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Website: Headquarter: UK
Pricing: Start at $11 Establish: 2008
Size:500+ writers Serving Country: 1
Payment Option: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa                 Refund: Yes
Discount: Yes Rework: Yes
Refund Policy: Yes Services: Essay, Dissertation, Review, Term paper

We are going to put a complete review on covering the following aspects:

Table of Content
i. Quality of Assignment iii. Delivery
ii. Price Structure iv. Support and Refund Policy

Choosing an assignment writing service blindly will not do you any good.  But we understand how confusing it can be to select one writing service from thousands of options. Ending up with a fake writing service has become a serious concern as many websites are just looking for easy money. This is why our reviewers investigate writing services and give you well-detailed information to help you understand if it is a trustworthy writing service or not.

 Our reviewers have decided to do a full review on We hope you find your answer by reading our full review.

We will do our research on the following grounds:

  Quality of Assignment claims to improve customer’s academic performance by providing top-notch research paper, essays and assignments. They even mentioned in their websites about having 500 expert writers who they consider to be their valuable asset. Let’s find out if their promises are as strong as the review of one of the customer:

Img source:

Now that’s not how professional writers are supposed to write student’s paper. On a quality basis, we were really shocked to see the above reviews. An academic writer has a big responsibility as the student completely relies on them. If they are getting ‘C’ and ‘F’ after spending so much money, then it cannot be called to be a trustworthy essay writing service. 


  Price Structure

The website concentrates on giving students the best experience at the most affordable price. claims to charge $9 for each page and goes till $42, which is actually quite cheaper. Price may differ as per the quality level and the deadline you have set.

Here are a few reviews:

Img source:

 We all desire for affordable papers but the quality is always our first priority. There’s no use of offering papers at a low price if the quality is bad. As the student mentioned above, it is a complete waste of money. Further, it came to our notice that they do not even offer a discount for first-time users.


  Delivery admits that they always maintain proper deadline so that students don’t have to face any trouble. They claim that their writers can cover any request within the time frame. But words are not always enough.  If you need an urgent essay, this is not an appropriate website for you. Their shortest deadline is 8 hours.

So let’s find out from the review below if they do as they claim so:

Img source:

Most of the academic assignment comes with a specific deadline, so it’s really important for the student to get their work on time. Unfortunately, does not fall into the category of reliable writing service.

The above review reflects the actual truth behind the sugar-coated words on their website. Not only did the student got the paper late but did not even got any refund. This is not a legal way to handle any academic paper.


  Support and Refund Policy

The website offers friendly customer support, as mentioned in the website. The refund policy of is not clear. This is why our reviewers wanted to see previous customer’s review on this.

Here are a few reviews on this aspect:

Img source: and

The promises they make and the reviews we got from the previous clients are far different. Many of the students have called to be a scam for not sticking with their policies. According to the first review, customer care support don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays. It seems like you cannot even count on the company for refund also. The second review clearly stated that the student did not get any money back even after being dissatisfied with the quality of the work.


  Conclusion is not at all a trustworthy writing service. Paying for your paper here is a risk that you should not be taking. Our motive was only to show you the ultimate truth.


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  • How can I trust these reviews about affordable papers?

    You will be able to trust it because first gives an overall rating to the company. After that, they give ratings based on different aspects. So, the students can know the truth about the company they are considering hiring services from.

  • Is Affordablepapers Legit?

    According to the student review, AffordablePapers do not provide legit services to the students. Most of them complained that they received poor quality work because of the experts. In addition, they are very unprofessional and do not prioritise the students' assignments.

  • Is Affordablepapers a Scam or Safe?

    Affordablepapers is not Safe because they scamming customers after paying for the order. AffordablePapers simply ghosted a few people. According to the feedback from pupils, their work is highly plagiarised. Students shared that the experts used any paraphrasing tool or simply copy-pasted the content.

  • Is Affordable Papers Reliable?

    According to the feedback, the customer service of AffordablePapers is very poor and not reliable. Students are unable to get their help when they need it. Few pupils faced issues while placing orders, and they tried to reach out for assistance, but they received none.

  • 5. How do I get a refund from Affordable Papers?

    You can contact the customer care executive of the company. But, according to the reviews, the students have faced many problems when requesting a refund. Few pupils complained that they got 10% of the price. However, the majority of the learners did not get any refund from  AffordablePapers. Because of this reason, the company has a bad reputation.

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Not worth the price

Reviewed By Michelle Roberts on 08 Apr, 2020

Affordablepapers charge a significant amount of money, but do not deliver the quality they are supposed to deliver. I have availed their services a couple of times. And in both the orders, I have received average-quality solutions.

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nice service

Reviewed By Rose Watson on 15 Feb, 2018

True to their word, the registration process is very easy as well as user-friendly. It was because of the service provided by the expert that I was able to submit my assignment within the stipulated deadline provided by my professor. However, the quality of the assignment could have been improved a bit.

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Late delivery

Reviewed By AbbyDelany on 02 Aug, 2017

I asked them to write a cause and effect essay for me within 2 days. They promised me to deliver my order on the exact date. But they did not. I am disappointed with them.

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Don’t use this crappy site

Reviewed By CurtisBarker on 29 Jul, 2017

I have been so stressed out because of them! I HAVE GOTTEN MY ESSAY REVISED 15 TIMES AND IT STILL HAS ERRORS! I really wanna bang my head on the wall!

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Is this what they call an assignment?

Reviewed By JettCameron on 27 Jul, 2017

An assignment with no paragraph breaks, with no data and with several mistakes – that's what I got from them. Are they freaking serious! I doubt they even know what an assignment is!!

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Their services sucks

Reviewed By Adam Hebrew on 25 Jul, 2017

I mean it. They literally suck. They cannot do anything right. They used a mixture of three citation styles in the bibliography section of my assignment, and they did not even admit to their mistakes! Horrible!

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Needed more matter

Reviewed By Robert Hook on 18 Jul, 2017

The problem with the essay I received was that the arguments given were just not backed up by enough data. Otherwise, it was all well and cool, and I had no other issues apart from the research given.

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Pricey services but low quality content

Reviewed By Alina Jobs on 25 Jan, 2017

Had worst experience with this company. Prices are too expensive, but the quality is below the average. I guess no would be interested to pay such high price low quality paper.

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Too expensive

Reviewed By Rose marry on 23 Jan, 2017

Their rates are too high. Most importantly, they do not provide quality service.

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