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Writing an essay is never an easy task. It starts with choosing a topic, then moves on to brainstorming the contents, creating an outline, writing the paper, and finally, editing and proofreading the content. Unfortunately, most students can’t devote their time to this tedious task since they remain involved in various academic activities and seek help from popular essay writing services. is a new name among these service providers.  

This review will answer a popular question - Is legit?

Let’s find out.

Plagiarised assignments advertises to provide unparallel quality, customised and plagiarism free assignments designed by 591 highly qualified writers. They say that their writers provide essays and homework on varied subjects for all academic levels and even guarantee that all essays are developed by sticking to the essay guidelines provided by the students.

However, the reality is quite different. Many students complain that when they order multiple assignments on similar subjects, most of the solutions provided look identical with some tweaks. Others find the essay structure improper and grammar illogical to the essay's context.

One student even claimed that the answers, if scanned under any plagiarism checker, can have a significant percentage of plagiarism, questioning the authenticity of the solutions.


Missed deadline stresses delivering assignments on deadline. They even quote that "99% of papers delivered on time." is it the reality or merely a false statement to attract a student's attention towards their service. Well, the truth is these statements are just a façade. Order an essay through their portal, and you will be waiting for their solution way past the deadline. They delay the task and even take days past the timeline to deliver your orders. Leave your essays in their hand only if you have enough time to rewrite the paper yourself.

Expensive essays

Essays at are expensive. Though the website does not display the price of their services and sports a 5% discount, most users complain that the cost of writing even a 500-word essay is pretty expensive compared to other service providers. The deal does not lower the prices much. The discount percentage is pretty low compared to other service providers since other companies offer at least a flat 20% off on sign-up with year-round price slashes. does not mention any price reduction whatsoever.  

Fake money back promises

A newbie in the academic essay assistance, is delusional with its money back guarantee. The company states to return 15-50% of the funds on the grounds of:

  1. Missed deadline
  2. Unavailability of writer
  3. Poor quality assignments
  4. Plagiarised contents

However, students who approached the service provider to get a return of their money on these grounds were disappointed. Many students were stunned to learn that the company does not return the money in the mentioned contexts, while others are still waiting to get their money back.

Unresponsive customer service

Like the other services, the customer support of is not reliable. Calls to their customer support at +1 8448475033 often end unanswered. Even if they receive your call, rest assured to get more confused with their solution than you were with your problem. Moreover, customer support is unavailable throughout the entire day. What irks more is that this service provider does not have any official email id or physical address to take your complaints up to the eyes of the higher authority.

To sum up,

 So now, learning about all these USPs of, I leave this question open to you - Is reliable? I have answered my opinion through this review; what is yours?

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