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About provides unimpressive service, lacking both level of expertise and quality, as highlighted by reviews, showing specific points that attributes to the faltering quality of their work:

Shortage of writers:

The site claims to employ 50 writers, five of whom are native, 10 with master’s degree and 3 with PhD degree, which shows a very limited number of expert writers available. Due to this getting expert and specialized assignments on a short deadline can be a difficult challenge. Several students also shared a significant concern over this shortage of writers, as a result of which the few available are always overbooked, and in increases the tendency of the company to get the assignment done by under qualified writers, to meet the business needs and deadline. Considering the huge demand for skilled academic writers and writing services, makes it vital to have as much writers as possible who has relevant expertise. The shortage reflects upon the lack of growth and experience possessed by the company.

Trust Issues:

A lack of trust shown by the students on the service can be attributed to the unavailability of any physical address mentioned on their site, which raises ambiguity and concern regarding their genuineness. Since the service users have to share their personal information like card number, student id, login credentials, etc, it is vital that the users feel completely secure in sharing the information. Misuse of such data can have serious effects on the clients or students, and any reputed site must place security practices and provide reassurance about the safety of their data. Such is not visible on, as very little is discussed about the safety and security of student information. Overall, the site has several trust issues, and students should think twice before ordering service.


The company assures great grades achievable due to the excellent quality of work they provide. In reality, the reviews state otherwise, as the students complain their assignments lacked standard, complexity and quality required in their work. The assignments additionally had many plagiarized information and lacked originality, which caused poor grades, instead of great ones. The poor quality reflected a complete lack of grasp of the writers on the scope of the subject, as well as the requirements of the assignments, even after all the necessary details being shared by the students in time. The information provided also would seem out of context and even irrelevant in some cases, and hardly support the assignment’s quality. Due to this, the overall quality of the assignment deteriorates considerably.

Price and Service:

The site lacks a diversity in the services offered, and pricing of work is difficult to follow. The division of the price based on the difficulty or complexity levels makes little meaning, as the student keep wantering in order to find the slab that suits them the most. Also the site does not provide proofreading and editing service, hence the students have to do them on their own.


Rated 2.5, is short on writers, provides below par work, with little diversity in services offered, and not proofreading service. Overall, this is not the suitable for specialized assignments, with shorter deadlines or for the preparation of quality work.

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average m formatting was not done as per my requirement

Reviewed By Jessica Glover on 05 Feb, 2018

I am happy with the kind of services that I got from the experts of It was because of the speedy services provided by them that I was able to submit my assignment within the stipulated deadline prescribed by my university. However, the quality of the completed assignment was not up to the mark. The formatting was not done as per my requirement and some of the references used were inauthentic. But overall, I am contact with the services that I got from them.

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Good Services making a good economics assignment.

Reviewed By Theodore.bill on 20 Dec, 2017

Tried to help people is a nice thing but you are serving them very well not just trying. Like you served me by making a good economics assignment.

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completed my work so fast

Reviewed By Aaiana on 20 Dec, 2017

I am highly surprised that how you completed my work so fast. I have given a very lengthy assignment but still you provide it on time. Thanks a lot.

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Good work

Reviewed By ArmorGod11 on 20 Dec, 2017

Not only nice but very nice work you have provided in my eco assignment, it is totally further my expectations.

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Reviewed By on 20 Dec, 2017

My both eco assignments are prepared by you so nicely that from now I will give all my work to…

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