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About claims to have established the trade way back in the year 2001 (e-learning has begun quite early for them, I believe). And their philosophy is to put the customers at the heart of everything they do. The company has a “dedicated” team of General Manager, Customer Care Executives and Writers. Think it’s good to go, or would you mind thinking it over?

Here’s my personal opinion about the essay writing company from Great Britain. Take some time out of your schedule to read through the feedback and know more about every single thing which I had encountered a couple of weeks back.

In my personal opinion, I am afraid I cannot rate this academic writing service company with a five star and call it a reliable firm to count on. I have my facts and background data to back the argument I am about to initiate. It was indeed an unsatisfactory and troublesome experience for me. Here is an extensive review of the company and its standard of writing service, which was reflected in the overall quality.

Unreasonably High Priced Essay Assignment Services (Rating: 2/5)

I am bound to say this, that the services are anything but reasonable. Being a student, I was really expecting the academic writing service company to offer something affordable that could fit into my budget; I’m not a full-time employee for God’s sake. They are asking for £ 201 for a 1500 words essay assignment.

Whereas, one of my friends came up with this news last day that there are couple of more online assignment writing service providers which provide similar services at a cheaper price. Why should I buy essays from Makes no sense, at least for me! Here’s a screenshot I am sharing with you guys. Take a look.

In my personal opinion, I didn’t find this company to be legit in terms of pricing. Now that I am aware of firms that are way cheaper in comparison to this overpriced service provider, I would certainly try to avoid placing further order with

Moreover, I couldn’t find any discount or slashed price offers attached with the services they offer. There’s only one Tell a Friend feature, and too without any discount or perks associated with the referral process.

Credibility of Essay Writing Services and Quality (Rating: 3/5)

I have found the essay writing service offered by the company to be decent. However, to be very honest, that wasn’t really what I was looking for. If we are to consider the price they are asking to write a 1,500 words essay, the quality should have been better, especially in terms of referencing, citation, proofreading and editing. There were so many loopholes.

I assigned them with the task of writing an essay on “The Modern Economy and its Effect Worldwide”. But the way my paper was written and referenced was simply not up to the academic standard followed by my institution. I had to sit and do a lot of editing before submitting the final copy to my teacher. This made me feel really miserable.

Moreover, there were so many grammatical mistakes in the copy. Writing an essay doesn’t only mean that one would write and leave the paper unrevised. I was expecting a flawless essay paper, and why shouldn’t I? The company claims to be committed to providing “excellent quality”!  Such miscommunication and misleading statements issued by the company made me doubt their credibility, as I wondered if the company is into fraudulent activities, spreading fake claims among students.

Timely Delivery (Rating: 2/5)

The company has shortcomings in delivering as well. They didn’t turn up on time, and that was not at all a professional attitude. I was already in the middle of a great hurry, and such loopholes simply added up to the already existing dilemma.

Moreover, the experts were also supposed to offer me a money refund, but they didn’t. The reason stated by them was both funny and annoying. When I approached one of the customer care executives of the firm and claimed my money back because they failed to send me the essay paper on time, one of them came up with an excuse that they had found the essay topic to be too confusing and complex.

This made them take more time than they usually do. And now that they have put an effort to finish my paper successfully, they requested me not to ask for a money back, as the writers were already paid an extra amount from the management’s end to complete the project. Here’s a screenshot of the so-called guarantee that they miserably failed to provide.

It took around 5 extra days for the writers of the company to complete a 1500 words essay. What a joke!

So, that was all from my end. I hope that this review would help others decide what’s right and what’s not when it comes to choosing an ideal online academic assignment writing service provider.

My message to – We, students count on professional writing service providers like you guys. Please put an effort to live up to our expectations. Good luck!

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Don’t place your order with essaywriter

Reviewed By Gurpreet Singh on 08 Feb, 2021

Don’t place your order with essaywriter. I asked for an essay paper on post-modern literature. But the solution they delivered didn’t meet my requirements. When I told it to the customer support executive, he rejected my rework request without listening to what I had to say.

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