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About is new to the field of online assignment writing. Founded on September 18, 2017, the company delivers online assignment and tutoring solutions mainly to the Asia Pacific region. With nearly 5500 experts having served over 32400 papers in over 150 subjects, the company is juggling its way through competitive road. However, struggles to deliver high-quality content, especially, plagiarism-free papers within a short deadline.

1. Pricing

Most assignment help services have a handy calculator that lets you check their price rates immediately. Unfortunately, Total Assignment Help does not come with such calculators. Despite boasting of serving high-quality papers at a cheap price, you can’t find any details or discounts of their services on their portal. So, you can expect that their service is not pocket-friendly.

Usually, the rates of service depend on 3 factors: the length of the work, the deadline, and the type of service. If you visit other websites you will notice that the standard rate of 10 -15 days deadline service of 1000 word assignment costs between $45 - $100 for limited membership. It increases to a range of $50 - $110 for standard service and $80 – $140 for premium service.

Regrettably, you won’t find such price details on the Total Assignment Help website. So, you might assume that their prices are much higher than the standard market rates.

2. Company details

The company has separate addresses for Australia and USA. Thus, the postal address of their registered office is ambiguous.

Australia Postal Address: 9/1 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW, 2060

Contact Number: +61-8-9892-7777

USA Postal Address: 1 Vista Montana, San Jose, CA, 95134

Contact Number: +1-337-385-9114

Email id: The website does not display the official email address of the company. You just get an escalation email address (


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  • Is Total Assignment Help a legit company?

    Well, Total Assignment Help does have a padlock on the website, so using the website is secure. Having said that; the company does not specify its legal status anywhere in the portal. So, whether their service is legal or not, it is still cloudy to see clearly through it. Additionally, does not mention its registered office anywhere online. It has two addresses: one in Australia and the other in the USA. How can a company have 2 registered offices?

  • Is Total Assignment Help a scam or a legit company?

    Whether is legit or scam is a complete mystery. From the services they boast on their website, you may feel that the service is legit but dig deep and get to know about the experts and the service providers, it's blank. So, how can you term it to be legit if does not disclose a bit about itself?

  • Is the site is fake?

    It’s dubious. From the screen, it appears that they are legit but as they ask for personal details like no other service does and their lack of clarity about themself suggest that they are fake. If you take help from their service, you must take the risk with your own resources to determine its originality.

  • Can I hire an expert for me all through the semester?

    Though no such information is available on the website, user reviews suggest that you can hire Total Assignment Help writers for each specific task and not for the entire semester.

  • Can I get a 1,000-word essay done by tonight? might have a name in other services but late-night service or quick delivery is not its forte. In fact, most assignment help seekers have complained of this feature of their service since its foundation back in 2017. However, no significant changes have been noticed. If you want to take assignment help from this service provider, better give them some time.

  • I have already paid for my assignment, why do they need some documents?

    As mentioned before, the legal identity of Total Assignment Help is confusing. It might be so that the company has some means of using your identity for their benefit. Since you can’t get many details about their company, the company might be involved in some unethical and fraudulent activities. For this reason, they might ask you for your financial and identity documents.

  • How long does it take for Total Assignment Help to complete an undergraduate essay? does not provide a chart of their undergraduate essay service. So, you have to contact them personally, to know their delivery time.

  • What resources do you have to help you with proper citations? My professor wants scholarly resources

    Take a look at the samples Total Assignment Help shares in its portal and compare them with any other service provider’s samples. You can see the difference. Total Assignment Help serves papers of average quality; nothing extraordinary.

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Reviewed By Malik Hussain on 17 Jan, 2022

Very bad service provider because i ordered thesis but the writing was very bad

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