and mailed it to them. When I threatened to write about their bad services in the social networking sites, they agreed to the fact that I was right. The assignment was indeed done by two experts. At this moment, I was really very disappointed with their conduct. I think they too have realized it. I received a call from their service manager who expressed apology for the whole fiasco. He told me that the first writer suddenly fell ill and they had no other option rather than providing my work to another expert. As this was an internal issue, they are not supposed to divulge it to the students. At the same time, I also told them my concern. The customer care representative conciliated me and assured me a complete free rework according to my specifications by the first writer who is now fit.   


The thing which started with such a feud ended in harmony. This time, they delivered the rework within the 18 hours when I still had one single day left for the submission. Thorough rework by the first writer changed the whole assignment. That assignment got me ‘A’ grade on evaluation. I was happy with the results especially considering the difficult topic - debt management.


Now, my evaluation about this website from which I took my life’s first assistance services. The website has certain drawbacks in some crucial areas where they need drastic improvement. Firstly, from their service, it is quite obvious that they have very small number of experts which is not sufficient to provide this assignment assistance services to the students. They also don’t provide service in all the academic fields due to this reason. They also need to be a little more efficient to deliver the assignment on time. My assignment was not delivered within the deadline in the first situation. I have already stated that their customer service also requires a total revamp. The present experts are not very helpful or not available as a whole. Among all these negative traits, it also has some strong attributes.


The quality of some writers is really good. The website too has a decent design with not many complications. Any new student can easily find out anything that they are looking for. They accept payment only through PayPal which will safeguard the transaction especially when the whole world is struggling with numerous malicious activities on the internet. It also provides an originality report with the content. Just to mention, my paper was free from plagiarism. Overall, I would provide the three stars out of five.  

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Lack of professionalism

Reviewed By Harry Melvin on 27 Jul, 2020

The people at Australianessay lack professionalism, and it’s evident from their approach. I asked for a chemistry assignment in 10 days. However, I got a message from their end on the 8th day that the order would be delayed. Even after taking 15 days, they delivered a poorly constructed paper.

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Refusing to offer me refund

Reviewed By Nur Jaz on 14 May, 2020

It was a simple literature dissertation, and they gave a paper with no researched data. The Australianessay writers produced material that can fetch you an A. And now they are refusing to offer a refund since they think there's nothing wrong with my papers.

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was not 100% plagiarism free

Reviewed By Sara Abo on 07 Feb, 2018

The assignment, which provided to me was full of typing as well as grammatical error. They promised me that the solution would be 100% plagiarism free, however the assignment that I got was a mere paraphrase of the content related to the topic found on commonly used websites as well as blogs.

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They don’t follow guidelines properly

Reviewed By KateCleggett on 28 Jul, 2017

The essay submitted by the writers was more or less fine, but the thing with them is that they don't follow the guidelines properly. I could find several formatting errors and other loopholes, which I didn't expect from a professional writing service provider. So, I would rate the firm as an average performer.

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The most pathetic service on this planet

Reviewed By Ava luker on 26 Jul, 2017

I don't think there's anyone on this entire planet that offers as bad assignment service as they do! They have the attitude that it's fun to play with your career and that's why they just bloody screw it up with shitty assignments.

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Pretty average, nothing great

Reviewed By Robert Hook on 17 Jul, 2017

There's nothing great about the essay I received. It was okay-okay. It was something like I could have written on my own if I had the time. I think I'll take help from someone else next time.

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