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When we searched for Essaybot reviews on the internet, we got a lot of websites with detailed reviews about Essaybot. Most of them claimed to be genuine; however, we failed to witness a review worth mentioning upon detailed investigation. As we read through the reviews, most names seemed fake and made-up. The reviews wrote things like, “They never made one mistake out of the ten-time times I took help from them" or "I got a huge 80% off from Essaybot", which seemed exaggerated.

So, if you are planning to buy your next essay help from them, stay alert. With so many seemingly fake reviews online, we doubt if they will be worth your time and money. Let us find out.

Essaybot Company Overview targets everyone from students, marketers, content writers, advertisers, and social media influencers to help them with premium content. They claim to be equipped with artificial intelligence that makes them faster and cheaper than other online service providers. They also assert that they can cater to your deadlines as short as a day or hours. They also offer a trial period offer post which the rate bumps to $9.95 per month.

However, the various student reviews don't quite match their demands. Although they claimed to be reliable and legit, that took a hit when we read about how they failed to deliver essays even after taking payments. Review - Pros and Cons

Let us look at some of the Pros and Cons of Essaybot.


  • Multiple experts ready to assist you
  • Additional help like grammar and spell check
  • Option to download as a word doc


  • Inconsistent service
  • No guarantee of quality
  • Lack of knowledge of citations among writers
  • Occasional plagiarism issues
  • Lack of experts at all time
  • Misses deadlines occasionally

Content Quality

Although Essaybot claims its contents are safe from plagiarism and reliable to use, we are not convinced. We came across a few reviews that we want to share for your convenience –

  • "The A.I. is faulty. It made my essay look like some robot wrote it.”
  • “The quality of their content didn’t meet my expectations. It seemed very generic and failed to cover all the important aspects."
  • "I trusted Essaybot with my essay, but my professor accused me of plagiarism. I can say that they are not at all reliable when it comes to maintaining originality.  

There are more reviews similar to these that made us believe that they are lying about the quality of their content.

Writers’ Proficiency lacks the human power to serve the huge demand for online essay writing help. Moreover, our investigation shows that not all their writers are qualified enough to write top-level essays. Unlike most legit essay writing companies,’s writers don’t have a PhD degree and neither have they graduated from reputed colleges.

Moreover, they transfer their orders to their inbuilt A.I. most of the time. Many students complained that the software made their essays look mechanical and hard to read.

Price & Discount - What are the Methods to Pay?

Essaybot offers only two payment options, Stripe and PayPal. The lack of frequently used payment modes like Debit or credit card payments, bank transfers hit their popularity. Most students don’t use unsafe and lesser-known payment options like Stripe. Moreover, PayPal also doesn’t have any solid encryption. So, customers risk losing their money to scammers, and some of the reviews confirm our concern.

A.B. said, "I lost my hard-earned savings to a scammer while paying to Essaybot. This website is a big scam, and I would never trust them.”

J.R. said, "I didn't have a PayPal account, and I never even heard of Stripe. I was in urgent requirement for content, but their lack of payment options didn’t let me.”

Such reviews let us believe Essaybot won’t be the ideal option to look for your content writing solutions.

What Types of Services Does Offer?

They claim to deliver a plethora of services like –

  • Researching for content
  • Write essays
  • Checking for spelling and grammar errors
  • Helping with citations
  • Download option as a word document

Although they didn’t lie about their offerings, they fell short of delivering quality. Although they claim they do their own research, many students complained that the material seemed too superficial and copied. The quality of content failed to satisfy the students, and they branded it as not reliable.

Students also called them scams and fake because their experts seemed clueless about proper citation techniques. They were also hard to contact when students tried to get help with grammatical errors.

How Does Essaybot Work?

The process of hiring Essaybot experts is very straightforward. We checked their website to find out the ordering process. Students need to type the title of the paper or the topic. Following this, Essaybot offers the students all the information about the topic. Once the student approves the content, they will paraphrase and deliver.

However, students often face problems contacting them. They were not always available over the phone or by email. Not only that, they even complained about how they got scammed by plagiarised content. When Essaybot paraphrased the essay, it lacked originality or any proof of plagiarism check. So many students lost marks because of this.

Customer Support

Essaybot doesn't have any helpline number where you can call and get immediate resolutions. They only have an email id, However, this email id often remains out of order. Many students complained that there was never an immediate response from Essaybot. They take almost a week to revert to the queries, which becomes an issue for students.

This is why many students left scathing reviews that Essaybot isn’t legit or reliable. They miss their deadlines and lose crucial grades if they don't get immediate resolutions.

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100% plagiarized essay

Reviewed By Bryan on 19 Dec, 2019

The essay content that I have taken from essaybot was 100% copied. It was exact same on another website. My professor will definitely notice if I use the content.. this is f**king awful.

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